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🍬 The fifth Haul-oween--Dog Costumes, Candy Dish & Accessories! 🍬 | Hannabal Marie

Hehehuehuehue the lady was eyeballing me. lol

🎃Hello ladies and gents🎃
I am so happy to announce that our Wally-World 
finally got all the Halloween stuff out and ready to be sold. 
Last time I went to Walmart, they didn't have anything out just yet.
Only perhaps a few items here and there, but nothing to THIS extreme.

So--as is protocol for this wonderful holiday season--
I had to capture the whole thing for the sake of this post.

I will be posting a mini walkthrough here, showing some highlighted items 
and also, at the very end, showing what I actually purchased myself. 

I will work on putting together a small walkthrough/haul on my YouTube channel, as well.
For those more visually inclined. Just give me a minute to write out this post. 
Thank you for your hospitality.

🎃So, here we go🎃

Before you enter into the actual building, they had this whole set up waiting for us shoppers. 

Here are some of the treat pails. I like the Witch Cauldron, Orange Traditional Pumpkin and Wonder Woman pails. 

They had some lashes on the side of each aisle.
Some were even flickering LED lashes. 

Here are all of the  kiddy costumes for this year. 

I wish I had some of these cool costumes when I was a kid. lol

More costumes--I like the Day of the Dead one. 

Some random Halloween things. idk

The adult side has a bunch of accessories and stuff. There was so much that things were actually falling off hangers. 

Masks, hats and stuff. 

That bloody bowtie would look great with the bloody suspenders they are selling at the 99 cent store.

More stuff on the shelves. 

Look at all that makeup. Mostly black and white gone. lol

Wigs, hair colors, ect. 

He was actually moving his wings around and flicking his tongue to red flames. 

They also were selling some Autumn/Fall decor. Very beautiful. 
Look at all the inflatables. I like the Jack Skeleton one! 

Some bags, gift wrap, ect. 

I love how every store gets into the holiday spirit by putting up some decor. 

My future husband. or wife...idk who is under that clown makeup. lol
No hate, no shade..all truth! ;)

Lots of cute little hanging guys/gals. The little ghost one and the dark haired female are my favorites. 

More decor and eyeballs. 

the eyeball thing was cute. I like anything with eyeballs on it. lol

Some treat bowls, skulls and stuff. 

Signs, pumpkin table decor and door stuff. 

Witchy poo. 

Just some skeletons doing Yoga...no big deal. lol

Pumpkin Pails. 

I want a big life-sized skeleton so badddddddddd. But they cost soooooo much! Gahhhhh! 
All the lights and things. 

I couldn't stay away from them. I want them so bad. lmfao

My dad pointed out the Sitchwick Sisters to me and I hadda take a shot. 

Some more inflatables; Female Phantom, Giant Spooky Ghost, Great Pumpkin Scrooge and Jack/Sally. 

The kiddy inflatables. Looks like Paw Patrol and some other friendly faces. 

Plushes and stuff. 

They also had plushes in cups. So cute. 

My mom liked this little lady. She is a cutie. 
Some solar panel guys and wall decor. 

Nice looking bat, with the green wings. Reminds me of something that would be in the Oogie Boogie Lair. 

More items and stuff. Niiice. 

Another angle, but look at all that stuff. 

My dad was showing me this handle candle holder. Very Addams Family-like. 

Solar Panel buddies. 

The cutie little Skele! 

I like the glitter spiderwebs! 
Some meltys and tinsel decor. 

More signs and things. 

Candles, Candles, Candles. Can't go wrong with a good candle. 

They even had a ton of taper candles. Oh, and a bag of pumpkins. 

I loved this cute little face. I love love love the style of the Vintage-Themed things so much! 

They even got seat covers for your toilet. 

Baby Pumpkins. 

I wanted to get a better angle. I really loved the hand tea light holder soooo much. 
Glittery pumpkins.

Some window clings. 

Stuff to make a spooky flower arrangement. 

Tinsel Kitties. 

Decorative plates. I liked this very suave gentleman. 

Little cute figurines. 

More window clings. 

Hocus Pocus, Nightmare Before Xmas, All kinds of hits for sale here. 
They even had Halloween themed soaps! 

Someone just left this guy in the discount bin. Poor wolfie. 


I want the wolf mask. I really really do. lol

Some candies. 

More Fall/Autumn items. 


...And More....

Novelty Items. Lovely. 

Here are some Novelty cups and stuff. 

"Donut Kill My Vibe" 

Look at all these cuties up here. I love love love the Sally. 

Cute Doll costume. 

Little ceramic pumpkins with some modern day lingo. 

