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♥️ Le Noir Bazaar "Mystery Box" Unboxing/Showcase ♥️ | Hannabal Marie

All the goodies I got from my mystery box! 

Hello ladies and gents
Mystery Boxes have been something that has been going around quite frequently.
With the wide array of selections, it's hard to choose one that will fit to all your dark and GORE-gous needs.
that is, until I stumbled onto this Mystery Box from Le Noir Bazaar! 

 For around $25 dollars, you get one huge (and quite heavy, by my own experience!) box of goodies that should, as the website states, be a total of more than $50 dollars worth of items for your buck.
All full of dark, alternative, Gothic and witchy items that will fit your style (and lifestyle) to a perfect and complete "T."

Their monthly mystery boxes include a hand-picked selection of at least five spooky, witchy, & bohemian jewelry, accessories, bath products & more to your doorstep. 
Every box is at random, so you will never end up with the same one someone else will get. 
*hence the Mystery Box aspect of this beautiful thing!*

I want to also address the actual box itself!
It's so beautiful and well detailed! I am actually going to keep all my goodies inside it as a keepsake! 

I will list how much every item I received costs, but let the record show that every box--as far as I am concerned--comes with a small card that clearly shows how much everything is. So, you can have visual proof that your money was well spent!
That, in itself, is such a great thing to see in both a Mystery Box AND an overall company in general!

Now, enough with the idle chit-chat...Allow me to show you what I got:
I couldn't be happier to say and announce that my Mystery Box was Egyptian themed.
Perhaps picked at random or perhaps fate,
but Egyptian things are something me and my mother collect--alongside so many other things. lol

All my items were nicely packed in bubble-wrap!
As well as beautifully displayed with paper inserts and purple paper grass. 

The box was PACKED! I was so so pleased! 
A few cards I found inside my box.
(photo taken from my unboxing video.)
Here are all the paper items--Le Noir Bazaar Box insert, A list of all I received with a pricing guide & some company cards! 
First item from the box--Mini Anubis Statuette. [Price: $12]
Contrary to his size, he is actually made quite well.
I wouldn't say he is made out of plastic, he feels much too heavy for that.
Perhaps a type of ceramic or stone material? I don't quite know but he is of great quality. 

Next Item from the box--Andromedas Curse DEATH Bath Bomb. [Price: $3] 

I can't stress enough how aromatic this Bath Bomb is.
On the tag, it states that it's made with notes of Funerary Flowers, Musk & Dirt.
It's very fragrant, exotic in comparison. Airy and Delicate. The "Dirt" isn't what you'd probably think--it's more of a "wet pavement" sort of smell. A scent I am intoxicated with.
I left my Bath Bomb on my bedroom shelf all day when I was away at work and I came home to a room that smelt soooo good. I am tempted to scrap some of it into a little sachet to keep around my room. I actually might do that, perhaps cut the bomb in half--some to keep and some to soak in. I will definitely be posting a video/post about my Bath Bomb in use. Even if it's just half. ;) hahaa
Next item from the box--Handmade Clay Bat Ornament. [Price: $5]

How strange, this year I am decorating my "Halloween Broom" (makeshift broom, because I can't find an authentic vintage broom anywhere!) but I was looking around for just the right little Ornament to hang on her and I got, inside my box, a tiny little golden bat. 
Look how detailed this little bat is! So cute and sweet!
He looks adorable on my Halloween Broom! 
Next Item from the box--Evil Supply Company Note Card. [Price: $4]
This card came from Evil Supply Co (Evil Paper Goods)
I actually really love the quality of card stock, I might look into making a bulk order directly.
I love stationary and I love to write cute little cards/notes to family and friends.
So, this might be the company for all my devilishly good needs. lol

The Next Item from the box--Zohra Printed Beetle Socks! [Price: $9]
I don't normally like to wear anklet socks but these are way too cute not to wear around the house.
I love the Beetle pattern so much! I wonder if they make knee high socks in the same print, if they do--I'd wear them to my grave! lol

Next Item inside the box--A Scarab Necklace. [Price: $16]
I was so thrilled to find this little beauty inside the silver little box included.
The material used is very sturdy and thick. Not thin or flimsy at all.
I would say the price they retail for is a fair one for such a beautifully crafted necklace. 

My mannequin is modeling the necklace for me right now but I plan to do a beautiful Egyptian themed makeup look wearing this beauty. I also want to make my mom up and gift her this necklace after I finish my makeup look.
My mother is obsessed with Egypt so much more than I am (which is a lot, so you can only imagine HER level of obsession! hahaa) but I feel she deserves this cute little necklace more than I do. lol 

Next Item from the box--Day of the Dead Notebook. [Price: $5]
I actually LOVE this notebook. I am a sucker for stationary, as I already mentioned. I doodle all the time on lined paper but when I saw this little guy in my box, I now have a new place to doodle my clustered eyeballs and appendages in. ;) hahaa
Next Item from the box--DL &Co Skull Matches. [Price: $8]
The matches inside this matchbox are very long,
allowing you to firmly grasp the match without having the fire go down too far.
I will be using mine for my witchy needs! 
I really love these matches.
The skull etched on the front cover really help with my whole "spooky" aesthetic going on, as well. ;)
You can't be creepy without owning common everyday products with skull heads on them. hehehee
And BONUS item inside the box--TAZO Organic Chai Tea [3 included in my box!]
I've never heard of this brand of tea before, so being able to try this out as a bonus item was sooo amazing.
The taste was very spicy, but not in the "heat" way. But rather spice as in herbal additives.
You can really taste the cardamom and strong black tea base. I couldn't pick up any notes of cinnamon, but the rest was all there. It does have a sort of black pepper aftertaste, which is something I personally love. Rich, goes down smooth and tastes heavenly. It's like Autumn in a cup!
I put a little sugared basil in my tea, just a taste. It actually was very good.
The sugared basil isn't what you'd think--it's a sweet minty flavor mixed in with the rest. So delicious. 
That is all that was inside my Mystery Box.

All very beautiful items, such great finds inside a little $25 dollar box.
I am beyond pleased with Le Noir Bazaar's Mystery Boxes!

Everything added up was about $62 dollars.
[for those curious about price tags!]

If you are interested in grabbing one (or a few! haha) for yourself,
you can find the website below:
 👉Le Noir Bazaar Website
👉Le Noir Bazaar Mystery Box

I also have a YouTube video of my unboxing The Mystery Box--
for those visually inclined.

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