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🎄 Xmas 2018 Haul--VTG Ursula Tee, Handmade Gypsy Necklace & Grumpy Cat PJs 🎄 | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents, 
As promised, I am here to show the presents I received for xmas.
Some of these items are actually shared presents and one of them isn't even mine
but I wanted to include because I was happy to have gotten it for my brother. lol

Anywho, if you want to read about the kinds of stuff we did for Xmas as a whole, you can check out that post HERE.

This isn't that, this is just the gifts.
I'm giving you guys two different posts, so that no one can come complaining to me that I gagged them with an unnecessary haul or that I was flashing something in their faces.
You got two posts to choose from--if you see it fit.

You clicked on this haul, you are gonna read the haul. lmfao

1. Complete Artist Kit
I got this gift from my father. He overheard how I wanted to get back into drawing and how I wanted to have a better means of organizing the stuff I do already have. (Right now, I've been using an old Coffee canister to keep all my paints and pencils inside of. One of those BIG BIG ones. hahaa)
So, I was so happy to see this baby!! I am gonna put everything to great use!!!
I love the case--a beautiful steel-toned case. Clasps on top, opens to reveal many different compartments. Gorgeous!

Look at all my new goodies. I'm so happy. 
It even comes with clean brushes and canvas! 

Oil pastels of various shades! 

Canvas boards galore! 

I really needed new colored pencils--all of mine are being reduced to stubs! 
I can't stress how happy I am to have received something so wonderful as this case. I plan to do some art for the upcoming Grape Festival Fair and this will come in handy! Of that I am very sure!! 
2. Canon PIXMA MG2522 Print-Copy-Scan
Next item--a shared item but something that made me scream with happiness--A beautiful printer, copier and scanner all in one! I need a better way of scanning my artwork than just trying to snap a photo of it through a camera. I actually went in half with my family to get this for me and my brother. We needed one, period. So, Merry Xmas to us! :P

3. Smell-Goods
My mom ended up getting me two smell-goods.

First one--Calgon "Take Me Away!"
Quite honestly, the scent is very intoxicating. A very beautiful fruity summer scent.
I love Calgon so so much. Mom knows best! lol AND it comes with fuzzy socks! SCORE!!

Last scent--Wild Spirit "Driftwood"
I have never heard about this specific scent but I was so happy to get it. It's very airy, almost aquatic in comparison.
A beautiful water scent with earthy undertones. AND it comes with extras including the beautiful lava rock bracelet that you can dab a little oil onto the wooden piece, to smell like the scent all day long. Lovely~

I'm actually pretty amazed by this scent. I wouldn't have guessed it would smell so lovely. It has me questioning the other box sets they have. Oh goodness, all I need is another obsession. lmfao

4. Flawless Brows
Not my gift, but my brothers--he has been complaining about sculpting his brows all year long.
I found this little nifty tool on sale and grabbed it up for him. It also has a built-in light.
btw--he loved it and uses it daily. lol

5. Stuff My Brother Got Me
Now, moving onto the stuff my brother got me specifically.  

Item no. 1 inside the bag--this 7 piece set of nail varnish.
Lovely bold shades that will make great nails for me! 
The next item was nicely wrapped in festive cellophane--This cuteeee Grumpy cat PJ set.
Came with socks, a top and some bottoms. He knows me wayyyy too well. lmfao

I absolutely love the print! These bottoms are so so warm and fuzzy and SOFT! 

These are gifts that he got from a thrift store--a VTG Ursula Tee & A Handmade Gypsy Necklace. 

The photograph that was used for the front is gorgeous. I'm assuming someone got the text "Gypsies" from an old textbook and pasted it to the bottom bit, to go with the whole feel of the necklace. It's quite heavy, which is great! I love love love heavy bold jewelry so much! 
This is what it looks like when you flip the necklace over. A picture of a girl illustrated on the back, aged with time and a name etched over it lightly in ink. Absolutely stunning! 

