Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween Store Haul: Skeleton Platter, Creepy Hourglass & Treat Bags! // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents,
Another Halloween related post because it's almost here 
and lots of sales are to be had until the day is officially over. lol

I rounded up a good amount of stuff for very cheap at various stores and stop-shops...
Pretty much whatever they had on the shelves that was left.
So, let's get right into the showcase...shall we?

I seen this platter on the shelves, the only one left so I took it.
My brother got this big o' mixing bowl--not Halloween related but still pretty cool. hahaa
This is a sad little the dollar store, they only had this on the shelf left from all the stuff they once had in stock. I am so sad because I missed out on getting a ton of cool items--like the medusa bust. :'( But I still grabbed this little guy.
I seen this glass candy dish next to the mixing bowl my brother got and grabbed it too. It will hold all my Halloween candies.
It's a little tiny, just to prove the size--It can hold about 3 cutie oranges.
I will be making treat baggies for the kids this year--so I grabbed a few of these little nifty bags. I personally liked the saying! hehee
Another store was selling these tiny Fanta cans. My mom likes the new Mummy movie, so I grabbed a few for her.
The artwork is very nice, I know my mom will love these.
My parents found me this skeleton hourglass and I love it so much.
It's a Gemmy item, I'm so happy.
It's really big and heavy!
 Sadly, that is all I got from retail stores and mass marketed places.
I think it's safe to say that all the Halloween items have been bought! lol

I think this year has been amazing with all the recent purchases I have made and seen.
I can't wait for 2017 Halloween to arrive, with all the new and cool items I have to celebrate it with!

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