Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Small Lil Missy Doll Haul (As Promised!) // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
As I promised, this is a secondary post to my Missy Dolls collection I previously posted a while ago.
I said I had a few more coming and they came!

Just a few, so I will not take up any more of your time talking.
I am pretty stoked with these finds, so let us begin with the showcasing!

They shipped to me nicely wrapped in gift-wrapping paper.

The first two ladies are these girls. I got the Topaz Missy Doll for my brother, who has now grown to obsess over these with me. lol
Since I brought her up, I shall start with her first.
This is "13460 November - Topaz" (Holiday Doll 1976-1979)
My brother loved her, since his birthday is Nov. 17! I love that the ring came alongside the doll.
I couldn't believe that this doll also shipped with the Birth card it originally came with. So lovely.
Next is "13376 Party Time" (Holiday Doll 1976-1979)
And lastly, I got one I have been searching for ever since I seen they made one.
This is "13363 Gypsy" (Walco Doll 1974-1976)
 And that is all for now.
Unless I find more to add to my growing collection, that is. lol
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed your stay! 

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