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Halloween Thrift Haul: Stuffed Animals, Animatronics, VTG Decor & Puppets! // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents, 
I have another HUGE Halloween thrift haul for the likes of you all.
I love this time of year because thrift stores tend to have all kinds of awesome vintage, old and sometimes brand-spanking new Halloween related items in stock.
I found some amazing finds that I would like you all to enjoy with me, so shall we then?

As is custom with most of my thrifting posts, I don't have a theme nor a "starting point".
I see, I grab--if it's in reasonable pricing range. lol
So, let's start with the this:

I found these clip-on earrings in the jewelry section. They were supposed to blink and light up. I tried prying them open, but they don't bulge. They make a great statement, nonetheless.
As you can clearly see, they are hugeeee! I hadda get 'em!
This was such a great score--all three for very reasonable prices! I am so happy I found these guys!
The first one I spotted a mile away was this face-turning witch animatronic. She still works, just the face doesn't turn anymore. You have to manually turn her yourself, but her voice still plays, which is a plus plus plus! 
Her paint is still nicely done, no chips or anything. I'm quite happy, despite her inability to change her own face by herself.
The next guy I found was this skeleton dancer. When you press a button, he is supposed to jiggle around back and forth to a song--sadly, the song doesn't play anymore. So, he just shakes very vigorously back and forth.
I still love him, though!
Next, I found this old boney radio. The radio sounds still work *AND VERY LOUDLY, AT THAT* but the little lever that jiggles back and forth for the "tuning" doesn't move anymore. Sad face.
And the last electronic was this green frankenstein hand light. Still works, I put batteries in and it works perfectly! I already own two flesh-colored ones, now I got a green hand.
 My lucky day indeed when I found him on a shelf. Wrapped in this very bag, to ensure he doesn't get his greens all over the place. He is still in very great condition, paint still intact. Just some of the 'grass' is falling out, which can easily be replaced.
I just fell in love with the face. I am so in love with Audrey II~
If I didn't mention, he's a puppet. He is also this year's costume for my zombie walk. I can't wait.
Here is a mini clip of him in action

Next, I found this wooden witch plaque. I love her.
I was so happy to find this--a mint marge toy. From the creepy classics. My childhood. It came inside a baggy with the flyer inside.
Some more photos of the toy and flyer.
In the plush toy section, I found these cute little halloweeny dolls.
This is such a cutie--a chubby little black kitty. I seen him from afar and I ran to grab him. He is mineee.
Look how big he is to my hand. I'm a lucky gal~
Next--this cute little moon owl. I couldn't resist.
I'm a sucker for halloween plushes.
Tag with the word "GANZ" on it. idk but he is a sweety.
And last, a purple dracula plush. Reminds me of Count Von Count on Sesame Street. LOVE!
I also found this beat-up sugarloaf bear and witch.
I love sugarloaf plushes, so I couldn't resist. Sadly, he only has one eye. I don't care, I'll love him the same.
My sugarloaf collection is growing, I love it.
My brother loves old haggy witches, so I bought her for him.
Next I found this cute little franky. He is so cute with his glittery bowtie and bat.
I found this little guy on a shelf alongside a bunch of other Halloween stuffs I got.
He's a light, that still works! THANK GAWD!
Look how big he is to my hand.
He is so cute, with his little smile and button nose.
 Here is a small clip of him in action

Next I found these two witches inside the toy bin.
I really love this witch's face. That long nose and beady eyes. GAHHH
She's actually pretty big, compared to my hand.
And I found this little missy. She got those long arms for hugging.
I put them together like this in remembrance of all the poor innocent witches that were slaughtered in the witch trail.
May they forever rest in peace~
I also found this little smiling guy. I loved his face, so I hadda.
I also snagged up this little candle container.
I washed it up and it looks as good as new. There is a candle still inside, which is awesome.
So far, so good.
Next, I found these two vintage items.
This is so beautiful. It's crackle glass of some sort. I thought it was damaged on first glance but it was designed in that way.
I also found this paper decoration, still in it's original sleeve from Hallmark.
She is still in pretty decent shape, if you ask me.
The only thing wrong is she has a slight bend on her hat. But other than that, she is perfect.
Welcome home, honey-I can't wait to add you to my growing halloween collection.
I also found some eyewear. This beautiful mask.
And a green lantern mask.
I can't believe I found these guys. These are some decorations from the 90s. (or so I believe, they don't have a date) but I do recall seeing them when I was younger.
This specific one reminds me and my brother of those "I SPY" books.
Must be those oddly placed bugs! lol
This one is just beautiful. Halloween Night Feverrrrr.
Now before you get angry with my purchasing the doll, understand that I am an avid collector of all things. I don't condone in slavery of any kind or any offensive behavior towards any race. I know these dolls were created in such a bad way for a lot of bad reasons but I really love them. Not for any mean purpose but because they are beautiful and they deserve respect. Allow me to take away the evil and replace it with my love.
Someone literally tossed her in a doll bin, no love. When I went up to purchase her, people were snickering and laughing. I don't find anything funny at all, she is beautiful to me.
Look how big she is. She does have a slight tear in her hem, but nothing that a simple little needle and thread wont fix.
I love love love her face.
Next, I found this 10,000 ghost stories flip book for mere cents.
I bought this specifically for my brother. As I said in posts past--we are celebrating his bday on Halloween. He lovesssss halloween, so I went around this year collecting just a bunch of stuff for him. I hope he likes it.
More finds: A vtg pumpkin decoration streamer and a bloody necklace.
I found this in the jewelry area, as well. I love it.
This is so cute. I can't wait to string him up.
So cuteeee.
Pretty happy thus far.
I went searching in the Halloween costume section and found some stuff.
First, I found this beautiful hat. It was mere coins to get, so why not.
The detail is amazing and the long black braid in the back is so beautiful.
It's made very well, which is impressive.
No broken bits or tears, I'm quite happy.

Next, I found this other hat. Probably the same maker as the one above.
Just look at the details, the pearls and sequins.
And someone tossed this in the costume bin but I took it just the same. It's a spider bowl.
And lastly, on the collectable shelves I found some breakable objects. I love looking at the collectable shelves--it's just I get a little uneasy because everything is so fragile and constructed with glass or something else. I always get scared I might drop something. lol
First things first--I found these old Halloween decorations. One is a ghost, the other a bat.
I don't know a date in time but it looks very old.
He is so cute, I especially love the "Happy Haunting" text on him. They both are made out of some sort of tin.
Next, I found this very old and very fragile pumpkin candle.
Strictly for decor purposes, no way i would light this and ruin him. He doesn't have much left to him. I'm assuming a single light would burn him out completely to the point he shatters in on himself. No chances of me doing that at all. So, he is a decoration as is.
Next, I found this all bunched up in a corner. An old garland of some sort. It had pumpkins, so it was a must. lol
I have already strung him up. I love him so much.
There was a lot to him, some parts were kind of falling off but the lady let me have it all for a quarter. I plan to do something with the stray broken bits, but the main length will be strung up.
And lastly, I got these two skeleton water globes.
One is in okay condition, the other isn't. The one of the right is kind of foggy but I think it gives him character.
They are both very beautiful and very big. lol
I think I did good finding all these awesome wares this year. I loveeee Halloween.
 That is all for today.
A lot of vintage items, a lot of electronics.
Also a very cool puppet of Audrey II!
I feel happier than a clam with my finds!
I hope you enjoyed yourself, gawking at my wares. 

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