Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Lady Krampus // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
Krampus has been a huge obsession of mine for a long time. 
I personally love the more "human" approach to Sir Krampus--so, I took inspiration from that rather than some beast-like creature. 
Of course, the creature is still shown in my features but I am in LOVE with the oddly creepy and rather sophisticated humanoid versions of him. Much like in Vintage Postcards or magazines. 

--Now, here is my female Krampus--
I found the wicker basket at a thrift shop. As for my switch whip, I just gathered some branches and stuff around my neighborhood. Talk about eco-friendly. ;)
Of course I had to do a shot with my tongue out--everyone knows Krampus as the tongue swaying devil. 
I loved this shot, it's so mystic and majestic. 
This was on accident but I liked the slight change in character. lol
Up close and quite personal. lol
 Now, for some bathroom selfies before I washed it all off. lmfao
tongue action~ 
More tongue action. 

If Krampus was a burlesque performer. hahaa
You better be good, you hear? Or you will have to deal with the likes of me. 
I really loved the idea of having crying babies on my boobs. lmfao Idk why but it really worked for this look. 

Before I even did any crazy costume play or makeup stuff--I tried on the teeth to make sure they fit and they did. I loveeeee them so much. I'm totally going to be using them in so many demon/monster/creature looks. :)
Give us a kiss, love! 

 And that was it, I am so proud of this specific look. 
It took FOREVER to prep and get things ready. 
Took a lot of energy and a ton of detailing to finish but all in all, I am so happy with all my hardwork. 
I can honestly say that I am ending this Holiday season on such a high note! 
I feel so pleased with myself, you have no idea!

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