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😸 Thrift HAUL-O-Ween--Joe Spencer Pumpkin Dolls, Animated Figures & MORE! 😸 | Hannabal Marie

Me & my family preparing for the awesome haul I am bringing you guys today. lol
Hello ladies and gents
As I mentioned--I got a lot of stuff to showcase.
This is the second part of that first Halloween Thrift Haul.

I will not repeat myself for the sake of not taking up anymore of your time, 
but everything has been obtained throughout the month of September and a bit into October.

So, I have been waiting (and quite patiently) to showcase everything to you now.

I found some very interesting items today--
Two Joe Spencer Pumpkin Dolls, An animated witch prop and so much more. 

But as if protocol until the end of this month, 
I wanted to showcase some of the interior of my local Thrift Store.

Like I said, they are ever-changing the entrance sign. I love it!! 

this time around, they had these flyers up on the windows.
The Rocky Horror Show. Sounds interesting. 

We went directly to the corner with all the Halloween items, this time around.
Here are some of the little things we saw. 

A lot of baking trays, this time.
Sorry for the glare, it was slightly sunny out this morning.
But from the looks of it, we got a ton of little knick-knacks. 

Some paper decorations and a random skull. 

Some goofy ghosts and a smiling Jack-o-Lantern. 
A melting skeleton man. lol
Of course, we like to take a peek at the doll display.
Sometimes they have clowns and such up.
Not this time, though--just a bunch of cutesy girly dolls. 

Here is a random skeleton hanging up and hanging out.
Anyone remember this mask?
Goodness, I do! I remember wanting to have this soooo bad because you can pump the blood up to your face. 
I like to run to the kiddies section, because sometimes they have stuff that isn't "kiddie"
Like the vintage dolls hanging there and the Halloween decorations abound. 
Some random Halloween decor items in the midst of the mess. lol
After looking and grabbing some items--we went to the boy tshirt department.
Not gonna lie, I like to shop in the boys section. Sometimes you can find awesome shirts there.
Like this awesome shirt--but not for no 6.98. Eek. 
I thought this was cute. But again, not for nearly $3 dollars. Eek. 
I found this very old Batman shirt. 
And this cute little "I love choc" shirt. Awwww.
We went back to the dolls, because I wanted to see them up close.
This statuette really intrigued me.
I think it's a memorial for a baby or something. I wish I would have bought it, I really loved it.
But again--pricey, pricey! 

Look at this fancy little lady!
So beautiful! 
I've never looked into the actual glass display case until now but geez, look at all these little breakable items. lol

This must be where all the expensive stuff stays--because most of everything was double digits. Eek. 
I really want one of these glass displaying cases, so so bad.
I have a lot of little trinkets that could fit inside one of these! GAHHH!
More breakable items and a horsey. 
Another angle, why not? lol

We spent a few hours looking through stuff, flipping through books and digging through clothes.
After we finished, we left and decided to go grab the new Caramel Apple Freezie from Taco Bell.
Oh, and the thrift shop also decorated for Halloween--look at the little flashy cut-outs. 
Gawd, I really wanted this baby carriage.
For the new demon baby I got the other day.
It would look so demented strolling him inside this for Zombie Walk.
Too bad it was way too much.

This is what it said on the opposite side of the entrance sign.
"...If you dare".
Oh I do, I really really do. 
More festive decorations. 
I just wanted to show the entrance way of the thrift store--I love it so so much.
It's like a second home to me. Hahaha
Also, I used to wave at randoms in the big o' windows back when they allowed people to go inside there.
Not anymore. hahaa
The opposite side of the place.
Some light decorating and furniture. lol
If you look very very close, you can see the silhouette of a man.
...Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango?
Oh and chalky drawings. Gotta love 'em! 
I'm pretty impressed. Yep, yep, yep. 

Just me, at the entrance. Home sweet home! 

😸 Now, onto the showcase 😸
We nabbed a bunch of things. I am so so happy to have all of this in my possession. 

The gang is here! together! forever! 

They look so happy with each other. 

Don't they? Awwwww! 

😸 Funny Toys 1988 Animated Motionette Witch Figure 😸
(No Hat)
First item--This animated witch figure from Funny Toys.
Sadly, she didn't come with a hat.
Nevertheless, I don't mind. I have the dog candy-corn witch hat I just bought.
It fits her perfectly. lol

But aside from her hat, she is in perfect condition.

She still lights up her eyes, makes her noise and moves around. 

The skull even moves up and down, glowing it's eyeholes. 

