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♥️Le Noir Bazaar October Subscription Box Showcase♥️ | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents, 
bringing you another unboxing from Le Noir Bazaar.  

I have already posted a mystery box from Le Noir Bazaar on my blog HERE
and I also created a YouTube video unboxing it, HERE!

But in this post, I will show you what items I got in this months SUBSCRIPTION BOX. 

This box really captures the essence of Halloween.

Le Noir Bazaar has two types of "Mystery boxes"--
a monthly mystery where every box is specifically themed for the sake of the month in question 
and a random mystery box, where they ship you a box at random. 
I got the October Subscription Box!

I made a video unboxing it, for those video inclined

Their monthly Witchy lifestyle mystery box includes a hand-picked selection 
of at least five spooky, Witchy & Gothic Bohemian jewelry, 
accessories, bath products & more delivered to your doorstep!

All kinds of dark goodies, it fills my heart with glee. 

October is sold out, sadly! 
But you can order now to reserve your November box!

Each box will contain at least 5 items and will have a retail value of $60-$80+
(Mine calculated to be around $107.00 in awesome products!!)

Please note: This is a one-time purchase and does not renew.

So, with the particulars out of the way--here is my showcase:
(I am going to also calculate how much every item retails for, 
to see if the box really retails for more than the amount you are paying for!)

The goodies were all wrapped nicely and securely with bubble wrap and gently placed inside this beautiful purple tissue paper & purple grass. Such a lovely presentation. 

To start everything off, 
let us take a peek at all the paper related items that were enclosed:
This time around we get--Le Noir Bazaar Business Card, Discount Card with Code for Next Purchase At Andromedas Curse & An Item Pricing List Card With "What You Get" Enclosed. 

Lace Mask $12
First item was nicely wrapped in plastic and inserted in the box, on top of the purple tissue paper. 

The mask is so lovely--It reminds me of something a vampire would wear at a masquerade. 

Such elegance, such refinement. I am in love with this beautiful lacey mask.

Handmade Gravestone Hairclip $14
I really wish the names of certain companies or whom created what was enclosed, because I am in LOVE with this homemade hairclip. I really wanted to know who created this lovely thing, so I could take a peek at their other products but no name was present. But alas, I have this beauty to keep forever! 

It's made out of a type of wood. I'm not too certain but it's pretty obvious that wood was involved.
It's big enough to really make a statement--which is always nice for me.

I love the brass clasp and the ruby rhinestones that accent the hairclip. It really brings this gravestone to life! ;)

Black Cat Candle $12
I was so amazed when I found this beautiful poking out from my box.
I thought, from first glance wrapped in bubble wrap, it was going to be a statuette or some form of figure but I couldn't be more happier with the knowledge that this baby is, in fact, a black cat candle. 

It's almost bigger than my own hand! 

I am putting this beautiful candle right into my oddity cabinet, with all my witchy things. 

"Made In Mexico" <3 

My alter is looking marvelous for Samhain, thus far, and it's all thanks to this Black Cat Candle.

I decided to release it from it's plastic prison. lol
It was everything I expected it to be--very beautifully black and detailed to the gods. 

Just look at the detail on the face of this candle. 

I have the beauty sitting in my oddity cabinet right now, but I will definitely be using this as a form of decor on my Samhain Alter this Halloween. More as an object to manifest and offer than to light--I don't want to ruin such beauty. 

Black Bat Choker $14 
This choker is my new favorite jewelry piece.
I have worn it quite a few times since I unboxed this box.
I think I have found a permanent staple of mine with this choker. 

It smells lovely--authentic leather scent~!

You can tell a lot about a leather product by the amount of fuzz it has on the opposite side--this baby is fuzzy and glorious! 

I think it looks great with this getup. Very vampire/gothic in comparison. 

I love how versatile this choker is. It can be elegant or it can be punk rock.
Depends on the mood, which is very important for someone like me who is constantly changing her wardrobe.

I wore this around town for a bit, when I went Halloween Thrift Shopping.
So many compliments, I loved it.

Andromeda's Curse "Samhain Spectre" Perfume $10
I adore Andromeda's Curse, ever since the Death Bathbomb.
So, I was happy to find another product inside my box this time. 

It's a full-sized perfume of "Samhain Spectre" which smells identical to Creme Savers "Strawberries & Creme" candies.

Very fruity, much like candy. Perfect for Halloween.

I would dare say that it embodies Halloween pretty well.
The "Spectre" part was right, it has a sort of "airy" feel to it, as well. 

It's a scent I don't normally gravitate towards--I'm much more into exotic spicy/dark scents but I really love this one.
It allows my mind to travel, which is always great for me. Especially when I use scents for aromatherapy and book reading.
I like to dab a scent on while I read a book, something that will capture the book I am reading and help to force me to get "into" a book much faster--this smells just like a few novels I own, so I am going to try to read them using this perfume and see what I can experience. 

Black Onyx Beaded Bat Bracelet $30 
& Bat Earrings On Stainless Steel French Wires $14
Next items--a beautiful set~! 

The bracelet is heavy, which is a plus for beaded bracelets for me. 

I love these little charms. Dainty and very delicate.
Yet they give just the right amount of style that helps tie a look together. 

I like to layer my bracelets, so this will do nicely. 

When I seen this set--I instantly thought of Anne Rice. 

I love how simple yet exquisite this set is.
It's something that can be worn alone or with multiple things. 

And since the bracelet is set in black beads, it means it can go with just about everything I own.
Simple everyday wear or the more extravagant attire--it can be worn with it all.

Another fun fact--I love how cold beads feel against my skin.
The bracelet does just that, which is always a plus for me.

Everything came to around $107 in pricing, if bought separately. 
Which, in my honest opinion, is quite the steal.
You pay roughly around $30 dollars for a box only to be gifted such lovely quality products well over the price you paid.

I have paid for a lot of subscription boxes that were way more expensive and in my humble opinion, not worth the hype they'd give off.
This box is the real deal, when it comes to quality alternative/gothic items for all your darkly inclined dreams.

It fills my black heart with bliss to know that there is a reasonable box out here for us oddballs that love the darker side of life. It matches us to a perfect and complete "T."

I am amazed, yet again, with the products from Le Noir Bazaar. 

That is all that was inside my October Le Noir Bazaar Subscription Box.

♥️ If you are interested in making a purchase for yourself, 
you can find Le Noir Bazaar at the following links:

 ♥️Please note: Anyone who subscribes and sends them a message mentioning my name (Hannabal Marie) will get a FREE bonus gift with your first box. 
Subscriptions are $36.99/month 
(save with a 3 month subscription). 
-Le Noir Bazaar Box

♥️You can also find them at the following:

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