Monday, September 11, 2017

Birthday Balloon Bufoon // Hannabal Marie

My birthday was August 1st 
I had a lovely party with my family and one thing (among the vast amounts I got!) 
was a bunch of balloons. 

They have been sitting in my room, deflating a bit, so I thought I would do something with them.
Just a small something to get the occasion on photo.

So, I did a tiny little photoshoot using them.

Nothing fancy, just messing around with my oddness. 

I hope you like it and understand the significance behind the photos...because I don't. lol
I just did want I felt and they came out pretty good. 

I don't know, just felt like flopping on a messy wig and playing with my balloons.
Heh, that sounds gnaughty. lol
I like this one. Like youth lost to the wind. idk but yeah, looks nice.
This is how I feel inside my head. lol

That's pretty much it.
Just messing around and having fun with my deflating balloons.

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