Sunday, December 10, 2017

Parade of Lights 2017 // Hannabal Marie

Lodi was having their annual Parade of Lights downtown and so, as usual--we attended with bells and whistles.
Well, no jiggle-jangle but we still attended nonetheless. 

We arrived around 6ish with time to spare, so we took a ton of selfies and family shots for memory sake. 

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This is me, my mom and dad all huddled together to keep warm. lol
My brother, mom and dad behind the beautiful illuminated tree.

The gorgeous Christmas tree of Downtown. Always decorated, almost always forgotten among the Lodians.
Not this year, of course--as soon as we start snapping shots of it and in front of it,
Everyone started mimicking the same thing.

Me waiting for the parade with my brother snapping shots of me without my consent. lmfao
You can sense the level of "WTF" from my face. lmfao

He wanted one of himself, so I took it. 

My parental unit.

Me posing and waiting. 

Waiting some more.
It takes time to form groups of people but even longer to get the DAMN THING STARTED! 
My brother was snapping my mom and I photo-bombed both sets of pictures with my face.
When mashed together, it became this thing.
Quite scary, I like it. lol

See what I mean? Start a trend and the crowds follow.
Actually, I'm happy that the tree is being shown some Christmas love for once.
Last year, no one seemed to care about it being lit all up and purdy.

My bro and my mum.

We look like detectives. lmfao

Me again. I quite like this photo, not just for my smug face but the action behind me.
A man took off running and you can see the "rush" as he ran past--just look over my shoulder. lol



mom and sam.


mom and sam.

We brought two cameras--one was my brothers and this specific shot was from my tiny one. I took these next few pics. lol

Heh. This cam sucks but it does take some heavy blurry artsy photos. lol

Eyeball. lol
Murry Chrimbus.

Me. Looking as scared as ever. lol

I took a shot of my parents as they were being shot by my brother. lol

Me and my brother took these together, at the same time, at the same moment.
It wasn't even planned--just he called out when I called out and we both ended up with two shots each. lol
My beautiful mama.

My brother looking like Dick Tracy. lmfao

Howdy do. 

Lights are quite blinding. lmfao

The show is about to start! WOOT!

Looking over pictures with the fam. 

The crowd is going wild.
Kinda, maybe, idk. lol

After the Parade of Lights, we went in to A&W and got some burgers!
A good o' classic to end the night! 

That's was pretty much the end of the night completely.
We had tons of fun and made some memories.
I am so excited--for once--to enter this Christmas season.
I don't know, last year I felt so sad and alone, despite celebrating with my ex bf at the time.
This year, I just feel so full of happiness and love.
It's a different feeling and I kind of like it. lol

And here is my makeup for those who want an up-close shot
Just wanted to do something Christmas-y and purdy.
So, yer. 
I look like Ginger Spice from the Spice Girls. lol

I was going for a 90s look, came out looking like a Spice Girl.
I'd say I hit the nail right on the head. lol
lol This shot was accidental. The cam lense was really close but I took it anyways! hahaa

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