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🦞 ZAPP'S CHIPS: Voodoo Heat & Cajun Dill Gator-Tators Review🦞

The contenders! lol
Hello ladies and gentlefish, 
A while back I went Halloween shopping at my local Dollar Tree.
Upon looking through the decorations, they also had a huge display of these chips. 

I've been the occasional fan of their original Voodoo chips from time to time, so I was pretty stoked to find these two flavors at my local dollar tree. In truth, I don't think I've ever seen these two available anywhere else but Amazon. So, when I seen them--I had to get them. 

These two bags were about a standard snack bag size, ones you'd give your children in their school lunches. A bit smaller than the normal Voodoo Chip bags I bought in the past. It worked perfectly for me, considering the fact--if I didn't like one, I wouldn't feel so bad for wasting the bag. Or the opposite, if I ended up loving them--I wouldn't feel badly about finishing it whole. lmfao

The bags came with about a handful and a half of chips each. 
I should know, I measured by putting them in a bowl to see. lol
I didn't get to snap any photos of the actual chips or how they looked, but they looked like a standard kettle style chip. The Voodoo Heat was slightly "orange" in color compared to the Gator-Tators, which were white in contrast. But the color selection isn't important, the taste is. 
Which is why I will break it down, a bag at a time. 

 I just want to say how much I adore each and every bag Zapp's Chips have to offer. The attention to such minor detailing is what really made me purchase the first bag of Voodoo chips to begin with. Voodoo Heat has the same voodoo characters tossed all over the bag but the background polkadots give it a nice color contrast, to really spot the dolls a mile away. 
 I like the font this specific flavor has. The firey words etching out the name really caught my eye to begin with. 
 I also love how every bag has a different character. (or so I can only assume, since these 3 were the only ones I've tried to make this guess) that act as the apostrophe for ZAPP'S! 
 The voodoo doll for these chips really caught my eye from the display shelves. I love the hair and facial expression. Really makes these chips give you an idea of what to expect. Hopefully I can get some of that hair volume, too~ lol 
 Love the little written word on the back. Brings a little life into snack time~ 
I was a bit afraid to try these for lunch, considering the time I snacked on them was during my work hours and I didn't want to make a scene. lmfao But it wasn't as bad as I first assumed it was. In fact, the heat was very tolerable. Nothing like a Habanero or even a wax pepper but rather a spicy jalapeno, if anything at all. A gradual heat that, I am sure, would build if you kept eating them.

The flavor was very good, not too salty or overly spicy where you can't enjoy the taste of the chips. I love heat, but I can't stress enough how many chips just use heat as a seasoning. Completely forgetting to make the chip actually TASTE good, but think that people will enjoy them merely for the thrill of the spicy ride. These Voodoo Heat chips had such a great taste that I was saddened to reach the bottom of the bag. lol

In the words of their website, for those wanting a more specific description of the taste:
"The delicious result of a happy accident. These chips have a unique flavor that features salt and vinegar with a smoky BBQ sweetness. And a extra spicy, Jalapeno kick."

I can definitely attest to this combination. The taste was very much BBQ, with that slight undertone of tang and zing from the Salt and Vinegar. That Jalapeno really does as it claims--kicks! It kicks in at the last moment, when you swallow the chip down. Like a heat trail down your throat. Building but tolerable. I love them so so much! 
 I really love the color selection for these chips. 
The green stripes with the emblem on them really say "New Orleans" to me. 
 In case you were wondering, I am going to be cutting up these bags and adding them into a scrapbook. I just couldn't live without having them in one of my books of scrap. lol

 Some back information, for those wondering. I love reading their little stories on the back. 
As far as calories are considered, they (just as well as any other chip!) aren't a everyday indulgent for me but a good snack to have tried for this fall season! 

 A better shot of the cover. Just look at that beautiful design~ 
 Like I mentioned, the apostrophe here has a new character. Ain't he cuteee? lol
Now, these chips were very different from what I expected. Quite honestly, I don't know what I was expecting with a flavor called "Cajun Dill Gator-Tators" but this was very different. It reminded me of a very salty, salt and vinegar chip. The taste is hard to put into words but once you bite into a chip, you get hit with a salty vinegar taste which dulls down to a spicy warm dill pickle chip. 

In honestly, as a stand alone chip. To eat and enjoy--I can't see myself eating them straight out of the bag. Which is saying a lot because I LOVE Salt/Vinegar things AND Pickles!!! But these, I tried with all my might to snack on by themselves but couldn't. After a while, you start to really feel it in your mouth. Making your tongue a bit dry and leaving you with a sour taste that just couldn't be helped. Not even with water. All this negative aside, it was one of those strange kind of chips that grow on you after you first initially eat them. Like you want to stop but you can't. Strange but true. 

What I did find these great for are very fishy things. I ate the rest of my chips with a nice Tuna Salad sandwich and OH MY LAWD, they were AMAZiNG together. It cuts the fishy taste in half, gives it a better overall taste in general. I highly highly recommend you eat these with other things. Definitely fish related things. These would be great with crab and shrimp, I'm sure. 

Like the Voodoo Heat, these also have a flavor description, for those curious:
"What's better than a pickle with a sandwich? Dill chips, of course! Our dill pickle chips have a hint of dill with the tang of salt and vinegar and chili spice for a Cajun kick."

They definitely are great with sandwiches. My first reaction to them was a bit negative but after you munch on them, the taste starts to grow and you'll end up finishing the bag before you know it. 
Between the two of these chips, I really loved the Voodoo Heat the best.
But my all time favorite among favorites will always be the original Voodoo Chips! The tang and spice ratio in that blend is just amazing!! My second would be Voodoo Heat and Third Gator-Tators. (Until I try other types, that is! lol)

Thanks for stopping by and spending time with me.
I hope you liked this post. 
Until we speak again,

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