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😈Mommy's Little Monster (A recreation of my mother's doll!)😈 | Hannabal Marie

Sneaky Peeky~ 

Hello ladies and gents
I am posting on behalf of my mother. For mother's day, this year, I thought it would be pretty awesome to recreate one of her handmade dolls in human form. 

She have always created dolls my whole life. She does so as a fun little past-time. 
Gifting a new one to me for my birthday or "just because."

I love her dolls so much and that isn't a biased opinion--
I watch her hand-stitch every inch. I see her create the patterns at the end of her bed, lightly pressing fingers to fabric in hopes to "feel" what a specific doll would end up becoming. 
Each one as unique as the next. I see her struggle with the thread as she puts it through the needle, nearly jabbing her own fingers a few times--she just smiles and says; "pain is just an extra piece of fabric!" Hahaa 

Every element of these dolls has been touched, loved, held, sweetly spoken to and taken care of. Much like a mother to a child, she holds them up high and feels a sense of pride when the last stitch is knotted. Her growing collection beside her bedside table sparkles a smile in their glass eyes, knowing that my mother will talk to each one as she passes the bedroom to get to her next pattern and material. Her love is stitched between loose ends, and for that--I had to bring life to the doll she made for me recently. Make her daughter become one of her dolls. <3 
Before we get to the final look, I want to include a few snaps I took in the day. 

My dad woke us up to a great breakfast, he made some french toast. We ate, decided what we were going to do and then set out to do it. We also wanted to do a little ghost hunting/chatting with the haunted in our house, but nothing really happened enough to document. Then again, we weren't really trying to catch anything nor did we really take it too seriously. My mom just wanted to do it for Mothers Day because she loves it so much.

We did, however, end up binge watching some late night Paranormal shows and scary stories on the television to end the day. It was just a very silent, sweet little Mothers Day all about our mom and what she wanted to do--which was just be with us, as a family, without distractions. So, not much was taken in terms of photos or content other than my makeup present I showed her on the actual day! 

The Day
 The following images are just of the sky. I have a problem with capturing the sky, I can't stop! I love it so much and seeing all the clouds and trees surrounding the screen just fills me up with so much happiness. I also like to make sure to include as much of it in a post as I can, because one day I might want to know what it looked like on this special little day. Memory making stuff, people. lol
I love our California Palm Trees! 

We live right next to a big o' guy. He greets us every morning. I love him so much! 

Some birds flying away in the distance. 

The camera didn't do any of this sky justice. It was so vivid blue/purple with touches of pinks thrown in here and there.
It was so very lovely! 

Reminds me of a Bob Ross painting! :)

Look at those fluffy clouds! 

These little fluffy guys were right over our house. 

Just passing through, I see. 

More cloud bursting action.

I have several of these shots and each one has the same tiny little orb inside of it. It moves around in every shot.
I showed this to my mom and she is sold on it being a ghost. Says it could be her dad wishing her a Happy Mothers Day! 

Me and my mom doing a little selfie action! I love this filter so much! It was called Cosmos!

Me on right, Mom on left. 
As it was getting darker, I took a few shots, too. 
Little bird inside the tree branches. 
He's just having a good o' time! 
Took this shot and loved how the stars turned out in it! 

Like I said, I only took a few here and there.
Whenever the sky changed, I'd run outside and take a quick snap 
but I wanted to give my mom all of my attention on this day. The internet could wait! lol

We also played Monopoly, which is my mom's favorite game ever! 

The Look
Okay, since I have nothing else to add, I guess it's time for the big reveal! lol
As I already mentioned, I recreated one of my mom's dolls. She literally started crying when she seen her gift on Mothers Day! :) I think that means I did a good job, right? Hehee <3

I did a little photoshoot a few days before Mothers Day. Had to find stuff that resembled or closely matched my mom's doll.
Since she used a lot of stuff from various thrift shop hauls and scrap material, I had to improvise. Luckily, I had a lot of the stuff already on hand. <3 

This is me, next to my mom's doll. 

I absolutely love how much we actually match! I'm so lucky to have my local thrift store.
It pretty much is the reason why I have all this random outfit stuff. hahaa

I thought I'd make my eyes in the same way my mom made her dolls.
She literally cried when she saw these images. It made me feel so happy to see her react in such a way.
More bathroom selfies because I love them so much! Also, the whitest light in the house is the bathroom light! lol
I love her so much. I have her sitting next to some of my religious paraphernalia.
I really love the lips most of all. The eyes, too.
Especially the white line I added which gave the lids a very 3 dimensional look.
That is all I have to show you today.
A small little post, mostly just to document this for future reference.
I love my mom's work and I told her she should post more of it on her social platforms. 
She does have a Instagram where she posts daily shots of her work-in-progress and things of this nature. You are free to follow her, if you'd like. Her Instagram is HERE!
Thank you for reading.

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