Tuesday, September 25, 2018

⭐🌚⭐ "Roots of Samhain" Halloween Inspired Hair ⭐🌝⭐ | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
I wanted to get back in touch with my roots (giggle) and try out a very loud, creative hairstyle.

So, for the sake of Halloween (Samhain) 
I decided to do something associated with this beautiful season.
Something that speaks mystery and darkness...with that lovely twist of the unknown. 

I decided to go black and white.
White being the frontal parts and black the remainder of my hair. 

I had to bleach my front parts for a while. Get them to a nice yellowy stage before the purple tone.

After being a red head/ginger for a long while, I wanted to change completely.
I will forever love my flame orange hair color but it was such a hassle to upkeep. 
Hard to maintain and even worse to try to find corresponding orange box dyes when the primary source of your orange hair-dye sells out or isn't available anymore. lol
Can't you imagine the different hues of orange a single store can carry?? It's heartbreaking when you bring a box home only to have certain sections darker than the others because the orange wasn't orange at all--but a rather intense copper or coral.

I will miss my quirky orange hair but I do wear wigs, so I can't complain too much when I can simply plop a orange wig on top of my head and call it a day. lol

Front done, black shall commence. 

I don't know but I have been feeling "home-sick" over the black hair color I used to wear in high school. I missed my blacker than black, blacker than midnight locks so much that I thought it was only proper to bring that back, even for a short while. (that is, until I get curious of a different color! haha)

I have always wanted this sort of style, ever since I can remember.
But lack of knowledge always kept me from doing it.
(I didn't know what to do to achieve it nor did I know the concept of "toning" the hair)

After a few tries, I finally got my hair the way I dreampt it would be in high school.
Allow me to show you--Roots of Samhain!

I actually finished around the time of The Grape Festival. So, this was the look from that day.
I was messing around with my hair and ended up doing this look with it. My mom told me it looked like the roots of a tree. So, she was the inspiration behind the title name. Thanks, mom! 
Please excuse the lack of makeup but I don't always don my clownish attire. lol
I went Halloween shopping with my family and this was the look I did. Just basic makeups and strange hair.
Sometimes you gotta let your hair do the talking. lol

I wasn't intending for the hair to do that vine-like roots thing in the back but my natural curl ends up looking like that sometimes. lol Can't help it. hahaa It's very beautiful, though. If I do say so myself. 

The white and black stripes look so beautiful. I'm so pleased with myself for achieving this look. I feel like a proud hair-mama. lol
Oh, and I did my nails, as well. To match the hair. Chrome and Black. I like the marble effect they have. Very nice. 
I really love my new hair.
After the year I have been having, I think I deserve something to be happy about.
Changing is a big thing in my own spirituality.
It's about bettering yourself and releasing the past.
I wanted to change my hair not just because I was tempted to try a new look but because it's about personal growth to be able to let the past "old me" go and embrace this new exciting person I am now.
I haven't changed, obviously, but I feel reborn.
Crazy what a little hair dye can do for someone, huh? 

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