She was only close to $5 dollars. Best purchase yet, in my honest opinion. 

Just look at her outfit and face--still perfect. No chips or damage at all.

All her mechanisms work, too. Which is a plus for a vintage item.
Just no hat, but her head seems to be in good condition regardless. 

This is how she look in the back. See? No problems, at all. 

No tears in the dress or anything. 

And the bottom of her looks just like this, it did come with some old old batteries but I took them out asap.
I will be putting new batteries in her but she shall be stored with none, so they don't leak in her and rust the mechanisms. 

😸 Two Wooden Vintage Halloween Decorations 😸
Next Items--These two wooden Halloween decorations. 

I don't quite know what year or if they are vintage or just a replica but I love them all the same. 

I especially love the ghost's face. lol

😸 Vintage Wooden Witch Decor 😸
Let's start with the witch one--I really love the paint job on her face. 

I really adore witches so much and this one is gonna go great with all of my other witchy ladies. 

She even has little stars on her dress. So cute. 

She looks so happy swinging in her swing.
I assume she probably had a pumpkin or something sitting next to her but she still is in good condition.

😸 Vintage Wooden Ghost Decor 😸
This is the ghost one--he has his pumpkin, so I assume he is in great condition.
Idk but he is a cutie. 

I really love this little guy. Just look how happy he is. 

He has a bat on his white sheet. ;) hehee

Even the Jack-o-Lantern has a cute face. 

😸 K Collection "Babies In A Pumpkin" 😸
After looking online, I found that this vintage piece is from K's Collection at Dollar Tree once upon a time.
Apparently this was a special Halloween themed decor item a long time ago, but out of them all--this one has to be my favorite. For many many reasons but mostly consisting of their angry faces and the fact they look like they are Siamese twins. WHY ARE THEY SO ANGRY? lol Evil little babies.

This is the back of them, just two little babies stuck inside a pumpkin--no big deal. lol 

😸 2008 Hallmark Animated Trembling Toads 😸
Next item--These Hallmark Trembling Toads. 

I love the details they have.
Even the recipe is reeking of Halloween goofiness. 

They still work perfectly, which is soooo amazing.
I love with animated figurines actually still work, especially the older more vintage ones. 

They are sitting right next to our new Pumpkin. 

Here is a video of the frogs in action.

😸 Victorian Christmas Porcelain Doll Head Ornament 😸
This is a vintage christmas decoration from perhaps the 1920s
or 1940s. I am not entirely sure but I would suspect around that era. 

What I do know, however, is that these are old victorian christmas decorations--
but they were also widely known as "Mardi Gras Stick Dolls" & "Witches Sticks"

I am actually going to be doing a whole vintage themed christmas this year,
So, this is going to go perfectly with the rest of my decor. 

The ribbon is still intact, which is such a rare find in a vintage item.

The back of the stick, the head is held using some very old (yet sturdy) wire. 

I love her facial features so much. I couldn't pass her up, for only a buck! 

😸 Glow-In-The-Dark Halloween Ghost "BOO!" Bandana 😸
This was only .95 cents. I am a lover of all things scarf related.
Despite this being a bandana, I can use this as a handkerchief, pocket square (if I fold it enough) and an ascot/cravat. 

I actually just wanted it because it was Halloween themed. Not even going to lie. lol

😸 Joe Spencer "Peter Pumpkin" & "Lulie Leaf" Fall Dolls 😸
(From Christmas Traditions)
And lastly, I found these two beauts. 

Apparently, these are Joe Spencer's Pumpkin Patch Dolls from the Christmas Traditions online store.
I found them online and the girl is named Lulie Leaf and the boy, Peter Pumpkin. 

They are in amazing condition. No tears or rips, at all. 

They even still have all their leafs.
I found this most astonishing, considering I found both of these babies in the children department inside the toy bin. 

The little girl looks like this from the back. 
I'm in love with the leaf feet. I really am! 
This is Lulie Leaf and she is so cute and dainty. 

This is her side profile. 

And this is Peter Pumpkin. He is adorable and quite fashionable.

His side profile, as well. 

I couldn't be more happier with these purchases this time.
I love love love this time of year at the Thrift Store--you always end up finding some amazing goodies. 
I already have them up, waiting for Halloween, next to their froggie friends. 

That is all for now, I really hope you enjoyed your stay. 
I want to say I'll see you soon but I don't know what tomorrow will bring.
I might end up coming back with a huge haul or nothing at all.
Who knows but as far as I am concerned--I am quite happy with this year's Halloween finds. 
😸 xoxo 😸

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