Tuesday, October 31, 2017

DIY Halloween Projects I Have Done Throughout This Halloween Month

Hello ladies and gents
Halloween is the year I get the most creative in.
Unlike Thanksgiving or Christmas--Halloween is one holiday I tend to want to do a ton of stuff for me and mine. While the rest of the holidays lean more towards family festivities and silent traditions...Halloween is something I can do for myself and for others out loud and proud! 
It's about being scared or making people scared. It's really a lovely time of the year!

I have done a few things this month I would love to show you.
From trinkets for my brother's Halloween Birthday Bash to props for Makeup looks...I think I did well for this Month of October--if I do say so myself!

Allow me to take a moment of your time to show you a bit of my month from the beginning to the end. 
I picked up a lot of different crafting items for the sake of creative purposes! These markers were something I wanted to experiment with--I seen a post where someone used these to create water-colors, so I wanted to try. Fail but try. lol

Some more essentials. Though I probably didn't use all of this! hahaa
Some matte sprays, some precision tools. Looking at this for your angle, it looks like i'm some serial killer. lol
My paper mache tools.

Here in this picture I am creating templates to form my mache over. This will become a gift for my brother this year. Can you guess what it is? hehee

I started to mache everything in one sitting. lol It was a lot of work, but hella worth it.
Making a ton of stuff...that I soon threw away because things happened. lol
I decided to make my mom something as well. She deserves it.
More layers and coatings.
More stuff.
Getting the details done now.

I even made some stuff I haven't even got to use yet--just future ideas since I had the Paper Mache out. haha
More projects coming to life. Little by little.
A part of a project I am making for my brothers bday this Halloween.
More stuff and detailing and stuff.
Making props for my artworks.
Adding little curtains inside the big o' house I built for my brother.
Paint work now.
Adding details to this o' face.
More paint and stuff--I hated how this turned out but what can I do but try to make it look less messy. lol
More details. I really wish I could have made the head a little smaller, but it is what it is.
More stuff and ideas for stuff.
Trying to fix the disaster that is this piece.
I really am trying because I really want to make this look cool for my brother. sheesh.

Made some quick little props for a makeup look I did called "Haunted House".
The "Hat" to the haunted house look.
A random hat because I had extra materials, why not? lol
And now for the finish products--the things that actually came out and I decided to keep! lol

I made my mom this primitive ghost mama and baby figurine.
This is a set of black cat claws for a makeup look I did.
This is one of many Bday gifts I made my brother--it's his dog as a little clown for Halloween. He gots a ton of treats in his pumpkin bucket. lol
He also wanted me to make Humpty Dumpty for our Haunted Alice in Wonderland themed Halloween Party. Soooo, I did. lol
I am really happy with how the eggy goo looks like. SOOOO pleased!!!
He has got to be my personal favorite.

I made a little exposed brain hat for a look I will do soon! It's gonna be GORE-gous!
I also made some vintage primitive party hats for makeup looks I will do.
The second hat I made--I really love how this one turned out.
This is the best I will get this piece--Not too bad but not the best. It doesn't matter because at least it lights up and you can see "mother" inside one of the curtained windows I put up. It's a lightbox in the shape of Norma Bates's house from Psycho!
And since I made her house, I might as well make a doll of the mom. Why not? lol Sidenote--my brother LOVES Psycho and he is obsessed with the mother scene. It's an inside joke with the family how he looks like Norman Bates and will one day become him if mom dies. lol but ya, I know he will love her because he has wanted a "Mother" doll for a while now.

The photos don't do her justice--I am quite pleased with how she turned out. Everything is handmade. Her whole torso is attached by a hard wire and paper mache. No reusing old dolls for this one--it's all custom and done by meeeeee. I'm proud, hear me roar! lol
I love her, I really do.
Since I had some scrap material left, I made this little primitive lantern. I have wanted one of those pumpkin paper mache lanterns for a while but they go for a pretty damn penny on eBay..I ain't about that life! lol So, I thought I could make a quick little one to put on my mantle. It looks pretty cute when it's glowing.

I can't take the credit for this one, my brother made him. I don't know how, he jus surprised me with him one day. I wanted to include him because he's damn cute. It's cousin IT from the Addams Family, for those unfamiliar!

This isn't a DIY but it's still something me and my brother did together--we decided to make little Treat bags this year for the kiddies. So many cute kids came last year and I wanted to give them a taste of my old school happy Halloween with toys, trinkets, funny Halloween jokes, ect. I dunno, I've been thinking of my past favorite Halloweens and they always go back to those little surprise packs you would find inside your pumpkin buckets--so, I wanted to bring that back! I could just toss a snickers into their bag but I don't want too. I want to give them memories! :)
Here is how it will go--I will give them a slip of paper that holds either a funny Halloweeny joke/Spooky story AND a pack of candy/toys!
Here are some of the notes we made--me and my brother. Little kids will get the cutesy jokes, older children and adults will get the spooky stories!
All the treat bags! I still have a whole bucket just full of candy that I will probably just toss in extra! The kids will surely have a Happy Halloween this year on my block! :) I hope, I hope!
Anywho, that is all.

Fun story behind the making and construction of most of these pieces--
around the stage of layering my paper mache items, I got really sick and I was bed ridden for a few days, which completely ruined the cycle I was on.
I was doing art as well as crafting mache stuff.
I had plans that exceeded what I showed you above but due to my sickness and THEN a trip to the dentist because my tooth was killing me, I had to scrap a lot of projects and ideas.
That's why I ended up with less items this time and less makeup looks.
I have a notebook FULL of cool and amazing concepts--from makeup ideas and art pieces but I had to settle for a selected amount because Halloween was approaching fast.
This is bittersweet to me because I really hate scraping ideas when I know I can do them (It's the Leo pride! haha) but it's sweet because I have new ideas for future projects.
AND since my life is a nonstop Halloween party, I can do this any o' time of the year and get away with it. ;D ahahaa

I just think it's so funny how life turns out to be--the ideas that pop up only to be shoved to the side later on. But that's life, I guess.
I'm just happy Halloween is here now and I have done something, anything, to celebrate her arrival.
I think I can say I spent my Halloween Month pretty good, doing good things for good people.

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