Wednesday, September 20, 2017

99 Cent Store Halloween Haul // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlefish
I bring you another Halloween Haul.
Yes, another one.
If you thought the last couple of hauls were good--you ain't seen nothing yet.
Man, 99 cent store is popping with all the cool stuff this year.
I swear, it's like I find something new and amazing each time I check it out--which is daily. lol

So, to make this post short but sweet...
Let us get into this:
I actually went to the 99 cent store a few times throughout this month.
The first trip I got these few items.

I was really surprised with how heavy these skulls were.
When I first seen them, I thought they were going to be made out of Styrofoam.
But nope, they are the real thing baby. Heavy and rock solid.
Big skulls, so I got two.
I really loved the pattern. They had a ton of other ones but I liked these the most.
Next item--this cute little ghost girl.
I always get one of these hanging haunts every year.
Last year, I got the clown.
This year, I got the girl.
Pretty decent condition.
Plastic face but not that flimsy plastic.
The hands are bones.
She is a cutie.
Then I seen this old candy dish.
Thought it was cute, I'll put makeup or something inside of it.
Of course you can't leave 99 without these changing face portraits.
Here I'm just showing you them in action. Lovely couple.
Same with these, as well.
I look the same as the little lady without coffee, too.
The following day, I went again and snagged some more.
So, here is the bunch from that visit.
I seen these towels and got two.
Thin material, but I really love them.
This I dunno, I just seen the pattern and grabbed it.
It's supposed to be a chair cover.
It's very large. So, I snagged one.
As you can see compared to my hand--it's big.
I am thinking of turning these into place mats for my table.
I tried to fit them on my kitchen chairs, but alas--my chairs are too big and these don't fit.
So, place mats they will become. Yep.
This I snagged right up after seeing someone on facebook complain about it having a "demonic symbol" on it's neck.
I made it a damn mission to find the exact one--because it the world shuns it, I want it. lol
I don't see the big deal but people will complain regardless.
I like mister reaper man.
He's a cutie.
I'm going to be putting him up for Halloween on our door.
Last year, we had a creepy man holding an axe that nearly scared the devil out of me when I forgot I had it up and got startled during the night seeing it on my door. lol Fun times~ hahaa
I see these Sombreros. Got two--one for me, the other for my dad.
We might do something sugar skull related for Zombie Walk. idk
Pretty big and decent quality.
I wish these were red but they are still nice to own.
I seen this flower with the glittery spider and snagged it.
It's quite big, compared to my tiny arm. lol
I'm going to put this in my Tim Burton vases I made last year.
I really like these ice cube trays because you can use them for far more things besides ice cubes.
Like soap molds, bath bomb molds, dough clay molds, ect.
For the sake of the showcase--I went and made some ice cubes.
Pretty kewl.
I am thinking about making some chocolate using this molds.
Idk but I wanna try.
They always got paper lanterns, so I grabbed a few.
All cute, all going up and all staying up even after Halloween. lol
And the last trip I only scored these two--because nothing else caught my attention...or the attention of my wallet. lol
My brother needed huge bones to make a prosthetic out of, so I got some.
Hopefully they are big enough. lol
And the mask because it's cute and I liked it. idk
 And that is it.
Another trip, another haul.
I love Halloween--can't you tell? lol

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