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🔥"Jack Straw" Inspired By The Ancient Effigies of Hungary🔥 | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
To end the "New Years" in style, I decided to do a sort of  "educated" makeup look.
Something that was much more than slapping on some makeup and calling it a day.

I wanted to do something that would inform people just as well as educate them, too.
So, I give you--JACK STRAW!

"Hurts my ears to listen, Shannon
Burns my eyes to see.
Cut down a man in cold blood, Shannon
Might as well be me...

So, Jack Straw from Wichita
Cut his buddy down
 Dug for him a shallow grave
And layed his body down.
Left Photo Source: Pinterest 
Right Photo Source: 
The Jeremy Nicholl Archive
In Hungary, they celebrate the New Year by burning effigies or "scapegoats" known as Jack Straws.
They are supposed to represent the evils and misfortunes of the past year bundled up in a "human" body. Before they burn them, however, they parade our the town holding them up and showing them to the townspeople.
Photo Source: AnythingButVanilla 

Photo Source: NepalHolidayTips 

If you google search "Jack Straw" not a lot is up about them.
I had to dig a little deep into old texts and documents to find out just this much about them but it is there, you just need the right word usage. Otherwise, you'll end up looking up something else--like the vintage game of Jack Straws.

Photo Source: Alamy

Upon stumbling on this bit of information and the overall significance these effigies held with some people in Hungary, it really made me fall in love with the custom as a whole.

I am a HUGE lover of the classic Scarecrow!
So this really tug at my existing love of the similar humanoid thing.

And since I am a artist by own personal right--I felt compelled to try my hand at a look inspired by this old custom. I really hope I did the Hungarian people justice for such a beautiful tradition!

Photo Source: bryanpgdumas

I really felt like it was best I recreated this, not only to inform those who didn't know but also perhaps shine a little light on this custom for myself. Partake in the burning of my 'older self' and rid myself of my own evils and misfortunes of my own past years. Thus by recreating this look, I am--in some way or another--becoming my own effigy! 

I really love how this look turned out--
it really gives off that spooky vibe, which is exactly what I wanted from this.
I wanted to pour all of the past disgust, shame, hurt, pain...all of that into the look. 
I love how my face can be slightly seen, at least the idea of a "face" under the sack-cloth.
It really gives it a sort of "odd" feel, which is perfect! 
I just went with my gut-feeling for a lot of this look.
I knew I wanted it to be "humanoid"--having the characteristics of being a "person" without much else showing for it. 
I really love this look. This has to be my personal favorite from what I've done, thus far.
I don't know but I really love the feel behind it. The idea and concept, too.
The fact I went into the creation of this harnessing all the past negativity and channeling it into this look.
It will have a soft spot in my heart forever. 

And that is all, for the ending of 2018!
I couldn't have asked for a better ending, truth being told.
I did all I wanted to do before the year was up.
Even moreso that exceeded my own limitations.
I feel proud of myself, my brother included.
I am proud that we went above and beyond ourselves to end the old year in such style.
2019 is starting to become my favorite year yet~

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