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🌿My Little Growing Babies--The Progress of May 17th-May 26th🌿 | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents, 
I am posting again on this beautiful day.
A rather long and proud post of progression. 
Most of my baby sprouts have budded in my garden. 

I have planted some herbs and all kinds of wild flowers for no other reason than to help my insect buddies. Some inviting flowers for the Bumblebees & Monarchs, as well as some beautiful fragrant herbs for my craft and cooking. (or course certain herbs help to rid me of certain insects, so I don't have to kill them. I hate killing anything unless I have to but this will help to ward off some predators without causing any harm!) But the herbs I am wanting mostly for cooking, among anything else. Of course, I plan to treat my herbs delicately when I prune off the pieces I need. Giving them the thanks they deserve for allowing me the opportunity to use them. 

But before any of that is allowed, I must first bring them into my world.

A lot of people don't know this side of me, mostly because I don't talk about it much but being silent will do nothing for me. It certainly will not help me document my trails and errors...or even my successes. I just love my plants so much and I use to have so much in a garden out in the back of my house, I wish I would have taken more images with them but wishing is for stars...I will just start doing more now. In the here and now. At this very minute.

🌿Day 1 (Friday, 17th of May)🌿
Friday May 17th was the day I actually found this little grow guy planter at my local thrift store. I got him for about a few cents and instantly fell in love. He was still with his factory seal, not broken or damaged. In perfect condition with a sticker covering the top of his head, where the sack of seeds are lodged inside of. 
I seen him just relaxing among some of the other trinkets and thingies in the shop. It was the best 50 cents I spent, ever. 

The size is perfect enough to keep in my bedroom. In my oddity cabinet, among the rest of my strange finds. 

The instructions were easy to follow, nothing too harsh. No other direction other than watering him on occasion.
Simple enough to follow but perfect for an indoor plant. 

Just showing you the size, compared to my hands. He is perfect for my bedroom shelves.

As I mentioned, he still had his factory sticker over the top of his head. 

Removing the sticker, revealed this sight. 

It was a tiny little sack that needed to either be watered or soaked for 20 minutes.
Knowing that I was going to be pretty busy for the rest of the week, I decided to opt in for the 20 min soak! 

Here I am, soaking him in a cup of fresh water.
Quite honestly, I am thinking about covering the company brand name with something else. Maybe painting over it, so he is one solid color. I looked up the company name and seen he was some promotional trinket. I still love him so much.
He is pretty hollow on the inside. Makes good room for growth. 
I love how his little arms are attached together in the back. 
The blank face is perfect for DIYing, I could probably do something awesome with this blank canvas.
No rush, I need to make sure he grows properly first. 
He is so adorable. I love everything about him. I can't get over how lucky I am to have gotten him! 
I went ahead and put his soaked seed sack back into his brain cavity. 
Now we wait 7-10 days!!
This was the same day I went ahead and spread some of these seeds out in my flower garden, too.
The flower patch garden is pretty bare, I only have a few plants here. Most of the yard in the back has other plants, bigger potted plants placed all over the place. I thought wild flowers would be a nice extra touch in my little garden patch. To clear up for of that empty space.

🌿22nd of May (5 days passed!)🌿
nothing happened the first few days, until around the fifth day.
Small little changes started to take place with my little Grow Guy! 
By around this time, you can clearly see tiny little sprouts growing out of his head. 

I'm not going to lie, I was tearing up. Seeing these little babies popped out of his head just made life meaningful. 

He is going to be so beautiful when he grows up. 

Look at these babies!!! 

Can you even fathom that these little sprouts where once tiny little seeds?! Nature is so amazing!

This was the same day I went ahead and planted my mini herb garden. 
I purchased this set strictly for cooking and to use in my craft. 
It was too cute to pass up at my local supermarket, so I wanted to try it out. 
They are supposed to grow Italian Blue Parsley, Chives and Basil. 

I loved the stripped pattern on the box. Honestly, it's what caught my eye at the supermarket. lol

The instructions were just as simple as my grow guy.
They even had tiny illustrations, if you got lost in the bold text. lol

3 little pots, 3 packs of seeds, 3 compressed dirt discs. 

