Monday, September 3, 2018

My Bday Bash 2018 + Bday Gifts (Goodwill, Junction & Salvation Army Store Haul) // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents,
Thought I'd share my birthday bash I had this year on August 1st 2018.
Quite honestly, I didn't know if I wanted to post this, so I have been putting it off.
Also, I have been dealing with some stuff on my end that has reduced me to not wanting to do anything but binge watch conspiracy theories and drain coffee by the gallons.

But now, I am doing better and I want to share this with you guys and gals.
Also, these images are clogging up my file folder on my laptop and I need to either post or delete.
I choose to post.
So, don't blame me...
blame my computer and it's lack of space. hahaa

Anywho, you are properly wondering; "why the pics of a young 90s kid in the beginning?"
Well, that is me and I just wanted to prove that I was and still am a kid with a weird love of certain things--like obsessing over Disney and strange alien films. lol

Never changed, never will. hahaa

Anyways, for this year--we decided to just spend time at home with family and pets.
*which pretty much is every year, not gonna lie. haha*

I was also surprised with a $20 dollar bill and the option to pick where I wanted to spend said cash at.
So, I decided to hit every thrift store in town and see what they had to offer.
Not a lot but I did pick up a few things--mostly dolls and trinkets, to add to my growing collection of strange finds. Also, stuff to add to my prop collection for future outfits/makeup looks.
My parents surprised me with a few cute things, as well and I treated myself with more things with my own money, when the bday money ran out. lmfao

So, here are the following photos from this awesome day:

My mom made me a strawberry cake with what we had on hand--cookie bits, cereal and sprinkles.  
I was forced to wear this hat all day--was screamed at when I tried to take it off. lol
My mom got me this napkin/paper plate set to go with my cake. She said it reminded her of Lisa Frank. It actually does, and I loves it.

My baby girl was running around the house with her favorite toy in her mouth, making cute noises and dropping her toy at my feet.

Thank you for the bday prezzie, baby girl! 

My dad got me these cupcakes because, as he said, "I seen Disney princesses and knew I had to get them for ya" hahaa

I couldn't eat them the same say we had cake, so we saved them for the next day with coffee. 
Aside from cake and presents, we also did this huge 300 puzzle set.
When I say "we", I mean "me" hahaha
My mom actually got me this for my bday, said it looked like Frida Kahlo.
I just felt compelled to put it together for the remainder of the day. haha
Took me a while but I did it.
She is so lovely and I love that it comes with two different images inside of one whole puzzle piece.
I ended up gluing them to a piece of cardboard and I plan to frame it with some feathers.
I want to DIY it a bit more.
I will update with the finished project soon! Promise!! haha

Anyways, onto the presents themselves! 

Starting with cards--my brother got me the sister one and my parents got me the crystal ball. <3 
These came from 99cent store and walmart/walgreens. 
My brother drew inside my card. I don't want to show too much of the personal card off, because it's very personal but I wanted to show you the details my brother did on this Tom Waits face! HOLY COW! 

My mom got me this lippie set at the 99cent store. I love them so much! 

A girl can't have too much makeup, can she? hehehee

And these little guys came from walmart/walgreens.
Walmart for the pig lip balm and Walgreens for the bday singing monkey keychain. 

The little piggie lip balm. I love piggies, alongside soooo many other animals. lol

And my dad got me this beautiful necklace and bracelet set.
It's made of a sterling silver and it's the tree of life. <3 

Now onto the thrifted finds--these were the stuff I found myself using the $20 dollars and my own pocket change. lol

First thing's first--my brother found me this porcelain doll from a 1854 Edwin M. Knowles.
It's from a series of other cute little Heroines from the fairy tale forests. 

As you can plainly see, she is Rapunzel.
With her long blonde hair and cute little surprised facial expression.

She also came equipped with her hair brush, everything still in perfect condition and bubble wrapped.
Her hair was even nicely secured in a bobby pin to keep the "flip" in the front.

What I didn't realize until after I brought her home and my mom saw her was that this specific set of dolls, from this specific artist, were the same dolls my mom used to collect as a teenager, as well. My mom said she had the Little Red Riding Hood and Goldie Locks doll. Ain't it weird that I ended up finding her? I told my mom that she could prop her alongside the other girls, to complete the collection. 
I just really love all the attention to detail. The long tussled hair, the hair brush.
She is so perfect and she even came with her stand. 

Moving onwards, my mother found me this plush monkey toy.
My mom just thought it was cute but I REMEMBER SEEING THIS WHEN I WAS A KID.
My mom didn't realize it when she got it for me, but she later realized that it was indeed the same set from my childhood.
I was freaking out because I remember them sooooooooo much.
The tag says "Dakin" 
The faces really turned on so many light-bulbs in my skull.
It's hard to explain but I seen them before, on a bed in my mom's room.

Moving on, I found this cute little snow queen porcelain doll.
Just a few bucks but she apparently goes for a lot more on eBay--like close to $60 dollars.
I'm proud I have her to my name now.

I wanted her because she looks soooo much like my mom.
The face really looks like my moms--just put jet black hair on her and BAM, my mom! lol
I'm going to be using her as a Christmas decoration. She will be at the base of my xmas tree this year! 

Moving on, my dad and mom surprised me with this baby without my knowledge.
After I paid all my items and came home--they surprised me with a package and this little lady was inside.
I remember seeing her the last time I went, but I didn't have any money--so I was saddened that she was gone when I tried to go back and get her...little did I know that my parents were the reason she was missing from the display case. lol

She still has her tags! 

I don't think you guys and gals understand the depths of obsession I dive into when I say I love clowns.
I really loooooooooove clowns, so so much.
I don't know but whenever I see a clown--I feel like it's an offspring of myself and I must mother them all.
I must own all the clowns and be the clown mother of the world. lol

I really love the hat, it's so glorious! 

Moving on, I got this little old vintage coin bank at the Goodwill.
I don't know how old it is but it looks to be maybe around the 60s or early 70s.
I'm not too sure, don't quote me on that. lol 

I just really love it and I have plans for this beautiful thing. So many plans and ideas. 

Next item I got myself, was this little duck/swan/bird wicker basket.
I have a few of these basket type containers with odd looking animals on them and I love them so much.

The next item I got was this Circus Elephant Mug.
It's the greatest show on earth!!! :)

A few dents and scratches on her but she is beautiful! 
This item was something my brother picked out for me,
I don't quite know what it's used for BUT it's from Cirque Du Soleil. 

The next item I got myself was this Fatima statue.
It's very old and chipping. The base is made out of a type of wood.
It's so beautiful. 

Some of the pieces on this statue are missing--like her hands, some of the birds and a few of their heads. 

The next item I found was this beautiful Russian Doll.
The bottom has all the information but in Russian, so I can't quite make out what it says exactly
but they do have a website that is still up and running.
I really love her and I shall add her to my collection! 

The next item I got was his porcelain jester head.
Probably used to make a whole doll or it came off of a whole doll but I loves her just the way she is.
She was inside a plastic baggie and only was .25 cents. 

And the very last item I got was actually from my mom, she surprised me with this when I got home.
She said she loved the colors and asked me what I thought of when I first seen them.
Of course, the first thing that came to mind was a, I told her and she laughed because she thought the same thing.
She said she got it thinking they WERE UFOS but we found out they were easter bonnets--never the matter, I'll pretend they are UFOS because they are, to us! hahaa

Anyways, that is all.
I also filmed a video for my YouTube, which will be up shortly.
I basically show exactly what you see here, but in verbal detail.
So, for those video inclined--check out my YouTube!

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