Saturday, September 9, 2017

Halloween Inspired Henna // Hannabal Marie

Hello boils and ghouls, 
Since Halloween is my favorite time of year--I am planning to do something everyday until it arrives.
Be it something as simple as singing a song about the beautiful day or messing around my crafts.
I decided to do a little Henna today and I did just that.
Me, my mom and my brother all sat down and played around with some Henna.

I wanted the design to inspire the season, so I made it a little Halloweeny~

So, enough talky talk--let's get to the showcasing! 

My mom wanted to try out a few of the stencils my Henna came with.

I wanted to try out something different--to keep to the Halloween season!
Little by little, It was coming to life.
Adding final details.
Bulking up the Henna a bit, to get it looking better.
Final outcome of the wet Henna.
I dunno, just liked how my Henna looked against my bedroom curtains.
So beautiful. I'm quite pleased.
It looks so nice. I'm so happy.
The rub off didn't quite thrill me as much. I am only hoping that after 24/48 hours it will look better.
 Sorry to state that the final final outcome wasn't as great as I thought it would be.
Perhaps the Henna I got wasn't up to par but it was way too light and hardly noticeable for a photo.
But alias, an experience is still an experience.

I did, however, like how the wet Henna images turned out--so thus, I'm still posting. 
It's just the thought that counts--so, I'm sure the Halloween season wouldn't be mad at my initial try to do something for it.
Anywho, I love Halloween and this is but the first of many things I shall do for this season~

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