Monday, October 8, 2018

🎨 My Paper Mache Creations 🎨 | Hannabal Marie

My babies! 

Hello ladies and gents
I have been doing some cleaning and rearranging for the Halloween season 
and I stumbled onto a box full of some of my Paper Mache creations 
I have made throughout the years. 

Some are from last year, a few are from years prior.
I took them out to gawk at and felt compelled to take some photos 
and share with the likes of those who give a damn. 

I love all of them so so much! you or do you not...give a damn? lol

I plan to create some new creations this year.
Do some looks using some of these old props/items and, of course, anything new I create as well.

Anywho, allow us this moment to take a gander at my wares...

I made a baked cherry pie for a few looks I had in mind at the time, last year.
I did a few of them but not all of them. I wish to correct that mistake this year or very very soon. 

Some teeth I created, some horns, a tongue and a big o' witchy nose. 

I made so many hats that I never got to actually wear/showcase yet. 

My baby pasties! They look so good in this new camera.
Just look at the snot I put on that right one. 

My monster teeth I used for my Krampus look. I love them so so much.

I made some candle faces in agony.
Poor drippy guys! 

I also made this Brain hat, it was highly inspired by all those vintage flapper ladies.
I had this huge plan to do a zombie flapper girl but never got around to that.
I will surely change that, as well, this year. 

One of the many goblins I created for my "Goblin Market" look.

Some deer horns for all my deer-like needs. 

I also made this pumpkin hat. Never got to wear this, as well. 

I made a lot of things I never got to wear yet. I am always like that, creating too much and not having enough time to actually DO the damned look. lmao

All of this was inside a plastic baggie. Some earrings, a vampire bat head and a few paper mache balls.
Probably for some unfinished project but I can do something with these things, just watch me. lol

My cute vampire bat head.
I think this was gonna go on a headband, for some vintage-themed vampire girl I wanted to do at the time.
Again, I will need to do that concept soon. lol

Some candy corn earrings. Just wanted to make myself some because it was a cool idea.
I should do something with these guys this year. 

Random paper mache balls. I think they were supposed to go to some prop I wanted to make. idk hahaa

The whole gang is together again! Happy Halloween guys! 

Thanks for looking at my creations.
Just wanted to document this before I put them all back. 

Like I said, I will be doing some looks using these guys.
Most of these I have already done something with 
but the quality of the camera at the time was sooooo bad 
that I feel I need to redo most of them again with this new, better camera I got. 

Like, for instance, the baby faced pasties I created--
you can see all my details I put into the creation of them 
that you couldn't see in the old camera I used 
for my Krampus look I did last year. 

I am so pleased with how they look on this new camera, 
I was doubting myself for a while because 
they were supposed to be the focal point in the Krampus look 
but they didn't come out as great as I would have liked them to be--
the camera didn't capture them right. Ya know? 

It made me sooo angry because I put in A LOT of details to the baby faces 
that was only being washed out with the old cam. 
But look at themmmmm. They are beautifulllllll! GAHHH! 

Yep, I'm probably going to redo most of the old looks 
and create new looks, as well.
I can't wait!!! I love Halloween and Fall and all of that so so much!

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