Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Thrift Store Finds: Ceramics, Tiny Trinkets & Haunted Dolls // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlefish
I have another thrift haul for you. 
This time it's not Halloween related, just random and full of some awesome finds. 

I don't really have a "theme" when I do these haul posts--I just put everything I get for the week/month/ect inside my bedroom and allow that to accumulate throughout a course of time until something in me ignites and forces me to post like I've been doing now. lol

Just to let people into the reasoning behind these constant post updates--I do a lot of my main shopping at thrift stores, antique shops, mom-pop shops, garage sales, yard sales, dumpster dives, ect. lol 
Most of what I get, I truly collect...other times it's just a damn good deal I couldn't pass up. 
I either keep it for my own sick little obsession, give it away to friends/family/ect or sale it on the side for some extra income that is then used to support my bad habit all over again. lmfao

What I get I usually store inside this HUGE plastic tub and allow it to gather until I get enough stuff to post for the likes of you all. 
I will admit, I have a bit of a problem. 
I can't stop thriftng, I truly can't. I love it so much. 

I have built up a good enough collection of things for you all today--so allow us to get into it:

First thing I grabbed was this set of mirrored coasters. They have blue felt on the bottoms. I don't know but for a 1.98, I couldn't pass it up. They reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. How she went through the mirror. And them being tea cup/coffee coasters just sold me entirely. I do a lot of drinking to the both of those things.
For a measly .25 cents, I seen this cute little tea pot dish. I'm sure it's used to keep the teabag on or to place a spoon on top of but either way, it's cute as a oddly placed button.
Another .25 cent item was this cute little cream dish. The handle on this thing is what sold me. Just look at it, so teeny and tiny.
.95 cents a pop, each cup. They had various other kinds from various other brands but these called out to me most. The silver lining went with the mirrored coasters I got. The shell-like exterior is also very beautiful.
These cups are Princess China. Tru-Tone.
Next item--This glass cream dish. I don't really know but it's very beautiful. Loved the design and it's quite heavy. Another .25 cent item, as well.
Next thing I spotted in the breakable area were these two honey jars. $2.98 for the pair.
I really reallllyyyyy liked these jars. The little bee on the top, as a handle, really sold me on it. There are bees everywhere on this thing--I really love that. It's quite odd, in it's own right. So lovely~
It's the perfect size to keep honey in. It also has a quality weight to it, as well.
Each jar comes with a tiny plastic spoon. The spoons themselves are very old--with what looks to be crystallized honey dried on them.
I wanted to show the minor detailing of these jars. It's hard to pick up on photo. These jars are that beautiful shade of yellow but they also have a purple sheen to them when you hold them to light. Like a glossy purple shimmer finish. Very nicely detailed.
I seem to be finding a lot of these taxidermy toads everywhere.
I am already creating quite the collection.
This one is playing a harp with a tiny little outfit on. So cute.
Hit hat and clothing are secured pretty nicely.
Still in very great shape, just a little dusty.
I also found this little guy a while back--he's playing his heart out on that bongo.
So far, I got a tiny band forming.
This wicker chair was on this tippy top part of a shelf and I spotted it from a mile away. I already have a similar one in my room, it has my Hobo the Clown sitting on top of it right now. But I was so thrilled to find my childhood chair at the thrift shop, so I purchased it. Now, my other chair has a friend.
This is the one I already owned--It's the identical ones I found! I'm so happy. I never knew I would find my old chair a friend.
It's such a beautiful chair--that was the one reason I never tossed my old one. I couldn't, no matter how old and damaged it could get. I just love the way it is designed. This new one is made in the very same way, too.
These next items were on the same shelf. I took them all. lol
First thing I seen were these three ladies. They are very tiny, about thumb size.
But being so tiny, they are so very nicely detailed. Look at the tiny hands. :'3
The attention to detail is killing me. So tiny yet so detailed. I love it!
For comparison--My thumb to them. Sorry for the ugly weird-looking thumb. lol
Next thing, this cute little tiny landscape display. It's entirely made out of cork. I have always wanted one of these things and now I have one. It's so old, too. I love it!
Just look at the details. GAHHH!
Next I found this cute little wooden crane.
I also found this cute little egg-shaped doll.
It wobbles back and forth when you push it, as if something inside keeps it upright.
She is very old--you can tell by the scratches on her face.
She is about as big as my hand.
But I am so in love with the eyes.
Next thing I found for my mother--a piece of the Berlin wall.
It even has some paint still on it.
The back of it shows how it was adhered inside the container--tons of glue to keep it from slipping.

