Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Halloween Haul: Dog Toys, Costumes, Halloween Soap and Treats! // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
Another post about my favorite time of year! 

All of these goodies came from various supermarkets, 
dollar stores and/or walmarts around my area.
I also took a quick stop at a few momma/poppa stores, 
 just for the sake of seeing their halloween goodies.

So, allow us to get into this post:

The first thing I snagged at the supermarket was this pack of sugar skull ring pops.

When I brought them home, my mom wanted one. lol
At Wally World, they had racks of dog costumes. So, I got this little cowboy hat for my brothers pup.
If that ain't a face that says "I'm going to kill you in your sleep" I don't know what is.
we also got the pup this Halloween dog toy.

Moving onto foods-- we got these cupcake making thingies.
Halloween themed frosting? Yes, please!!
I thought this decor kit was absolutely adorable!
More photos for future lookback! lol
Another kit--didn't need it! WANTED IT!!
Snagged some more candies for the kiddies!
Seen this bottle of idk what, but it looked pretty--so I needed it! lol
Hob Nob--Might be wine, might be something else. Idk but it had skulls, so yes please! lol
I don't normally like buying snack cakes in boxes, but when it's halloween--YES, PLEASE!
Of course, I hadda snag a paper lantern. It had a pumpkin face I didn't already own! lol
Found this shirt at a mom/pop store--just went in to see their wares. Came out with this funny arse shirt!
I'm living for the artwork, though! GAHHH!
Smart N Final had this set of plastic skull kitchenware!
Sorry for the white on white--it's the best I could do! lol
I love the design of the skull!
The handles are everything!
4 cups, 1 pitcher! A happy Hannabal!
More cakes cuz Halloween--and a movie!
Scary cakes--let's see how scary they are...
...their just normal cupcakes, but with orange and black tops! I LOVE ETT!
Me and my folks thought this would be great for my brother, he is in LOVE with this movie and it was the last one available on the shelves! I am so lucky I found it in time! It was made for him because I'm hand-making him some gifts that kinda go along with the movie, so this will be an amazing bonus!
I love these so much!
Found these at the thrift store, went in to check--didn't see anything but these inside a basket. So, I bought them quick!
Got these at a dollar tree, just random toy bats.
More paper lanterns because I need them in my life.
Seen these two soaps on a shelf and took 'em both!

Hand soap--the cat smells like apples, the ghost smells like "spooky delights"...which just smells like marshmellows.
I love these soaps, so much!
The kitty is my personal favorite. Fav animal, fav scent!
They are both pretty big.
Please excuse the horrible thumb nail. I'm growing them out, so they are going through that "ugly" phase! lol
More goodies!
Some fake blood, because you can't have enough fake blood.
This cupcake tower because it's cute and it has drac on it! awww!
It's actually pretty big--wait until I showcase my kitchen table for this year's themed halloween decor! You'll be amazed, I hope! lol
This sparkly bundle of spooky flowers caught my eye.
Snagged some halloween liquid eyeliner because it was on sale and I can't have enough liquid eyeliner as it already is. lol
Batteries for halloween electronics and a blow-up bat.
He's sooooo cute.

I found him at a 99 cent store, only one there. He is mine and he shall always be mine.
I also found this little witch scarecrow at the dollar tree.
Idk what this is supposed to be but I like it. lol

I'm obsessed with stripes and spirals and stuff like that
I found this little green witchy, so I grabbed her up.
She is sooooo cute, with her little facey and "BOO" etched on her tummy.
I also found a pumpkin, so I took him as well. lol
They look adorable together. :'3
And, of course, a tub for all the halloween goodies for this year. I love the print!
And since I saw them on sale, I snagged a punky pumpkin!
It's a decent sized one, just for the sake of the holiday season! I love him!
And that is all the stuff I got from various retail store, shops, drug stores, dollar trees, moms/pops and the like.
I really hope you liked the stuff I found for Halloween 2017, I can't wait to see what I find next trip!
I just loveeee Halloween! 

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