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💮EASTER 2019 (Makeup, Crafts & Shenanigans!)💮 | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents,
Sorry for the delay in posts but life has kept me way too busy.
I couldn't get to my laptop to post like I should have been but I am here now--
and that is all that counts. It doesn't matter when I post, as long as I post. Right?
At least, that's what I think matters.

Easter was a very simple little holiday that came and went.
Nothing too extreme but we did keep to certain traditions--
like egg dying, the candy baskets, makeup and stuff like that.

I know I'm an adult but I don't care--holidays are still something of major importance to me.
So, we always make sure to celebrate in whatever ways possible. Age has NOTHING to do with having a good time and creating happiness.
Making "straws" for my basket weaving. 
Before the "big day" I spent a few days crafting some stuff for future easter looks.
Nothing really in mind but I really wanted to do a sort of "easter bunny" but in my kind of way.
My kind of "spooky fashionable" way. lol

I'm officially a "basket" case. lmfao 
So, I went a little overboard on crafting. Not going to lie. hahaa
I will admit something right here, right now--I went on a HUGE binge watching YouTube videos of recycled decor items and came across a vid about paper baskets. I just wanted an excuse to try it out, which I did. It was so much fun! Sticky, messy and kind nerve wrecking but fun! 

Lesson Learned: Don't actually GLUE the wooden sticks to the paper straws when you roll them. They will NOT come off. It's a guide, nothing else. lol

A few tweaks would make this perfect but I think I did damn good for my first initial try! 

I also made a few other things, including this rabbit nose with white cotton fur. And a few flowers that I didn't actually get to use. Sad day!

💮💮💮💮💮💮Easter Day💮💮💮💮💮💮
Sorry in advance but the following images are just going to be about the morning sky. 
I actually got up very early, made some coffee and enjoyed it before the morning sunrise.
Mother nature and all her wonders really put you in a good mood. 

Look at all those fluffy clouds behind the sun. 
Spent a few minutes just admiring the beauty and before long, everything was awake and ready. 

Some trails in the sky. Some more clouds. Lovely view.

I kid you not, the whole sky was spotted like this. Completely covered with puffs of clouds.

More trails through the clouds.

I was just down to the bottom of my coffee cup when everyone in the household starting to wake up and bring life into my  cold, silent house. 
My little Lily was still sleeping snuggly in my bed when I came back inside. 
Chonky boi woke up next. 

After breakfast, which was something quick and simple.
Since we were going to be eating like crazy for dinner, we put all the stuff out for egg decorating. 

We found this kit at walmart, just something simple and fun to celebrate the day.

Everyone handed each other their baskets. Just a tiny little basket full with some holiday goodies. 
It's a sort of tradition to always get something holiday themed to pass the day.
This year we got a few good treats. 
My personal favorite--Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in their decorative Easter packaging. 
I found these little chocolate eggs at a mama/papa shop. I've never seen them before, so I got a few for everyone.
I liked how they came in a realistic egg carton package. 
My mom gave me this ducky lollipop. 
The face speaks to my soul. lol
Here are the eggs, for those curious.

How big they were, compared to my hand.

Pretty much a chocolate covered peep. Truth being told, I'm not too big on peeps or anything marshmellow. I love having 'mellows in hot chocolate but I don't like eating them raw. The only exception are moon pies, s'mores, toasty 'mellows, Rice Krispies....alright, I guess I just don't like peeps. lol

But these were pretty good. Not going to lie. The chocolate was tart and bitter, the 'mellow was sweet and fluffy...not like a peep at all. The tart/bitter chocolate cut through some of that sweetness which made it taste pretty damn good. 

I also got this rabbit lollipop pacifier thingy. idk I thought it was damn cuuuuute.

It was a strawberry pop. Pretty damn tasty!! 

Here is the lollipop in it's full glory. It was jelly candy on top (the chick head) and a unicorn lollipop thiny. idk. lmfao

7 cups in a single package. The odd number of cups irritated me. Couldn't they just add one more gold cup? or take the gold cup away?? AHHHHHHHHH. lol jkjk

And lastly, these white M&Ms. Just saw them on sale, had to get 'em. I don't even like M&Ms but the temptation of holiday sales made me do it. Damn you consumerism!!
Here are some of my ma's decorations. Some she even made for the holiday. 
My mom made all the bunnies in this picture. I had to add them in this post.
Aren't they cute!?! 