Each pack contains a lot of at min. 10 seeds. 

There was way more than 10 seeds in each packet. Which is always nice to see! 
3 magic wonder soil pods. Just add water and watch them expand!!! 
Just showing you how "mini" these pots actually are! 
Putting in the soil pods. You simply just plop them inside and add water. 
It was so cool watching them expand and fill up the containers. 
I did, however, have to put them all into a plastic bowl. The bottoms of the pots had tiny holes, so if you watered them--they'd leak. I couldn't just display them on a counter top without making a mess. So, I put them into this little reusable plastic bowl. 

I decided to cut out their names from their packets and tape them onto their actual pots.
Just so when they start to grow, I'd know what was what. 

Planting these little black Sweet Basil seeds. 
All of them have now been planted. Now, we continue to wait! 

🌿23rd of May🌿
The day after the above post, I seen that my herb seeds were cracking open.
Especially the basil. You can see a obvious different from yesterdays post, to today.
As I mentioned above, they were just planted the day no noticeable differences other than that my basil seeds were soaking up that water and cracking open. 

My grow guy grew a lot from that last post, too. I should also mention that it's only been 6 days since I planted him. They said around 7 to 10 days is when things should be slightly noticeable but he already has a full head of hair! 

I was freaking out around this time. Not going to lie. He almost has a full head of hair! 

The fact that he is all relaxed about his hair growing out thick just makes me so proud of him.

Some better shots of his profile. From the front~ 

And the party in the back. lol

🌿24th of May🌿
On this day, you can really see the roots sprouting from their seeds in my herb garden.
I have been snapping shots every time I water my babies. Just to document their progression.
I am so happy I decided to do this, watching the growth has been the most greatest thing I have ever witnessed. 

These are my Sweet Basil seeds. You can clearly see the white roots sprouting out of the seeds here. 
These are the Italian Blue Parsley. Nothing has happened yet. Stubborn seeds but I am sure they'll crack soon. Hopefully.

My little chives has started to show roots, too. You can see the little white specks here and there. 

I was so happy to see this after a few days of planting. Proves that they are not dead seeds. 

The hair is growing ever so lovely! 

Look at his luscious locks! 

I'm so proud of my baby boy! 

His hair is getting so tall. In a few days I will be able to truly give him his first "haircut" 

🌿25th of May🌿
Around this time, we can clearly see my baby basil sprouts true.
She is here and she is ready!
Baby basil was ready the first day to spring out from her seeds. I'm so happy to meet you too, baby basil! <3 

All those little sprout heads ready to bloom into beautiful basil leaves. 

My Parsley still hasn't sprouted yet. I was truly hopping to have seen something, anything, from them by now but nothing. 

My chives are getting stronger in sprout. 

I can't get over how cute my baby basil looks! 

By this time, my ceramic boy is a ceramic man. His hair is BEAUTIFUL! 

I was going to trim, but I'll wait a bit longer. Just to see how much more he'll grow.
If nothing happens in the next few days, then I'll trim his edges. 

His side profile made me laugh. He gots a flat top going on. 

🌿26th of May (The day I am writing this post!)🌿
The hair for my ceramic boy has reached his peak, I am only assuming. It doesn't look like he might be growing anymore, so I think it is time to trim him! I will get him prepared for a trim in the next following days, on my free time. But my Herbs have definitely shown better signs.
My boy in his full hair glory! 

I love how thick and gorgeous his hair is. I can't believe he was just a bald little thing. Now look at him!

Me and my mom decided to create a sort of makeshift "hot house" for our herbs.
My mom used to work for a plant nursery, so she told me that it would benefit them greatly. 

Baby Parsley still isn't showing any signs of growing. I've been treating her the same as everything else but I guess she just isn't ready to sprout yet. We are hoping that the "hot house" we created will help her along her path of birth.

Baby Basil and her eager little pedal mouths taking in all my attention, love and water. :) hahaa

Baby Chive is sprouting beautifully, as well. You can definitely see his spouts happening.

My sweet little babies are doing great. I just hope my baby parsley sprouts soon. I'm hoping they love the hot house we created them. 

