Wednesday, December 27, 2017

❄️ Some Of My Christmas Crafts ❄️ // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
Tis the season for a ton of crafts and getting my hands dirty. lol

I just felt extremely inspired this year--thus, the crafting had to commence. 

I decided to take some shots of my progress during the stages of building up.

My dad bought me this glittery angel in hopes I'd do something with it because he knows I love crafting. He mentioned that we needed a tree topper, so that's exactly what I did with this angel ornament.

Here I'm covering all my pieces with a thick white paper. So, they'd be able to last me a long time with continuous use.

More crafting, more building. I also created some tiny mushrooms. 

Adding details and putting all the finished pieces together on new-print so they can dry. 

I really was pleased with how the crying babies looked. I especially loved the runny snot I added to 'em. hehee

Another pic of the gang. lol

I created a hoof for my Krampus but didn't use it after all--so, I still have a hoof on me that I will use for a future look. I just dunno what yet. lol

Midway through being done with all my crafts, I decided to create some fake teeth. Mostly for my Krampus look but also for any additional looks that might require fake monster teeth.

For Christmas I wanted to have a ton of fake treats on me--my brother was going to design me a wig that looked like a Yule Log Cake, so I went ahead and create some Christmas Sugar Cookies and such. 

They really look like real treats--I'm so happy. 

I used salt as sugar, so it can also help preserve my mache pieces furthermore. 

I even made some Gingerbread Men that I later used as Earrings for my Christmas Day look.

--Now, here are ALL my crafts in their glory--

I made a few goblins for a future look I will be doing soon enough. This one I was inspired by a boar and an elephant of some kind.

The next goblin creature was this little guy. Inspired by a toad. Idk why but it looks like a cross between a toad and a turtle head.
The last goblin was this traditional looking one--with a big o' nose and huge eyes peering downwards. This one will be turned into a mini hat for me to wear during my makeup shoot. I also put a little fez on him because...idk I just wanted to. lmfao (please note--the penis headed mushrooms!)

The baby head pasties in their full glory.
This is leftie--I had this bright idea to make tears that fall down off the pastie. I can totally see Krampus doing a Burlesque Number with these on! hehee

I also made three moaning candles for my Ghost look. I also just wanted them for any future looks that require some candles.

I wanted to make these moaning candles be able to be used for a ton of different things--so, I made their fronts with faces and their backs look like average tall candles. So, in case I just need basic candles--I can flip them over! 

Here is the teeth's detail. I made these out of Cardboard, Masking Tape and Hot Glue. I am obsessed with my Hot Glue Gun! 

And that is all this year--I made a few things to get some art pieces done for the holiday season. 
I am so pleased and quite happy with what I've done and will do using these creations. 
I can't wait to update with my finished projects using all of these things. 
Stay tuned!

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