With the candy coma I was about to put myself into--we decided now was the best time to dye the eggs. 

Don't take the little colored pills. The Ether bunny will take your soul if you do!! 
Taking photos of every damn minor detail is my cross-to-bare. It always sucks having to look over the content on my laptop. Do I keep this? Do I delete that? Why do I do this shit to myself?
People know how to put a damn colored pill in a cup, Hannabal. You aren't fooling anyone.
This is not art, this is MADNESS. 
OMG Hannabal, really? You had to capture the damn vinegar causing the reaction?
Are you insane? Are you bored, maybe?
Try reading a damn book or finishing one of your 100000x projects you keep putting yourself in. 
We get it, eggs in colors. Woooooooooo.

I'm not even going to comment about anything anymore. You see it with your own eyes. I have a problem. I really do.
I can't stop myself. I keep taking useless photos because I fear one day I will miss this moment and if I don't 'capture' it, it will slip my mind. When will I miss EGG HOLDERS, HANNABAL? REALLY??
Two eggs now. Woweee. 

FINALLY--the outcome. I am actually proud of these eggs. Look at them! LOOK AT THEM! THEY ARE GLORIOUS! 

I really love how they are speckled. I didn't even intend for them to look this way but I'm so glad they did.

The purpley pink egg in the front was my personal favorite. It reminded me of an alien egg with the weird veins and spots.

Anyone need colored eggs? lol

Your eyes aren't deceiving you. I did, in fact, go out and play a mini game of egg hunt with myself.
jk--not really. Just wanted the photo op. lmfao

They looked so good in the blue basket. It was a shame I didn't have kids of my own.
I'd make a damn good mama. Probably to my future 1000x cats then. <3 

Can you see the eggs? I bet--not. I hid them pretty damn good. lmfao

Where oh where are those eggs at? Hmmm.

Dinner was being prepared. We were having Mushrooms & Onions, Flank Steak and Greens.
Here I am just sauteing the mushrooms in olive oil, garlic, cracked black pepper, teriyaki sauce and a splash of red wine.

I also made some of these for appetizers. (Please excuse the big o' bag of oranges in the back! lol)
Marinated Cucumbers and Tomatoes in Red Wine Vinegar. Tossed with Red Onions and Sprinkled with herbs and light seasonings. (we are watching out salt intake, among many things!)

Cracking those eggs alongside the cucumber/tomato blend as appetizers.
Washed them nicely before I did, since I took them outside for a tiny photoshoot. lmfao

LOVED how the colors even seeped into the meat of the eggs! 

Just made some quick deviled eggs. I didn't feel like busting out the pipping bags to pipe the mixture into each egg.
I only have two arms and I was already making dinner, so I had to just scoop and go. lol
I kinda put too much paprika on the eggs, sorry not sorry. I love that spice and so does my family, so all was good still. lol
My dad acting goofy as he BBQed the meat for me.
He is the grill man while I took care of the kitchen stuffs. 
After dinner, we got into our candies again. lmfao
I forgot to take a pic of the finished meal, sorry for the build up with no cigar.
I will make sure to do a better job with capturing the IMPORTANT THINGS AND NOT THE USELESS JUNK LIKE I ALWAYS DO. I'm really sorry, I am. Truly.
We also went to a few little vintage thrift shops and antique stores around town the day after Easter.
I found this cute little Baileys cup for only .50 cents. 
I have always wanted one of these Baileys face cups since forever but the shops online or even around town would sell them for an actual arm and leg. I was fortunate enough to have found this cute one for as low as I did. So happy and proud. 
I decided to fill up my cup with my white M&Ms I got for Easter. The white on white contrast looks absolutely gorgeous! 

My Easter Looks
Since I showed you some of our shenanigans,
I thought I'd go ahead and post about my Easter themed makeup looks while I was at it.
(especially for those of you who aren't following me on Facebook or Instagram!!)