I want to also make sure I include that during this whole growing process, I have been singing to my babies daily. Talking to them and giving them love and words of affirmation. Telling them how amazing they are and that they will grow beautifully. Silly, I know but studies have shown that doing things like this helps them grow happy and healthy! And well, it seems like it's working--some have shown signs of growth even after a few days of the initial plant.

🌷My Wildflowers🌷
It's been a while since I spread the wildflower seeds in my flowerbed.
So far, I have seen tiny little sprouts form in the bare soil.
I think it's safe to say that they are growing just as well as my other babies! 
It's a bit hard to tell but all those round little leaf heads--they are my wildflower sprouts. The ground here was soooo bare ad sooo dry and hard. I had to dig it all up before the planting of them and toss it a couple of times to loose it up. 

I think they like the flower bed, they are sprouting nicely.

My little baby wildflowers. 

🌿The Rest of My Garden🌿
I thought I'd go ahead and show you some of my favorite plants around my backyard.
I have rose bushes in the front of my house, Aloe Vera all over and all kinds of stuff but these guys I haven't really shown anyone--so I'd thought I'd introduce you to some of my big babies whose been around since I was in High School 8+ years ago.
These are my Black Aeonium Arboreum aka Zwartkop aka Black Rose Trees. Basically succulents! <3 

I got one single rosette from a friend a long long time ago, planted him and now we're here. lol Look at all my babies! <3 

Inside the pot the main guy lives in, I also go these babies flowing out from the top. I really love succulents so much.

Their heads are almost as big as my hand.

That is a fence separating me from my neighbors. He is THAT big.
I especially love the necks on him! 
We took some clippings from the main guy and replanted them in this tiny pot beside him.
This is his babies. And even the babies are growing up in the same footsteps. 

Those roots, those beautiful roots. 
Aloe Vera sitting right beside her.
I used an old wooden chair frame to help support her, she is so massive.
You clip a bit, she grows back stronger. I love her so much.

This tree stump was here when we moved in, but the cactus is ours.
He got so massive that we had to tie him to the tree stump.
We buried our Rottweiler under this cactus a long time ago.
This is his tree and my favorite in my garden. He is very very very old.

BTW our neighbors are noisy peepers,
so that is why we had to cover our fence like some crazy people.
They used to cut into the tarp with knives, so we had to improvise.
Another potted Succulent plant. 
More potted plants and more of my Black Rose.
I usually take buckets of water out and water them individually with cups. 

More plants and more succulents. Oh, and Merlin. 

This is a species of Tiger Aloe. I'm not entirely sure the name but he is beautiful. 

More Tiger Aloe beside that. 
My favorite aloe in the garden--Aloe Cameroii aka Red Aloe. 

I thought she was a species of "Pink Blush" Aloe (due to her pinkish hue) but she isn't. She is of the Red Aloe variety. 

More Aloe clippings and random other plants.
And a frog because I also love frogs! 

I also got these little guys sitting nicely on our air conditioner. The system isn't being sat on, the metal framing that contains the system is. The Air Conditioner is snuggling inside that metal case, which we use as a table top, too. lol

We got these little baby cacti. 

I'm not too sure what these are but we got them from our local plant dealer a long long time ago. They look like spades. 

My prickly little gentleman and his sibling.

My mom calls these her "hens and chickens"

A random plant. Not entirely sure what it is but I take care of it regardless. 

Now, these following images were taken about 3 days after the ones above. I just wanted to include them because this is a rare occurrence caught on camera. Spring is in the air and my plants want pollination. This plant, just green little nubs, sprouted purple floral buds. 

They are so gorgeous. So purple. I've never seen this done in person, so I took a load of pics. lmfao

Such odd little buds. 
I wanted to try to make sure I captured these babies. It's not everyday you see them in full bloom.

Here is a shot from a different angle. I thought it looked pretty! 

I love that big rosette sprouting out from the bushes.

I love this plant and apparently the insects love it, too. Here you can see a bug boy doing it's natural thing for spring.

Another Ariel shot.

One more because I am loving this view.
That is all I have for you today.
I will keep you guys and gals updated on my Herbs and Ceramic Man.
I will probably wait a while before I update, just to gather enough images to form another post.
But I intend to take some clippings and press them in a book so I can keep the first trimmings.

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