My absolute favorite Disney Villainess! This is an old vintage t-shirt from the WDCC Ursula Sculpture event titled "We Made A Deal." Not much is online about this shirt, which I would assume would make this a rare find. THANK YOU BROTHER! I LOVE IT! 

I love that snarky facial expression.
"No one can resist Ursula The Sea Witch"--truly! 

Marked with the authentic Disney logo on the shoulder. 

The front has only this single sentence over the left breast. 

A Hanes BEEFY and apparently, was on sale for $14.95 once upon a time.
He got it for a few dollars. Score and score! lol

I have it put away in a plastic bag, but I plan to actually do a photoshoot with it on soon.
Just so I can put it away forever and never touch it again! <3

6. Dad Got Me Some Jewelry
As I already mentioned--my dad wanted to get me something shiny.
He always tries to get, at least everyone in the family, one or two things jewelry-wise every year. 
This year he got me a gold chain and a pair of real pearls.
The chain was an extra, because he bought me a beautiful locket last year. So, it's supposed to go with that.
I have never gotten real pearls before, I was shaking when I opened the package.
Candy. A ton of candy was in that stocking. lol

My mom was telling me a story about how she found these last 4 xmas trees at a little mom/pop store. How the owner told her they had a huge shipment of artisan vintage-inspired candies delivered and they sold out the first day. All they had were these 4 xmas trees. Something magical is hidden within this story here. ;) hehee

I got so much candy. Sooooo much.

So. Much. Candy. 

I laughed a little at the back of this chocolate pal. 

I got the white polar bear. Tasted amazing, too. 
Oh, I almost forgot to show the boxes some of the stuff came inside.
I think the boxes need to be documented. Documented for what? for future me to stumble on one day, of course.
"remember that time I got those boxes?"
Yeah... now I do. Thanks, past Hannah. 

Showing off my new PJs. Looking good, feeling fine.
It's Christmas day, of course I'd be relaxing! lol
Relaxing with my mug of hot choco. 
3 legs. lmfao
Charlie woke me up with morning kisses...and morning bites. lmfao
Charlie is possessed by the ghost of Christmas past. lmfao
Good boy doing bad boy things. lol
As is tradition for me--I must take a few shots of me inside the christmas gift wrapping aftermath. 
I love this part of the gift unwrapping so so much. 
Fuels my inner child deeply. lol
Nothing says, Murry Chrishmish like playing around in the mess. lol
Hey. Hellou. Hi.
Oh, and I forgot to mention this--but we also made ugly sweaters in cookie-form.
We ate them way too fast for me to take a photo of that. But I got this, the package before we decorated. hahaa
And because I heard the story of how my mom obtained these vintage-inspired xmas tree chocolates.
I had to do a mini photoshoot with mine. 
The bottom. For bottoms sake. idk hahaa
Tiny little print, you can hardly even read. 
Not going to lie--trying to open the tin wrapping was a feat all itself.
I wanted to actually keep the tin-foil without damaging too much of it.
THAT had to be done using very careful scissor-cutting techinques.
One wrong slip, the whole thing would rip apart.
It was hard but I did it. Kudos to me. 
Chocolate tea tree, anyone? lol
Here is the tree, without any wrappings.
I took pictures all the way around.
Be proud, be very proud. lmfao
The bottom is just a tiny little square stump. 
Pretty happy that they actually did some detailing to the chocolate.
Nothing is more disappointing than to open up a chocolate piece and see it being as flat as Ken.
But they actually took the time to bring every little section to life. 
up close shot because why not?! 

Sadly but not surprising--it was hollowed inside.
I wished the whole thing was an actual solid piece.
The weight didn't dawn on me until after I bit into the exploding emptiness that is this candy tree
but what was I expecting, seriously?
The chocolate was divine but the experience was just as heartbreaking as a happy child biting into an empty chocolate rabbit on Easter Sunday. lol

Decided to dress up in my unwrappings. lol
And, that my friends, was my xmas gifts of 2018!
A lot of fun stuff and a ton of helpful items that will surely make my 2019 all the more sweeter.
I thank you for taking the time to read all this.
Have a wonderful day and see you in the next post~

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