Saturday, August 5, 2017

4th Of July + Mama's Birthday // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
Today I bring you a long awaited post.
For the 4th of July we celebrated my mother's bday, as well as the 4th all in one happy combo.
(Her real bday is July 9th but we wanted to combine these two special occasions into one, plus mom LOVES the 4th of july. So, why not?)

I really wanted to give my mom something great, so I went crazy shopping with my brother and we ended up getting all her favs. 

The idea of making a "surprise bday party" was something we both came up with considering mom never really had a big o' bash since...well, since we were kids and had moneys to spend on stuff like this. lol
I have been working my little bum off and I had the funds to do this--so I wanted to 
and so...
Here. We. Go~ 

That morning, my dad made my mom and the rest of us a special bday breakfast. We had these yummy tummy french toasts! lol

Me and my brother got straight into crafting some stuff for my mom. She is obsessed with anything Vikings related, so that was the theme of her party!
Like I said, she is obsessed with this show! So, I made these little pop-inspired Viking characters!

My dad bought the family pack of fireworks! I'm kinda upset, my camera died at the end of the day--so, I couldn't capture any firework footage!
Heh. Morning Glory. Heh. *snickers*

Before the set-up. Just getting stuff prepped!
My bro got these cuz he said they looked like the ocean, so we came up with the Viking Ship themed cuppycakes!
My moms bday goodies! Two full bags!!! I'm so happy cuz I worked hard getting these special items!
My wrapping skillz! lol
You can't see everything and I couldn't take pix properly cuz my mom ran off with everything crying happy tears! hehee But I got her a little bit of everything: clothing, shoes, jewelry, cookware, dolls, perfume and the full set of the Vikings! I also got her a hand-written card from a stranger that was giving out bday cards for a buck. So, what not? hehee
I got her a few sentimental pieces because she used to always tell me how much she wanted these things when and if she ever got enough money to afford them. I don't have pictures of three of the things because they shipped a day after this party. (A rainbow bright doll, a troll doll and a cross painting she used to have that she got stolen from her home when we moved!) but I also got her this Macrame Owl planter she has talked my ears off about growing up! I found it on eBay and I was so happy! 
A better picture of all the firework stuffs.
My brother being silly around the cupcake tower! lol

Everything is put together now and ready to be DEVOURED! LOL
The Viking ships looks really nice with these blue cupcakes. They really do look like their sailing on the ocean! awww!
Mom approves! hehee
The setup! It looks nice with all the stuffs together!
Since it was a day of celebration, I also did my makeup in the traditional red, white and blue. I wanted to look nice for mommy!
Some fun edits I did of the originals. I'm sorry, I just love this look of the mirror effect!
I bought this shirt at the thrift shop, it has "bat sleeves" and it just is so flowy and pretty. Really nice for the fourth of July.
Another mirror effect image. Sorry. I have a bit of a problem. lmfao
This shirt reminds me of Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights music video!
The bottle isn't as elegant, more quirky than classy. I...idk, I just liked the look. lmfao
Me and mom.
We three REAL freaks! :3
My mom and my brother.
My brother and my mom.
Happy day and a happy mom.
My brother wore a hula skirt. lmfao
Me and my brother.
Mom pointing off into the sunset.
Mom about to make it rain. lol
My mom is so damn beautiful. That hurr, doeee. GAHHH! <3
My brother being a sillyhead.
Model mode activated.
My dad got my mom these cute colorful succulents.
My brother with his pup.
Charlie is getting so big, look at those BIG BOY TUFFS! GAHHH!
Happy mom. Dog butts everywhere, tho.
Model Mode Activated, Just like daddy. lol
Getting ready for the fire of the works.
My brother is...LIT. umm. sorry, I'm show myself out.
Nerd bro with Nerd fire.
Looks like he gots magical nerd powers. hehee
GOOD! *Eyy b0ss?!*
My mum and my bru.
By the end of the night, I was exhausted. So, I changed my shirt and took one last "gang" photo with my fam.

 I would say that the party and the 4th of July was a SUCCESS! Everyone went to bed happy and full of memories. I loved it and I was so happy that mom loved her stuffs. I can't wait to see what adventures will be in store for our future as a family but as of right now, I have these photos to look back on in the meantime. heheee

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