Monday, September 23, 2019

🌿My Secret Little Garden🌿[Not so secret...anymore. lol]🌿

Mother Mary and some Pinecones.
Hello ladies and gents, 
Today I want to post about something I hold near and dear to my heart. 
Other than doing makeup, fashion, crafts and the like--
I also like to garden and take care of my green babies. 

It should come as no sudden surprise, considering I am into the occult and witchcraft. 
It's just common knowledge that a witch will have her own sacred garden space. lol

Mine is nothing extreme, though I do want to own a HUGE garden with all the extras one day. 
(Mostly a large garden like in the Secret Garden movie that contains flowers, herbs, vegetation, edible plants and all of those lovely stuff!)
I also want to own a few carnivorous plants, too. 
Nothing that will kill/consume me (like the dreadful Yateveo "I See You" Tree! lol) but ones that will help my garden/harvest grow--like traps of all kinds to help against predatory bugs and/or ones that will just help to repel harmful predators from entering my space--like mosquitoes or wasps! 

I've always been huge on greenery of all kinds--the gentle giants and the meat eaters.
Don't get me wrong, I also love my bugs but I do respect the circle of life. 
The bugs eating the harmless plants is no different than the plants eating the harmless bugs, etc. 
They need each other much like we need them. 
Of course, I wouldn't put them together JUST to watch their dismay, I will probably put the carnivorous ones in a separate area--just to be fair. Let the plants attract their prey in a very fair way without my taunting or pushing. Visa versa. 

But we are nowhere near that just yet, 
just harmless daydreaming of what could one day become my reality.

Anywho, I am going to show you what I have and what I am currently taking care of. 
This is just my hobby, I am no professional but that is the song and dance of all professionals, right?
We all, at some point in our green thumbing lives, had to be a novice. <3 
So, this is my beginning of all beginnings~

These first images are of the plants we have been taking care of since we moved here.
All of everything here, minus the crawling Ivy, has been here since we moved in.
These could be weeds for all I know--idk lmfao

Just a shot from inside our frontal garden.

The sky today was absolutely beautiful.

I love the cloud patterns! 

It looks like rain~ <3 

A shot from our backyard. 
We picked up a new addition for our garden.
Out of them all, she was the most driest/dying succulent we could find. She had little baby succulents under her, her tips were a dark purple hue. This came from the plant section of our local Walmart. I knew I had to bring her home and save her. 

Another shot of her from the back. She was in pretty bad shape. 


Trans-planted and ready for her vitamin drink. 

I seen a post circulating around about these beauties. Claiming that every goth girl needs one in her goth garden!
They are called "Black Rose" Succulents and I have a TON of them in the backyard. 

I love the look of my Black Rose Succulents with the Normal Succulent floral sprouts.

A friend of mine gave the green big boy to me. Said it was called a "Lucifer" plant.
 I've been trying to get him to bloom his notorious floras but he just doesn't want to.

Little by little, my new succulent has been getting better adjusted to her pot. I gave her some blessed stones and a few crystals into the soil, to help her bloom. So far, so good.

I purchased some wildflowers for the Monarchs and Bees a while back, from a plant shop online.
This is how they are blooming. I was scared it just might be a ton of weeds (since monarchs love Milkweed best!) but a put them in a little spot for growth. I'll keep it maintained throughout the germination. To be quite frank, before these seedlings hatched--the ground was very dry and bare. So, I don't mind a little patch of weeds. lmfao

Here is an old friend of mine, had her since I was in High School. She spouts her little flora every once in a while.

I also have some cacti laying around. I need to move them away, since I tend this garden patch a lot. I don't want to disturb them and get hurt in the process. 

My mom gave me this guy, I'm not entirely sure the name. I will have to update when I find out.
Tbh, it might just be another species of succulent.

My old cacti, blooming some red blooms.

She's in the process of fertilization, she is peaking with orange hairy spikes just wanting to embed in my skin.

Another day, another vitamin water. As you can clearly see, she is turning back to her beautiful greeny color.

Some of the seedlings took to other sections of the dry patchy garden. I don't mind at all.

This girl goes through dry spells so quickly. During the summer, it's worst for her. I had to double the vitamin dose in her water, which seems to be helping. We use a lot of aloe in this house, so we gots aloe everywhereeee. lmfao

More plants and aloe.

This little cutie that waves hello to me from time to time.

Watching the seedlings sprout.

The garden thus far.

Another view from another day.

See the orange under her? Yeah, she doesn't want to be messed with at all. 

I really love these little things, sadly I don't recall the name at all. lol

More seedling watching.

The only "prick" I'm willing to handle nowadays. lmfao

We have a little problem with succulents here. lmfao 

Little by little, she is reviving, as well.

I noticed several butterflies and bees in this patch of greenery. Whatever the heck these seedlings are, the bugs are liking.

We got a snip of some jade from a friend. We are trying to get him root-bound for the garden. 

Look how much this big girl sprouted. 

As you can clearly clearly see--the vitamin water has been helping my big girl.

Since bees were frequenting my garden patches, I put out some water for these busy little guys.
I also piled a ton of clear marbles/stones to help them from drowning.
Whenever I water my plants, I water the dish, too.

Watering the bunch o' buddies here.

Another group shot.

I really love the look of these sprouts.

I think someone likes her water~ <3 

He is doing good, too. Good boy. Now, please sprout for me!?!

If these ever get out of hand, I do have a weed-wacker. 

Saying Hello again.

Merlin watches over my garden for me, while I'm away. lol

Yeah...I accidentally messed with the orange cacti lady.
Her tiny hair-like spines were a BITCH to take out.
So tiny, so itchy, so burny. AHHHHHHHH

My roses blooming, as well. 

Red boys and girls.

My crawling English Ivy.
There is an elephant in the room.

...well, an Elephant in my garden, at least...

More green buddies. 

And lastly, some more Aloe. With a Scarecrow. <3
That is all for now.
I will update on any changes or pretty much anything.
All is doing good and going strong.
I want to fix up my garden area, add more stuff--take stuff out.
Do a huge fix-er-upper. Maybe another time, when I HAVE the time.

Oh, I forgot to include another aloe plant, she is growing through a old wooden chair I found when we moved here. It supports her well, and she loves it. Also, it looks absolutely stunning to see the destruction of the chair to give life to my plants. Like an old "abandon object" feel.
I'll include her next time.

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