Sunday, August 6, 2017

♕ My DISNEY Birthday Party ♕ // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
August 1st was my birthday and I'm still processing what exactly happened.
My brother and my parents both threw me a surprise birthday party as soon as I got home from work.
Apparently my brother was taking "WIP" photos throughout the whole scheme, so I could post as I will shortly. lol (how considerate and sweet, because he knows how much I loveeeee seeing the progress of stuffs!)

Basically to sum it all down, they gave me a Disney themed birthday party.
Mostly consisting of disney princesses and villains.
I couldn't have asked for a better party than what transpired.

I will admit, I knew a party was in the making--(My brother asked if he could do this for me!) so, I knew something was amuck but I didn't know what exactly it was going to look like or be.

I have to say, I am very impressed with what they came up with! 
My brother, especially because he would always tell me he can't "draw" but after this day--I beg to differ. This boy is a freakin' GENIUS!

Anywho, picture time!
I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did being there! :3

As you can clearly see, it was themed accordingly to who I am on the insideeee. heheee

I can't get over the creativeness that is my brother! He made all the props and stuff for this party. I am quite rightly impressed.
He made me a bouquet of Alice roses! :'3
All the detail that went into the preparation of this setup is killing me. Swedish Fish Candies as Ursula's minions! Gahhh! lol

Just some little bits of stuffs I wanted to include. Gastion's Test o' Strength is my dad's hand exerciser. lol
Mom approves! hehe
My dad made us these Hawaiian Punch Floats! Yummers!
The whole setup in full glory!
I'm just relaxing and kicking it in my Ursula Socks. Did I mention Ursula is my FAV female villain. Among them all. lol

Let me tell you, after playing this with the folks, all doubts I once had that "they are just candy, they can't taste THAT bad" are completely and wholeheartedly gone. The beans are pretty bad, people. Pretty damn bad. Like omfg I almost blew chunks!
My parents and bro even got Disney Themed Gift Bags! WHAT?! <3 I also want to mention that the Princess Bag has ALL the ladies on it--from Mulan, Brave, Jasmine and Tiana! I love love love it!
My mom got this Pretty Pony Gift Wrap! It's so cute because it's a knockoff brand of My Little Pony!
I capture the single most amazing photo ever....the moment they all came rushing in with gifts to give me. Just the look on their faces is quite priceless.

I couldn't have been more happier with all the amazing gifts I got. Everything I ever wanted and then some! I'm so happy! :)
After a while of relishing in the amazing gifts--I decided to do my makeup as my fav Disney Villain. Can you guess which one? hehee
You poor unfortunate soul.

Another mention, is this necklace my brother DIY'ed! I love it! He bought it online for a few bucks and sprayed it gold to make me Ursula's necklace!
He also handcrafted me this Beauty and the Beast rose all from recycled materials. The base is a CD container, the "glass" is a old soda bottle and the flower is a plastic bundle he found at the dollar tree.
My brother dressed up as Prince Naveen. 
For dinner that night, it was my choice. I choose Mushroom Burgers with two types of cheese--swiss and provolone. Fries and I put some Guac on the side for my fries. Yeah, I like that what? lol
My cake was from Walmart, it was a story in itself. The cake is pretty and the lettering was nice but the process to get it lettered was a pain in the arse. The people behind the counter were rude and just...yeah...I highly recommend you restrain yourself when and if you decide to get a walmart cake lettered. Just being honest.

Oh, I also got into the wrapping paper and ribbons....yeah....I can't control myself. HEY...IT'S MY PARTY, I CAN CRY IF I WANT TO. CRY IF I WANT TO.
That is pretty much everything.
I am so happy to have this memory in my blog, because I am still beaming from this.
Mom's party was great, so now I know how she must have felt because this feels amazing.
The gifts are grand, I will admit..I love them dearly but that isn't the reason behind my feeling this happiness. *It's a portion of my happiness but not the whole thing. lol*
I don't know, the fact they decided to do this for me...despite my semi-knowing it was going to happen when my bro asked me if he could. 

All of that aside, I am still grateful and thankful for a family that went to this extreme to do this just to see me smile. It means a lot, truly. Especially after the overworking and odd hour shifts at my job to help my family with money and food, the stress of everyday and the recent breakup...I was at my wits end but now, idk...I feel like I can overcome it all with them at my side. 
I am just thankful. So thankful!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to my next posts.
I will be posting my birthday loot, for those wondering what is exactly in those disney bags. lol
I also got some bucks from friends and family, so I will definitely be shopping in the future for thrifting stuffs to post as well.
So, until then.
Thank you! 


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