Monday, September 16, 2019

Longs & Walmart Halloween Hunting Continues + Mini Haul #3 [Jack Skeleton Pet Toys, Bat Clips & Witch Hats!]

They only had one full and a half aisle of Halloween goodness. 
Hello ladies and gentlefish, 
Another post, another day. 
This post should come as no surprise--it's that beautiful time of the year again. 
I'm trying to make sure I hit every local spot before Halloween shows it's spooky face. 
I really want that life-sized skeleton! So so so so badly! 
Nothing upsets me more than missing out on the scary spoopy decorations.
I've missed a lot last year, so this year--I ain't missing a heartbeat~ 
This time, we checked out our local Longs Drug Store 
because we had to pick up a prescription anyways. 
So, killing birds with stones here. lmfao

I was impressed with the range of trinkets and thingamabobs they had displayed for Halloween. 

We didn't purchase anything at Longs, just wanted to look around. 
But we decided to go back to Walmart and pick up a few more items. 

Pretty much more crafting things, because I'm creating a Halloween Scrapbook Junk Journal thingy. 
So, I needed more Halloweeny related goodness for my crafty project. 

Anyways, enough rambling--Let's get into Longs!!! 

My eyes seen these right off the bat. The Jack/Sally ones were cute
but I really liked the Lock, Shock & Barrel ones the best!
I have a few of these dangling dudes on my bookshelves.
Mine came from the 99 cent store--But, they don't have cutesy faces like these do.

I personally like the Drac and Frankenstein Monster the best.
The mummy should have came with white legs, not the black tights he is wearing here. Maybe he is trying out a new style? Perhaps! I guess it makes sense--wearing nothing but toilet paper for all this time could get really boring! ;P

Also, I love those cute Day of the Dead spirit animals, too~ <3 

Anyone wanna eat some boogers? lol
"Eat, Drink and be SCARY"
The motto of my life. lmfao

Some random Halloween stuff I saw and snapped as I walked by. Sorry it was blurry, I was in a hurry. lmfao

You gotta love the Halloween themed makeup they put out each and every year. 

The tippy top shelve had this bride themed set out. I couldn't get a proper picture, due to my shortness. lmfao
The Skeleton Queen looked pretty awesome. Not going to lie.

Serpent Goddess. Aka Medusa. I'm pretty sure. lol

The Fierce Lioness. Courtesy of The Lion King, I'm sure.

Why does some of the Halloween makeup face models always look like they don't wanna be there, with that makeup on. Something kind of lost in their eyes. Maybe just me. lol

I really wanted these masks but the 3 for $9.99 was a tad bit too much for my pocket.
I'm hoping that the dollar stores will have something similar because these are adorable.
Otherwise, I still took snaps of them. 

Hidden fact--I am OBSESSED with facial masks and skincare related things.

My face is my canvas, so I have to keep it clean and nice. So, it makes sense to love 'em but I'm serious--I am IN LOVE with masks. Like sickly in love. Like I want to become a face mask to put on my own face and feel myself on myself soaking into my own skin....

...yeah, I got a bit of a problem.

More items. These things were a bit pricey since I seen similar things like this at the dollar store for a lot cheaper.

We bought a Haunted Cookie House last year. Didn't get to make it due to a lot of stuff happening at the time.
We ended up eating the candies inside and breaking the house into pieces with coffee. lol
We could have made it for Christmas but with I don't think it would have lasted until then, if I'm being honest. lol 
Some wigs and makeup. I really love the cheapy makeup. Especially the packaging of it. 

Some more makeup and trinkets. I was eyeballing those glow-in-the-dark finger covers.
Even looking these photos over for this post--I still really want them, damn it. lol

A group shot of everything. lol

Candy and some pails. I got a few of those pumpkin pails holding all of my sunglasses.
A neon yellow and pink. From the 90s.

More stuff for your gawking pleasure.


I love the weirdly squished pumpkins so so much! 
Like I mentioned earlier, we also went back to Walmart to pick up some more things we saw and couldn't get last time. (and get other stuff we wanted again!) 

When we were there, we also seen a few more items we didn't last trip. 
I love how when you return to the same place, something new pops up. 

Sad when you can't afford it but happy when I can capture it in photos to remember it by. 
Here are just a few new things that surfaced: 
I really really really want all of these shirts so so bad. Especially that Jack Skeleton shirt! AHHH!

The "bat" had velvet lining on it. OH DEAR GAWD HELP ME! 
Hands down my favorite shirt. I love the repeated pattern print! 
As we left the clothing section half the person we were when we arrived--we took a gander at the movies.
Apparently, these two very popular movies were out for purchase on DVD now.

But wasn't Scary Stories supposed to still be in theaters? Is that a good thing or a bad omen? idk
I seen a post about this movie online--not going to lie, I wish I could have gotten this one.
I want to see it so badly. It looks so so good.

btw--thank you, my brother, for hand modeling the movies for me. lol
We got a few odds and ends but really put our money into that Jack Skeleton Pet Toy Set.
I don't know, it looked too adorable to pass up. 
Starting with the Pet Toys Set--why not.
I couldn't pass it up. Not only are the pet toys adorable, the box itself was adorable.
My pups deserve to have some Halloween fun, too. 

Yep, the next few images are of the box. You best believe I am going to include the damn box.
I didn't foot in money on these toys to NOT include the box. Yes'sir/ma'am.

Just look at the box, will you? It's adorable.
Again I say, though--NEEDS MORE OOGIE! 

Jack smiling on the back~ 
Better shots because why not?
I love Sally, too. <3 
The actual toys--came with 3 dog toys. 
Taking a look at the print. 
More Sally. 
Jack & Sally!
Jack's Face! 
Black and White stripped pull toy. 
Officially licensed Tag! <3 
Not going to lie--I'm keeping the Jack Skeleton Squeaker.
The dogs don't like him, anyways. They much preferred the other two over him.
No, I'm not making this up to keep him, either. lmfao
Some more items we picked up, as well.
Basically little odds and ends. 
You've seen these from the last haul, but I needed more. lmfao
Ghosts, Bats and Pumpkins. 
I seen these glittery bats for sale. So, I snagged some.
For my hair, of course! lol
The backs are basically these tiny little clips. So, into my hair they'll go. lol
Next item--these itty bitty little witch hats stick things. Idk I just liked them.

A better look at the hats in their full glory. 
All of the witch hats together. Pretty nifty.
I think I'll end up putting up a Halloween Tree using all the little bits and bobs I purchased for Halloween. 

And lastly, we picked up this Crush Strawberry drink. I've never seen this label before on anything Crush related.
I instantly thought of Bigfoot. I had to try it. <3 It tasted like a nice light Strawberry drink. Very flavorful. 
That is all, for this mini haul and store trips. 
I hope you enjoy these Halloween posts, 
because you are gonna see them a lot until Halloween is over. lol
Until we speak again, 

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