Saturday, August 17, 2019

🧡🖤BIG LOTS Halloween Sneak Peeks of 2019🧡🖤

Hello ladies and gents
It is almost that time of year again.
When bats hang from castle entrance-ways, smiling jack-o-lanterns glow under dead trees...
Skeletons skip rope with the intestines of get the picture.
One of my personal favorite holidays--Halloween. 

I know a lot of people LOATHE my Halloween walk-throughs and store sneak peeks but I can't help myself. When I see the spooky, I gotta post the spooky. 

If you don't like this kind of content, I'm sorry. 
I will give you some time to click out of this post. 
(Hades forbid you read something against your will...)
Goodbye, my dear friend. On the count of three. 
Uh 1.....Uh 2......Uh 3.....

Okay, They should all be gone. 
The rest that remains should be those of us who DO love these things. 
Hello there, you beautiful kindred soul, you~

I am actually impressed beyond my own words at the stuff they had in my local Big Lots.
Coming from a town that usually frowns on everything and anything "spooky,"this was nice to see.
Also, it's just so much better than the usual "cutesy spooky" stuff they always have up every. single. year.

Don't get me wrong. I love all types of Halloween trinkets.
But baby, I want the morbid and downright disturbing, too.
Cutesy is just that--cute. I NEED THE SPOOKINESS! 

These little guys, when you pressed a button, typed away on the keys with a skeleton hand.
Kind of reminded me of The Shining. 

These little radios were pretty damn loud. The voice that speaks from these also sounded like Oogie Boogie.
I need this in my life. I love my Mr. Oogie~ 

Some scary black bicycles. Fit for a demented child.

I didn't get to see what these were, in truth. I don't know if they do anything other than look cute.
I love the look of them, in honesty.

These television where LOUD. A lot louder than the radios.
They also rocked back and forth vigorously flashing a photo of a scary looking zombie guy on and off.
Complete with screams, moans and a scary voice saying some crazy stuff. 

The lights in the middle, went on and off--purple skulls spun around the light. Some moaning and ghostly voices came out of them, as well. I didn't see what the old man bust did. Or rather, I don't quite remember. 

I am so in love with that Condemned Guillotine. None of them worked, sadly but I just really love the look of them.

Some more items to gawk at--like the blood red flowers and skeleton crystal ball. 

The skeletons on the top of the shelves were singing "Lovesick Blues" by Hank Williams. 

Here are some dead kittens that moved their heads and hissed pretty loudly.
Like something out of Pet Cemetery. 

A better view of these Lovesick Skeletons~ 

They had some tablecloths and other things. 

I really loved the coffin pillows, baby heads and lanterns~ 

The Palmistry sign was heavy, made of some form of metal or maybe tin. I really loved it but not for $14.99. Eek. 

These baby doll heads flashed their eyes red when you pressed the "Try Me" Button. I don't know what I was expecting but flashing lights just seemed a little "meh" to me. idk hahaa

Another shot of the stuff. 

Some more items. Please forgive the sight of the store floor. Someone needs to go in there and mop. Sheesh.

The lights, as I spoke of above, being turned on for your viewing pleasures. 

The radio also flashed a some numbers on the screen. Like it was "tuning" into different channels. 

The brain moved up and down, with the sound of static. 

These little flyers were tossed everywhere. I guess they are going to be having more stuff soon. 
The kittens eyes also glowed green, as they moved their kitten heads. 
A cute little Welcome sign.
"Home Sweet Home" 
The doggies moved their heads and glowed bright red. 
I really like the crystal ball. Not going to lie. lol
More Skeletons, howling wolves and a cute baby doll. 
They had a ton of Palmistry stuff on the shelves. I really really love the look of these two trinkets.
In truth, they both were very very expensive. I took the shot so maybe I could DIY the glass one. 
A kicking and crying baby Beetlejuice! hahaa
More stuff. You don't need me to point them out for you.
The spider kept crawling and making weird noises next to me.
Tombstones and skeletons.
They had these crawlers last year. SO happy to see them back~ 
I really really realllllly want a life-sized skeleton prop. He was about $40 dollars. 
They were all talking to each other. 
More dead pets~ 
Black Pumpkins, Skeleton Succulents and globes.
"Turn Back Now"
I really want the baby girl doll. Damn it! 
A mummy pillow, anyone? 
He was cute. He moaned and moved around.
Zombies tilted back and forth. Moaned, as well. The horses did what horses do--neigh! 
This made sounds and flickered lights. 
The light pole is right there. 
Another flyer. 
Some light stuff. 

I liked those cute pumpkins. I have a weird obsession with pumpkins, man.

Skull lights. 

More lights. 


More and more. 

My dad showing off how the glitter mermaid pillows work.


We decided to take a little trip to Walmart, too. They didn't have anything up yet.
But the fabric area had some decorative stuff up in spirits. 
Some flowers in the colors of Fall. Ah~ <3 

I love the red with orange. So so much.

The little pumpkins~ 


Did I happen to mention--PUMPKINS?! Because PUMPKINS! 

Sorry, I love this little display so much.

More flowers on the opposite side. 
Not Halloween but still cool. They sold Henna in boxes. Awesome!

Here is a video of some of the items in action--for those visually inclined. 

I didn't really make any huge purchases just yet. I like to let all of the stuff hit the shelves first before I make a permanent decision. (which can really suck, because what I see now might not always be here the next time I go!) but yeah, I didn't have any spending money other than a few dollars to make a few small purchases. (Honestly, the purchases were just because I didn't want to leave the store empty handed. lol) But trust me, when I get paid--I WILL be hauling some of these items home. Halloween is my time to stock up on some Home Decor~ lol
I got two fabric bundles--Spider Webs and Orange/Black Polka dots. 
Found this Day of the Dead lippy and some glass bottles. 

I never seen this shade nor this brand before--I love the artwork so much.

The back. Sorry about the ink spot. It was there when I found it.

I love that shade. I don't normally get shades in this color but something made me feel entitled to snag it.

I'm so glad I did, I really really love the shade on me.
Oh, I forgot. The bottles. 

I also got these two plush skeletons. Idk I just liked them. 

From "Hola Halloween"

I love both of them so much but that purple one~

The backs are just black satin.

My new babies~ 

That is pretty much it for this quickie little trip.
Just wanted to capture the beginnings of Halloween. 
I always end up being too late to the show, so it's nice to be early for once.

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