Friday, September 8, 2017

🕸️ Ross & 99 Cent Store Halloween Walkthrough + Small Haul 🕸️ // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlefish
Tis the season to bring out all the spooky and ooky~
I love love love this time of year--it fills my heart with darkness and decay!

I went with my family to check out a few stores and to see their Halloween displays
and I couldn't be more happier for seeing the creepy and eeky!

Aisle upon aisle of Halloween stuffs.
I was at home, truly~

I went shopping to get a few trinkets and a few home things, 
so the haul isn't really big but a haul is a haul is a haul.

I just really wanted an excuse to look at the awesome stuff. lol
 Anyways, Let's take a look at what Ross has to offer for Halloween 2017 thus far:

Before we even set foot inside the place, we spotted this car with bullet hole stickers all over it. Someone's getting into the Halloween spirit--or maybe they might be real....idk but HALLOWEEN!
Looky at all the doggy costumes!!! :D
This globe is soooo cuteeee!
If I could, I would get one of everything inside this store. Even if they were the same thing but with a different pattern--I'd get 'em allllll!
I really wanted that cat pillow! GAHHHH!
The witch table display was very nice and for a pretty price, too.
I walked by and this skele-dog started to bark at me. DOWN BOY!
Heeeey, look at this gold skull.
This poor guy was broken and in the discount bin. I might come back for you when I get paid~ <3
This was a cute little maid skele-lady!
Skele-lady throwing up gang signs.
Gawd, I just love this time of year~
I really want this, too.
This was made very well. Heavy and sturdy! I love it.
Awwww, looky at these cute coffee mugs!
All these screamers were very detailed and nicely built. I'm impressed.
She must be cold with no skin on~
Awww, a face only a mother could love!
My dad liked this skull.
I want it alll!!!!
Hagatha was very cute, I will admit! :'3
I can't believe my eyes, everything is so cute!
They had so many cool platters!
These were so cute, their little mouths jiggled up and down.
Big o' striped spider!
Sugar Skulls
Ain't this cute?
More stuffs. I want that light fixture.
So many awesome things.
My dad liked these as well.
I need to get paid faster, so I can stock up on my everyday stuff. lol
Shake. Shake. Shake.
Isn't she lovely?
I am so in love with that little lady there. :')
Harvest stuff.
I ended up getting the banshee there for my brother. He wanted it last time we came here. So, she shall be his bday present come Halloween, so why not?
All the screamers!
Here is a small video of some of the screamers.
That was pretty much all of Ross, until further notice.
Now, shall we take a gander over at the 99 Cent Store?
Upon walking into the store, you are greeted with some smiling faces. hehee
I see a theme here, people. ;P
I'm hella going to be coming back and forth to this store to stock up on bedroom things. I need me these pillows ASAP!
I love the 99 cent store so much. GAHHHH
I love how the 99 cent store likes to decorate the whole place up for Halloween every year. It warms my tainted heart. lol
So many things to choose from, I can't pickkkkk.
Look at all those pumpkins and loose skele-feet. ;D
I need me a few of these lanterns.
I am loving that they are bringing back the old Vintage Halloween look.
Everything was made for meeeee.
I need me the Medusa and the Skele-crow.
I think the place needs an exterminator...they got evil, possessed fat rats.
I want all the skeleton things. Please and thank you.
I am loving all the masks they got. Makes me feel happy inside.
I wish I could live in between the masks and hats. :3
All the boney bones.
Bird cages and spiders.
Wherever the witch lays her hat is her home.
Makeup, cups and stuffs.
I loved this so much.
The quality of the products here really impressed me for a 99 cent store. When I was growing up, all we got at a dollar store were plastic cheap things and candy. lol
Zombie danger zoneeee.
Yay, for zombies!
Hehheeeee I could use those decorations as a boa.
All the dead flowers!
My dad liked the eyeball flowers. :'3

AAAAAND that was the two stores and what they had on display for Halloween so far.
I am quite impressed because we are only in Sept and the aisles are FILLED with Halloweeny goodness.
I can't wait for mid-month to see the last bits of stuff if (and that is a big o' if) they have any more stuff to display.
But for now, I am happy with what I have seen thus far.

Now, as I promised...a small mini haul.
It's not a lot, so bare with me.
Just didn't feel like leaving each store without purchasing I grabbed a few things to add to my collections.

All the goodies from my trip.
Like I said, just a small tiny bit. Nothing extremely huge. I don't get paid for a while, so the little I purchased I got with the change I had. lol
I loved him, I needed him. So, I got him.
This spider could hold keys or my rings. I might just use him as a ring holder. idk yet but cuteee.

 That's all I got from the 99 cent store.
I did get a few household items but they're i didn't include them.
Mostly crafting materials for my upcoming Halloween stuffs I plan to make and create.
I can't waitttt.

Now to the two buys from Ross:

I purchased this beautiful puffy white shirt. Idk but it was on sale for 10 bucks and I wanted it. I loved the sleeves! It's a dolly, lolita-type shirt which I plan to do some looks with soon enough.
And the last thing was this screamer from the videoclip I added in this here post. My brother fell in love with her and I got it for him. It's basically a bday present, since we plan to celebrate his bday on Halloween! *we always celebrate it on the 31st, despite his actual bday being on Nov 17! lol He is a Halloweeny Boy~*
And that's the lot, for nowwww! Dun..Dun...DUNNNN! lol
 Thanks for reading and watching and all that.
I love Halloween and I love love love when certain shops and store start to display Halloween stuff.
So, I wanted to document it for the likes of you guys as well as my future self.
Nothing will please me more than being old and going through my old blog one day, just reminiscing on past things.

But anywho, until we speak again....

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