Wednesday, January 2, 2019

🎉"My Simple Man" by Hannabal Marie (New Years Makeup Look)🎉 | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
For the ending of the year, 
I wanted to do a few looks to honor the ending of 2018 as well as the beginning of 2019. 

Something that not only looked gorgeous but also spoke volumes to the person I am--
the weird, strange and androgynous woman I happen to be. 

I saw a few images on Instagram, as well as stumbled upon a few vintage postcards/photographs that really inspired me to create what I am about to show you all today.

This is what inspired me to do a male look for New Years.  

Mainly was inspired to recreate this same exact hat.
It was an ingenious idea and I needed to have one of my own! 

I fell in love with this little postcard cartoon sketch. So, I recreated this scene in a photo.
I might actually recreate it completely in the future. Just for the thrill of it. lol

Another shot that was in my reference folder on my laptop. 

And lastly, this shot inspired me with doing the same thing.
But MY spin was dressing as a man and doing this with heels on. (hence the photo I took!)

So, without further chit-chat--allow me to show you:
Honestly, I just took eyeshadow and played around with it until I came up with this look. 

I love how everything turned out.
I even wore the beautiful white flower hair clip my friend from The Chain & Stone
made for me as my Boutonniere/Flower Pin! 

I laughed so hard when I was putting this photo together.
Some will think I am holding a random leg, while others will think I am this flexible.
The choice is yours to think what you like! ;) 
I really love this smokey grey-blue eyeshadow so much.
I will definitely have to use this shade again soon! 
MSC Eyeshadow in shade: The Silence (Matte Black)
MSC Eyeshadow in shade: Box of Rain (Sparkly Blue)
MSC Eyeshadow in shade: Book of Spoilers (Matte Grey-Blue)
ELF Liquid Eyeliner in Black 

Red & Black Halloween Face Paint

Foundation: Wet n Wild Photo-focus in Porcelain
Contour/Highlight: Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour 
& Ben Nye Clown White for Highlight
Setting Powder: Airspun in Translucent.

I don't know if you can see a difference, due to cameras never being able to fully capture glitter but I used two different blue shades. One a vivid sparkly true blue and the other a matte grey-based blue. 
I really loved how my "glove hat" turned out.
It was a last minute little detail that worked wonders in my favor! 
BTW--That is cold sparkling cider in those cups...not the champagne I was trying to make it look like. hahaa
Oops. Did I make you fall in love with me? lmfao jkjk

I was very amazed by the fact my hat was a functioning holding cup hat.
It even held liquids and didn't fall off. 
Me recreating that vintage postcard. lol 
I think I look like Jack White here. lol I blame the blue shades with the shiny blacks. 
lol I don't even know what I was doing here but it looks like I was having a lot of fun. lol
Okay, This next photo needs a brief explanation:
I was cleaning my face with a facial cleansing wipe and noticed my makeup transferred perfectly onto it like a blank canvas. I got inspired and decided to take a photo of it.

Honestly, I plan to do this with every look I do. I will dry it out and frame it for myself, as something of a token for the work I put into the overall creation of it. I have always felt a bit of sadness (or rather disappointment) whenever I'd go to such extents to create a look ONLY to wash it off--so this will ensure I be able to keep it, even after I wipe it away! 

I hope you've liked what you've seen from me thus far. 
Not just in this specific post, but in posts from years prior.
I want to update briefly on what will happen and what I have in store for this upcoming year of 2019!

I plan to continue this creative path--doing more makeup looks, character looks and original designs. 
I also want to recreate old looks from my past, mainly the ones I think need a good revamp due to having horrible camera quality capturing. Aside from makeup, I also will post more frequently my thrifted finds--odd and strange antiques. So on and so forth. 

I mainly want to shine more light on my creative side. Do more, much more, than I did for 2018!
So, you shall see more of me in the near future--of that I am sure~ <3

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