Tuesday, September 18, 2018

🍇 2018 Lodi Grape Festival 🍇 // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents,
I decided to go with my family to the annual Lodi Grape Festival.
This would be my second time attending this event,
but this was the first time for my brother and the rest of my family. 
So, it was indeed a special occasion.

It completely changed from when I first went, which was around 2008 with a friend after school. 
My experience, at the time, kept me from ever attending the years following after that.
Not that it was bad, it just wasn't worth the money at the time to go on a few rides.
There really wasn't much to do around that time unlike now.

This year was different. 
It actually was bigger and greater, in comparison. 
So much more to do and see. 
The prices are a bit ridiculous (It's a festival, so what did I expect? lol) 
but the experience was a pleasant one. 

AND I got to pet so much animals in the petting zoo.
Which was an extremely nice touch for those who couldn't afford any wrist-bands or purchase anything other than their ticket to get in. 
They do offer free ticket entrees but if you do decide to attend on the free days, 
expect a lot of riff-raff and a ton of fights. 
At least, that's how it was when I went the last time with my friend for free. 
It might have changed, like it did when I went today but who knows.
Why take the chance, ya know? 

I wish they would offer more "free" things for those who could only buy a ticket to get in.
I mean, aside from the petting zoo and the free music, 
you can't do much else but gawk at everyone else.
Which wasn't bad because there is SO MUCH to see 
but I wish you could do more with the actual ticket purchase. 
Like free games, special perks or heck--free water bottles. 
I don't know, it just seems a bit silly to pay to get in 
only to have to pay for everything else 
unless you buy some expensive wrist-band which still has it's own limits, as well.

 but never the less, enough with the complaints. lol
I had an amazing time with my family, more memories to be made and kept forever.
Allow me to show you:

We paid for a one-vehicle parking spot. 8 dollars to park where we normally park on any given Sunday. lol jkjk

Apparently this was the entrance, but there were entrances all over the place. I actually snapped this pic on the way out. lol
Thanks, Bud Light...for sponsoring Lodi Grape Festival. I don't drink but I just might after the kindness you showed. Probably not, but it's a strong thought. lol 
Before we got into the fair, we had to be patted down for weapons after we walked through a metal detector. I wore some chains and rings and stuff. Explains the patting down. lol But dang, Lodi is getting fancy with protection and stuff. Niiiice. Apparently, there was a huge shooting a few years back, so they need all the protection they can get. 

We arrived fairly early, only a few people could be seen waltzing around. We had the whole park to ourselves around 12ish. It was such a nice experience. 

Me and my brother took some selfies before our makeup got smudged off. lol


And more.

And a family one, too. lol

My dad waiting for my mom, so he could use the potties. lol

People munching, empty place.

Nice string lights, guys. Lovely touch. 

We hit every single vendor and selling point. Just to see what they had to offer and also, to take some pics. This was the sporty spot. I'm not much into sports, not gonna lie.
A better look inside. 

Corn dogs and more eating places.

This is new, apparently they got feet resting booths. When ya get tired and your feets start hurting, take a rest and get to workin. lol

Not going to lie, some of the places were asking for crazy amounts of money for items. Most of which I can find in bulk through eBay. No deal, guys. No deal. 

Some souvenirs for first-timers and tourists. 

This booth had such beautiful jewelry. I am in love with turquoise. 
They had face painting for all the little ones. Nice art, guys! 
Another shot of the place in action. People were arriving around 2. By the time we left, it was packed!! 

Here are some of the souvenirs you could choose from. 

This was the turquoise lady's booth, a bit more in detail. 

I really wanted a caricature of myself but it was this or what I decided to get instead. I'd much rather have what I got, tbh. 

My dad pointing at corn dogs. idk why lol

Ice cream booth.

I really loved this table display.

This one was cute, as well.

My mom loved this one.

The whole room setup. Lovely.

They were raffling off a contest of which quilt was the best, me and my whole family agreed that this one was our favorite. 

I assume that they were going to do a raffle for all of these displays, but us early birds got the quilts first. 

These Americana tables were beautiful, too.

They also had bonsai's to select, as well. 

More of them! 

They also were showing some of Lodi's best art. I wish I would have known about this earlier, I would have submitted something in myself. Oh well. 

Alongside the quilts and artwork, they were also voting for succulents and plants. 

This had to be, by far, my favorite table in the whole room.

I loved the clown parrot. I wish I could own that in my room. lol

Here is a better look at that beautiful vinyl table I loved oh so much! 

I loved all the art pieces, to be quite frank. This one was so beautiful. I wish I could own this as well. lol

More art and such.
I am loving that Lodi is full of artistic people. I love seeing that art isn't dead here. 


More artowork.

Another quilt I was torn in voting for. Either this or the moths but I really really loved the moths. 

More art hanging on the walls of the hall.

I am so pleased and honored to see so much artwork. 

Lodi is filled with talent, I am so happy.

My personal favorite photograph.

I am in LOVE with these pieces--the colored marbling is breathtaking. Also, I really loved the quote on the middle one. "War is not healthy for living things"

After looking at the art and what Lodi had to offer--we took a peek into the Turkey Racing. They were all getting ready for the big race they would have soon. Sadly, we didn't stay long for the race but I hope they had a great time. 

The racing field. 