I also found this water droplet trinket.
Maybe rain inside the device, maybe faucet water.
I'll leave that to the imagination.
The next thingy thangs I picked up were these strange finds.
At first glance, I thought it was the grim reaper--but it's actually some weird looking monk.
He's supposed to be a wooden bookend but I couldn't find his brother anywhere--so he is all alone in my house. lol
I also found two brass bells.
I really liked the look of these. One bell has "1985" etched on the side. The other one looked like a strange medusa head. idk
I really love them so much--they make such a lovely sound, too.
Digging through the jewelry--I found this cute little ring for .10 cents. It's plastic, obviously.
But it has dandelion particles inside of it.
I can always have my "wish" with me. So cuteee!
I found this Aeon Flux set with the rest of the DVDs on a shelf. Snagged it up and will be giving this to my brother for his birthday.

The first figurine is this husk doll.
He looks to be a worker of some kind and he's holding a cute little pig.
It's so odd, yet so amazing.
The detailing on the face is what sold me.
Also, the little detachable piggy.

Last two dolls I actually got online from a lady named ZeeZeer.
I wanted to include them because their story is marvelous.
(Plus, I just received them today!)
The owner claimed that she could talk to spirits and that she has had these dolls her whole life.
To sum up everything: These dolls are haunted.
I didn't know it at the time, I was just purchasing them because I liked them individually.
She just shot me a message after my final purchase and I was blown away.
According to the lady: The spirit in this Diana doll is named "Klassy"
She will protect and keep from harm.
She is majestic and sweet.
The lady told me that this doll was drawn to my mother. (which is a bit odd, considering my mother is obsessed with Princess Diana and the sole purpose of my wanting to get this doll was for her!)
According to the lady: This little guy is named "Two Hats"
He lives to joke and put on a show. He is a clown--like me.
He is magical, an energizer, silly, fun, loving and unique.
She told me that he was drawn to me.
That he "told her" that he likes me and wants to help me in my life.
He wants to join me and become apart of my "act".
Now, you might think this is all bologna.
Truly, I don't know what to believe and I can't deny that it feels amazing to think all this real.
I can't say it's real, nor can I say it's fake but what I can say is that it makes a great conversation.
I will admit, I loved him the moment I seen him.
I instantly thought he looked like a young Charlie Chaplin without a tiny mustache.
Two Hats is such a cutie, that I am secretly hoping and kinda placing some belief in his ghostly existence.
I personally think it's great--the lady, her stories and beliefs.
I am not here to debunk the revelation nor condemn her.
If she's the real deal--I think I picked up two best friends for the family.
If not--I got two amazing dolls to add to my collection.
I can't go wrong either way! :'3

 The lady did give me some extra things.
She said she needed my name and for me to hold them for a while as she jotted down some notes for me to keep.
Basically, a note written through "her" from "them".
I will show you a section of the note that is mine--my mom's note is personal and I don't wish to disclose it.
Honestly, it's kinda strange how it hits home with me and I'm just a stranger to this lady.

She also gave me a pendulum so I may speak with them if I wanted to and two tinier dolls that will keep me connected to their spirits when I am not around the original doll.
So, I could place the tiny doll in my purse and always have their spirit around me.

This is a section of the personal note and the tiny doll of "two hats"--as I mentioned.
I placed them with the living room trinkets.
They deserve to be seen by all upon entering.
And here are some more shots of the things inside the living room cabinet.
I got a lot of tiny things, tons of stories--some of them given to me by friends..most of those friends long gone.
So many stories inside each piece.
 That is all for now.
Tons of amazing finds at my local thrift shop.
Also, two great ghostly dolls I snagged from someone online.
Just a ton of great stuff I now own! 

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