Some adorable costume hangbags I could actually use all year round. lol

More cups!! 

"Nightmare Before Coffee"

Some Halloween Magnets. 

Some adorable and very nice quality lapel pins. 

Some more goodies down below. 

Some stemless wine glasses with drunk people lingo on them. lol

More costumes. 

More Fall/Autumn 
Some Fall Wreaths. 

Glow in the dark things and pumpkin carving kits. 

Unicorn masks. 

More glow in the dark stuff. 

Black Cat Head. 

More costumes. 

Rick n Morty costumes. 

Halloween Foam Squishes. 
Halloween party items. 


And Marshmallow Monster Pops. 

🎃___________________________The Haul__________________________🎃

I only nabbed a few items but they are very cute items
So, I am happy!!!

The loot from this trip! A little bit of lots. 

🎃________________"Allergic To Humans" Notebook______________🎃

My brother picked this out from the discount bin.
I squealed with happiness when I seen it. 

It has lined paper and a tassel bookmark. 
I really love the little tassel bookmarker it has inside of it.
I am in LOVE with Aliens. The idea and the art. :)

         🎃 _________________Halloween Bracelet Set__________________🎃

I couldn't help myself, these were way too cute not to purchase. 

I love the little quotes they have on them. 

Sadly, the Alien one was chipped a bit but that's alright.
At least I have all of them together! 

Some cute Halloween bracelets with some funny slogans on 'em. 
🎃____________________Pet Shop Dog Costumes____________________🎃

Dog costumes because I had to and they were on sale. 

A Jester Collar for my Charlie. 

A Candy Corn Witch Hat for my Lily. 
Lily looks ravishing in her new garb. 

...Spoke too soon. THOU IS WITCH DEMON! 
Charlie was crying, so I let him be a witch. He is a cute little witchy boy~ <3 

🎃_____________Glade "Cozy Autumn Cuddle" Spray___________🎃

I got this new "Limited Edition" Glade Spray. Last time I got the flannel one.
This one is "Cozy Autumn Cuddle". I would like to meet and shake the hand of the person in charge of creating the names for these sprays. Because...Cuddle? Cozy Autumn Cuddle? idk but you do you, boo boo! 
I really love the bright orange color. It really does scream HALLOWEEN!!!
The scent, for those curious, is very spicy. Much like Pumpkin Spice.
The notes of this spray are: Heirloom Pumpkin, Caramel & Spice. 

🎃____________________From The Discount Bin____________________🎃

And the last few items. Some horns, those lapel pins and that plate. 

🎃____________________Harvest "Deer" Antlers____________________🎃

Got these horns specifically for future projects. idk when I'll need to use 'em but you never know.
Ya know? You can't be too sure when you'll need a good pair of deer antlers. idk hahaa

They are actually nicely made. Not too too heavy, which means I can put them on a headband and wear 'em like that. I plan to actually paint them to make them a bit more realistic but a great find! 

We decided to put the antlers inside this Native American vase. 

🎃____________________Halloween Lapel Pins____________________🎃

I loved these little guys so much. Especially the eyeball.

The back of the packaging is adorable. 

I love eyeballs so much. I am gonna wear my eyeball lapel pin on my eyeball scarf.
Eyeball, Eyeball, Eyeball. 
It looks so good with the eyeball scarf. 

The back of the pin itself has a serial number and "Made In China" 
I love the details on the eyeball so so much. 

Alongside the eyeball, I also got a Black Cat. 

I plan to wear him to work tomorrow, with this beautiful printed blouse.
I think they look good together! :)

The back of the black cat.
I want to also say that these pins are very thick, quite a good quality weight
and overall the best of the best--in terms of lapel pins. 

The details on the Black Cat are so beautiful. 

🎃_________________"Carbolic Acid" Candy Dish___________________🎃

I got a good deal on this candy dish because it has a chip on the painted side of it.
No big deal, for someone like me, who owns and loves vintage items that has loads of damage to 'em! ;) hehehee
Chip or no chip, I wanted it all the same.
It was originally $3.84 but I bought it for only $1.50. 

He's quite a big plate, to be completely frank. I can use him to hold my keys, coins or something. idk

It's on the television stand, I use it to hold my keys and stuff. 

🎃____________________The Is All____________________🎃

Pretty good lot of things this round. Can't wait for next time! 

And that is all I have for you this time.
Walmart had a lot of cute things this year--a lot cuter than last year, that's for sure. 
A ton of inflatables and Jack Skeleton items.
I haven't even gotten to take a peek at the clothing sections yet. lol
But I like what I see thus far.

I will, as promised, be posting a YouTube video shortly.
So stay tuned for that!

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