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🎃 99 Cents Store 2018 Halloween Walkthrough + Mini Haul 🎃 // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents, Hannabal Marie here. 
I couldn't wait to post this post because as of right now...

Yeah, you read that right.
It might just be September to YOU but to me...

If you guys and gals didn't notice, I am OBSESSED with Autumn/Fall.
Halloween being my favorite holiday among soooo many others that follow during this season.
Pretty much October through December are my favorite months, by far. 
A bit into January, as well but those especially. 

 But getting off track, this isn't the reason I am making this post. 
Oh, no, no no...I have a much better reason for my coming here to post:

The 99 cent store FINALLY got their Halloween stuff out and displayed here, where I live.
I don't know where you live, but for us in this small little town, they take forever to put the good stuff up...but IT'S FINALLY HERE, GUYS! Not every single thing but enough to post about...thus, I am posting. hahaa

I'm so excited, if you couldn't tell already. lol
I am so excited that I wanted to document this special moment for you guys and gals...
as well as future me, when I am old and grey and wanting some sweet sweet memories.
Anyways, enough chit-chat...onto the post:
(btw, At the end I will have a mini haul of the goods I got myself to start off this Halloween hauling season! lol) 
I will confess something--I went to the 99 because I really wanted to find a coffee cup I saw online that was supposed to be here. It was a mug that had the words: "Hocus Pocus I Need Coffee To Focus" but they didn't have it yet...but they did have these guys! 
They had a TON of masks. 

And when I say they had "a ton of masks"...I literally mean "a ton of masks" lol

Here is another wall full of accessories. 

The wall opposite had a ton of makeup and cosmetic things. I really love the coffin-shaped makeup packaging.

They had a ton of ribbon and tape. I really loved the Vintage inspired cat ribbon and eyeballs.

All the little candy dishes. It was hard to choose one because I was torn between three.

I don't drink but they also had different styles of shot-glasses. The ravens and rats are my favorite.

I will admit, some of the aisles are a bit messy. I spent a few minutes trying to tidy everything up. I have a minor case of OCD and dirty surroundings irritate me. Can't say I feel the same way about my own room and belongings, because my mess in my own room comforts me but at stores, it seems to annoy me so much more. lol Strange stuff, that. hahaa

I really love the pumpkin trim, it's gorgeous.

They had different color selections of these tinsel kitties. 

They always have these fat rats every year. In all honesty, it wouldn't feel like Halloween without 'em. 

More tinsel trim in various color combinations.

I really loved the "EEK" hanging decor. 

They had a lot of the "Day of the Dead" stuff. Including these cute skull-animals. "Spirit animals" thanks to Coco! 

See? A lot of the "Day of the Dead" stuff. So beautiful. 

Most of these figurines have been sold but only one lonely bride remained behind...maybe her groom left her at the alter? I can smell a Tim Burton film being made in the aisle of the 99 cent store here. lol

More masks and Day of the Dead. 

I liked the little witchy containers. lol

A wider view of this whole section. Ton of trim, fake spider web and such. 

More accessories and stuff. 

Masks, Masks and More Masks! 

The annual pillow display.

They added some new prints--like this cute "!Amor!" one.

And this cute couple! 

A bit o' bin full of 'em. Watch them get sold out before I can make a new post again! hahaa

All the tumblers and cups. Still no "Hocus Pocus" one. lol

Party plates and canisters. 

I love that they had little vintage inspired trinkets--keeping old traditions alive here, people! I love it! 

I should have gotten the eyeball pumpkin, I really should have. I kept looking at him but didn't. I feel ashamed of myself. 
And they also had these cute little letter pumpkins with a combination of words that basically define me. lol
 We also went to Walmart and a new place that opened here called "DDs Discounts".
They both didn't have much, at least nothing enough to post a whole post about 
but what I found, I also captured. 
I will add them here, just to show you guys and gals who are curious! 

Oh, yeah...I also took this picture at the 99 cent store because the pug looked cute in it. Pug Life! Hahaha

All Walmart had was this big o' bin full of heads. They had Rick & I hadda take a pic with 'em! lol

And after the quick trip to Walmart, we saw a new store that opened up called "DDs Discounts" and checked it out. They didn't have a lot of "Halloween" stuff out but they did have a ton of other cute stuff. Like these adorable elephants that I cried about. OMFGGG

This was the only thing they had up that was "Halloween" related. Still worth the photo, though. WITCHES!!!! <3 

It's so crazy, they only had these three cups left. And it's me, my brother and my mom's Zodiac signs. lol
I'm the Leo, my brother is the Scorpio and my mom is the Cancer. 

I really loved this silver lion head! 
And I couldn't stop looking at these beautiful statues, as well. I wanted one soooo bad! 

[Basic B!tch]
[Hey look, filters. Basic as basic can get!]
Just an innocent little kitty cat. lol
*Sorry for the random selfies.
These were the things I had in my phone,
I took them the day we went shopping--so it seems fit to add them, as well. hahaa

My neighbors kitty that we take care of when she can't. I love this keekee! 

And now, for the mini haul:

All the goodies I got from the trips. Truthfully, I wasn't expecting to get anything at all. Just wanted the "Hocus Pocus" mug but since they didn't have it, I treated myself to a few things. 

I ended up getting this owl candy dish. Decided to use it as a soap dish for the bathroom instead. 
Got these cardboard cut-out wall decorations. We used to get a ton of these growing up, so it's a bit traditional to buy something such like this.

Saw eyeballs, got eyeballs. I am obsessed with anything/everything eyeballs. lol
I got this set of chompers. This was actually in the "party" section of the store, rather than the Halloween section but it still came from the 99 cents only place, so why not? lol
I fell in love with these plastic sunglasses. Very Elvira!! I think my brother said that they also had a pair in matte, I might go back and get them, as well. 

At Walmart--I got 2 pairs of these novelty shoes. One for my brother and a pair for me. They were in a bin, right after you enter the building. So, they aren't hard to miss. lol 

I got these for my brother. He was looking at them the last time we went to Walmart and I just thought I'd get them for him. He called them the "oil slick" shoes because of the "rainbow" effect they have on them. 

Not gonna lie, I really wanted these shoes. I love love love novelty things and these are just that. I am pretty sure they will cease to work after a few wears. I am actually more than certain but I could be wrong. lol It's kinda silly to want to walk around with your fav music blasting so the general public can deem you a nuisance but that is exactly how they view me anyways, so why not? lol

They were already a bit scoffed and dirty upon purchase, I don't know if people were tromping around with them on or if they came straight from the factory like that but the dirty marks were there before I even picked them out and every. single. pair had the same dirty prints on them. So, there was no going around it. Also, this was the ONLY "big adult size" they had. It's one of those "one size fits most" kinda deals with these shoes. You just eyeball the size you'd think your feet could squeeze in and pray for the best. Hahaha Luckily, for me and my brother--they fit beautifully. 

And while we were in Walmart, we took a look around for the Halloween stuff and nothing was displayed yet. The only thing they had was a rack full of Halloween themed shirts, which I got myself a printed long sleeve blouse that looks like a Halloween themed "ugly sweater" that Christmas lovers love to flaunt. Oh, and I also got a big bag full of Coffee flavored M&Ms. Not to "share", but to binge watch conspiracy theories with. lmfao

And, folks, that is it. 
All for this post--that is. 
I am sure there will be more posts in the upcoming future 
but for right now, this is what we got thus far. 
I love it so much! 
I can't wait to see the full bloomed season come into play! 


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