I was inspired by "egg dying." I just felt like painting my face with paints in a very "pop artsy" sort of way.

I also got this"Spring" themed jester not too long ago.
The store gave her to me for half off because she was without her hat and "bald"
Little did they know that was why I got her to begin with. lol <3 
I used plastic wrap to cover my whole face. lol
It nearly suffocated me. The things I do for my "art" lmfao
The purple top was a purchase from my thrift store a year ago. Never worn it until now. Loved how it looked. 
The yellow/orange bra was something i've had in my bra drawer for a long time.
Never really worn it much, so it's still in perfect condition. 
Had to mention her, because I don't want her feeling left out. lol
The silver wig is actually a ponytail part. I just tucked it into my own hair and wrapped some plastic wrap over her. 
Not going to lie--I wanted this look to make me look like a plastic doll all over
but the damn plastic wrap was so hard to manipulate that I had to settled for a plastic face only. lol
I loved how the plastic wrap made my makeup look like oil over my skin. hahaa Great stuff! 

My lips are my favorite part of this look. 
~Moisturize me~ 
Of course I have to do something disturbing and try to smile.
It felt so weird since the thing was very tight and hot inside.
I will admit--when I took it off, it was a sweat fest. lmfaooo

 💮Ether Bunny💮
Another look I took a few minutes preparing days before the actual initial attempt.
I don't really know why I created this look, truth being told. I was inspired by a picture floating around on Facebook at the time that had a doctor bunny operating on a human and under the picture had the words "Ether Bunny" written in cold blank text. I wanted to do a sort of "patient" bunny that went under the knife and looked like this monster creature.
It didn't dawn on me until I was almost done taking my photos that I forgot the most vital part of the bunny--THE EARS!
I was too busy making the basket and all the little details that I totally forgot about the rabbits ears. Damn it.
So, I had to improvise... 
I wanted this look to give off creepy vibes. A mixture of a dream realm and a hallucination. Something you'd see when you go under the laughing gas. idk but I think I captured that feeling pretty well. 

Another bunny ear symbol to make up for the lack of  'em. lmfao

I ripped bits of white, grey and pink papers and put them on my skin in the style of paper mache.
It looked like this bunny had brain surgery and I love it! 
The next following images will display boobs.
Sorry in advance. I really love and admire my body, as well as the female figure.
There is something gentle and beautiful about it
and I want to always include something "feminine" in my photos at all times. 

Follow the white rabbit~ 
Balancing the basket on my head. 
Some bathroom selfies because I love them.
This really reminded me of Jessica Rabbit.
I think it's the eyes or the body position but I love it.

Down the rabbit hole~ 
Of course I had to bust out the monster teeth~ 
This is where the nightmare begins....

Going under?

I ate some aloe but it ended up looking like drool, so I kept it. lmfao

I really love these looks so far. I don't normally do themed holidays looks all the time unless it's Halloween or Yule
but Easter had some good ideas pop into my mind. 

💮Marvin, The Magic Rabbit💮
And the last look, which was more of a spur of the moment thing instead of a full on thought process. I wanted to do something with this HUGE chocolate rabbit I got in my basket on the actual day, so I came up with this idea of a magical rabbit magician. This look was actually done ON the day of Easter, so you can say this was a "Look of the Day" thing. lmfao
I've really been into masks recently. I don't know why but it's been a big deal for me.
So, I wanted to do a sort of vintage-esque rabbit magician that someone would probably have worn at the time during the holiday to scare their small children. lmfao

Can we just appreciate the chocolate rabbit? It's FULL chocolate. Not hollow.
Happy happy joy joy! 

Rabbit tricks, anyone?
and the rabbits head's off~ 
Pulling hairs out of hats~ 

It's all magic, baby~ 


Easter April 21, 2019
3 looks down for Easter 2019.
I am pretty happy considering that I wasn't going to do anything at all.
Something just snapped into me and I felt compelled to do these for whatever reason. lol

But that is all.
Nothing too extreme but completely worthy of documentation.
I hope you, the person reading this post, had a wonderful Easter, as well.
I may not be religious but I know this day means a lot to a lot of people,
So, I hope yours was just as great as mine.

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