Wednesday, January 2, 2019

⭐New Years Eve Magic--Bay Leaves, 12 Wish Grapes & Paper Intentions/Desires⭐ | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents, 
I decided to do a little simple magic for the New Year. 
Nothing to extreme, just traditional magic that I always do every year--
But this time, I wanted to document it for people to see rather than keeping it to myself.

I have a little box that holds most of my herbs/spices, along with my ceremonial plates and tools.
Most of the stuff is used constantly, just for basic spellwork or personal little workings but I do have a special holiday box that contains stuff for Samhain, Yule, Winter Solstice in general and So on. 

This being apart of it, with the New Year bell and special plate. 
Both were found thrift shopping and have very special significance for me. 

All my little things laid out nicely on my blessed plate.

I didn't get to document Samhain or my Yule workings, only because I am a clutz sometimes and when I get in the moment, major things like this slip my mind but even those workings weren't anything too major--more personal little spells that helped to pass another holiday. 

New Years was pretty much the same--
with  a simple Bay Leaf burning, 12 Grapes & paper burning intentions/desire magic. 
I also trimmed my nails and washed my face in some charged water. 
I also took a bath before the ball drop, using some oils and I felt so refreshed for 2019! <3

After writing my desires/wishes down on paper...I took some time pondering on each piece. Channeling into the pit of me what I want and that it WILL come true. After a short while of pondering--I lit a match and let it catch fire. 

The flames were growing pretty strong here, I'm just sitting and enjoying the show as I nibbled away on the grapes.
This was done around the time the ball drop was happening. I would bite into each grape after every second that ticked by. One grape, one wish, every second. 

Left my hands pretty dirty, not going to lie.
But it's a small price to pay! lol

Bay Leaves are a bit tricky to burn, especially without anything to help keep the flames ignited. So, I made sure that every leaf was burned individually for a brief time--enough for the magic to really settle into each leaf and crumbled the rest into the soot the paper left behind. Creating this mix, which I later tossed out into the air, in my back garden. 

And that is pretty much all that happened.
Again, nothing too extreme...just personal little things that will help ring in my New Year. 

I don't really have any "New Years resolutions" other than the usual ones--
Keep my health in check, Take pride in my work as I've been doing, Go above myself in everything I do, Keep growing and learning and also, be better than I was the years prior.
I want to prove people wrong and prove to not only myself  but those who doubt me, hurt me and don't believe in me that I can and I WILL amount to something. 

Other than that, I don't really name any "specifics" because life doesn't work that way.
What I might want in one year, might change in the next. 
Also, life is very strange and spontaneous in the way it can dictate your future--
you will never know what you are dealt because a lot can change over-night. 

I lost a lot of friends, lovers, etc in a single year that really changed my path completely around.
I learned new things about myself I never knew years prior. So much in such a short time span.
All of this is working factors here and all I would really want from 2019 is to be better than I was in 2018. That is all. If that be in my arts, crafts, image, speaking skills, knowledge, whatever it may be--I just hope it's for the better, not the worst. 

So mote it be~

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