Here are some games the kids could play. This one you have to crawl inside the clear balls and bounce around in them.

They also had a circus in town! Awesome!! I loveeee the circus and clowns.

We also visited the petting zoo.

We were greeted by this mug when we entered the place.

We bought a 2 dollar cup of food for these guys and they ended up ambushing us for the goods when we entered. They knew what was up.

It's chow time! 

Here I am petting the goats and babies. 

The animals were adorable but I think I was more of the spectacle. Come one, come all...pet this freakazoid.

hungry hungry hippos--err...goats and sheeps? lol

We ended up staying a long time at the petting zoo and by the time we left, the whole place was filled to the brim with people.
Fireball, we meet again! 

I really loved these painted skulls. All the items in this shop were gorgeous! 

The leather bags were also beautiful! 

Look at all those glorious pieces of jewelry. Not gonna lie, the sight of all the items under this hut looks identical as my bedroom. I live like some gypsy, no shame. I love it so so much. lol

The dresses were my absolute favorite. Loved the black one, most of all. The blue, too. AHHHH. 

Such a beautiful sight, the carousel with the Ferris wheel. 

Love the look of all the shops close together like this. So beautiful.

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade. 

Kiddieland. You must be a kiddie to enter. lol jkjk

Take your coat, ma'am? lol

I had a mini heart attack when I turned and seen this sitting there. I thought he was a real guy but he is a dummy.

Look at all these beautiful wooden boxes. I especially loved the dragon and pentacle. 

More wooden boxes. 

On the opposite side, he was also selling these gorgeous gem pill boxes. 

You can hide rings or whatever inside their bodies. Like for instance, the rooster can be opened in the back and you can shove all your hidden treasures up it's bum. lol 

They also had reptile exhibits, so we went to take a gander at the turtles and such.

Most of the turtles had their bums to us, though. lol

This has to be my favorite photo I have taken thus far, look at the little gang on the left hand side. 

There was also green tree frogs.  

Some showing the bum, as well.

This little lizard guy, idk but he was hiding from me.

[cue in Oingo Boingo's 'Reptiles & Samurai' song]

"Reptiles have pretty scales. They run real fast. They like to bite. SOME HAVE TAILS" 
Nom Nom Nom
It's turning into a full house. Wowww.
I was trying to take a selfie but ended up capturing something more. Hello there, fella! lol
They were showcasing these fireplaces. 
After listening to some music for a while, we stumbled onto this shop (The African Art Trading) and I fell in love with the Frida Kahlo t-shirt they were selling in the back.
The African Art Trading shop had so much to offer. From jewelry, incense, specialty soaps and clothing. 
The people were so kind, very professional and extremely helpful. Experiences like these make spending money worth it. It really does. The guy who helped us out made us want to spend more. lol So, we ended up getting some incense as well. The prices, out of all the other places, were sooo reasonable. We couldn't help ourselves.

Another angle, so showcase their wares. 

I love the pattern and color combination! 

I would have grabbed one of everything if  could. It's all so beautiful!

Another selfie moment. lol

Me in front of the carousel.
More prizes and game booths. 
You'll be sleeping with the fishes. lol jkjk
The Magical Midway. 
I want the pug plush! lol
I got some gawkers. lol
The end of the place held all the big rides, like the zipper and flying bobs. lol
I always loved the Alien Invasion ride. Even as a kid. lol
Waiting for the screams to commence. lol
More screamers. lol

Flying bobs. lmfao

Zipper in action.

The Viper no Vipey. lol

Some kids crying and getting on the rides. lol

I love the carousel. 

Ferris wheel. 

"We done stop playing because we get older...we get older because we stop playing" 

I love clowns. I love them so so much.

Some people crowding the entrance. 

A kid messing around with the clown.

Propane and propane accessories. 

More items in the shop.

This was the guy who helped us in the African Art Trading shop, he is such a kind gentleman.

Full house is full.

Souvenirs. Souvenirs. Souvenirs.

A kid on the rock climbing wall.

"Big Ole Brats" lol

The kid doing her business. 

We returned to the petting zoo and they all were fast asleep. Sleepy babies were sleepy. 

My mom got herself a new bf. This big o' goat. 
He was such a stud muffin.
Piggies and chickens. 
Sleepy piggies. 

These two were such cuties. 

Look at this alpaca. 

I loved these two.

Swan Bros Circus.

One last look around before we left.
Here are some of the business cards we got. 

All the items we ended up coming home with. 

We got the 25 bundle--10 Frankincense/Myrrh, 10 Eucalyptus and 5 Egyptian Musk.

Frida Kahlo in her full glory. I love this shirt so much that I am tempted to just frame the thing. lol
And of course, we had to get Cotton Candy. It's not a festival without Cotton Candy. Right? lol

I am so happy with the purchases we made. I loved my time and my things, so much.

To end the whole day, we got Chinese food and stopped at Taco Bell for their new Caramel Apple Freezes! 

All in all, it was a wonderful day.
Great memories for the whole family.
I am so happy and I can't wait to see what next year will bring.
I am surely going to attend next year
and hopefully I'll submit something into the art gallery, as well.
Thanks Lodi Grape Festival--You were amazing!

I'll be uploading a YouTube video of this experience, for those video inclined.
You can find it on my channel HERE!

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