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🍬99 Cents Store + Walmart HAUL-O-Ween--Holographic Skulls, Party Supplies & Pantaloons🍬 | Hannabal Marie

Walmart was also doing Vintage Halloween Decorations with their Pumpkin faces. 
 Hello ladies and gents
I know, I said I was going to stop going to the 99 cent store, but I couldn't help myself.
As soon as I thought they sold out, they have restocked on some of the best selling items.
So, I purchased a few more things to add to my household trinkets. 
But before we went shopping, I had to renew my ID....
so, I spent a good portion of my morning doing what you do best at the DMV--WAITING!!

Me waiting in line at the DMV, to get my ID renewed. Eek. 

But after the wait, which felt like forever, we decided to hit some store and get some stuff.
Of course, what better way to revive yourself than to look at Halloween items, amirite? lol

All of this stuff, despite Halloween being the sold purpose in my purchasing, is still going to be up as my bedroom decor after the Holiday. I can actually use most of everything for future projects and things of that nature, which is always a plus. 

I also went to Walmart, just to see if they had any Halloween themed sweatpants like they did last year but to no avail.
We did, however, get some other comfy pajama bottoms, but they were Halloween themed. Sadly. 

Anywho, I did a quick walkthrough of some items in Walmart and the 99 cent store, just because.
This is the end, until next year--so cherish every picture as if it's your last because,
quite frankly, it kinda is. :'(  

Walmart had this little fella welcoming you inside the building.
Where's my smiley face sticker, mister? lol

Pumpkins, anyone?
Oh, and another person oogling at me. lmfao

Some spooky decorations. 

I really want a few of those pumpkin guys, I do. I do. 

They also had a ton of Halloween baggies and stationary. 

Some discounted items--like this Pumpkin Bag.
I wish I had a lotta money, I would buy everything out of house and home. hahaa

Black Cat sippy cup. Awwww.

I really liked this Pumpkin hairband. 

Some Halloween Makeup in the Makeup section. 

More makeup. OOoooh, I am loving the Catwoman, Posion Ivy and Harley Quinn! 

Even the plastic bins were Halloween themed. lol

The section I live at--the hair dye section. hahaa

Another home away from home--the makeup section. hahaa

Me waltzing around the makeup area. 

Still waltzing around, idk. 

Sad to say--they already got the Christmas stuff up and ready.
Just forget Thanksgiving, amirite? sheesh. 

More makeups. 

I spotted this Glow-In-Black Light nail polish display and picked myself up a black polish.

Chip aisle. 

Here are a bunch of onesies. 

Me and my brother both liked the Monkey onesie. 

We also took a peek into the Halloween clothing section--they had a ton to choose from.
Like these awesome shirts. 

Also a ton of Halloween themed gloves! 

I fell in love with this little lady. 

This is one dandy little chap! 


I really really realllyyyyy wanted the AHH! Real Monsters Pj bottoms but they were way too much.
I thought they were gonna be $5 dollars but nope, I was way way off. :'( 

More Halloween themed things. 

More cute PJ bottoms. I am living for the Batman ones. 

More Halloween pantaloons. 


Gawd, I wanted these soooooo bad. :'(


Damn you, Walmart and your Mall-like prices. :'(


I loved the cat print on this fabric.

More cute kitties. 

Some little kid stuff. 

More onesies. 

Halloween Wiener-dogs. lol

These were new. I have never seen them here before.
Glasses with hanging accessories on them. I am loving them so so much.
But yeah, this love can only be at a limit because they were pretty darn pricey. 

The cat glasses are adorable, though.

I walked by very fast and took this. I thought I could get away with a nice shot but I was wrong.
Oops. lol

I seen this baby last minute and I cried so hard. I want the vintage sweaters!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially the black cat one! 

My face when I seen most of the prices on cute things. Eeeeek.

It was a beautiful day for shopping! 

99 Cent Store Mini Walkthrough:
(Probably the last until next year!)

We also decided to take one last trip to the 99 cent store.
This is, ladies and gents, the end of the 99 cent store Halloween decor for this year. 

Oh and I took this snap of some random girl looking in my direction. lol

But yeah, they had a tiny little setup in the front for some candy and balloons.

More decorations have been hung up in the aisles. Niiiice. 

These next few images are just the stuff I didn't see
but wanted to include to end this 99 cent store obsessed posting I have been doing. lol 

They also had Jack Skeleton stuff, too.

And these cute little ghost lanterns. 

This guy was tossing up gang signs.
Calm down there buddy. I rep nothing, please let me pass! >.>

More party cups and hologram skull heads. 

More bloody limbs and tableclothes. 

They put out some very cute stuff--like the mock vintage portraits and wall stickers.

More cute plastic signs. 

Garlands, Garlands, Garlands.
Can someone say...Garlands? lol

OOOOh this is new--the glow-in-the-dark ghost twirlers. 

They had a bunch of stuff--paper lanterns, twirlers and wind socks. 

More signs--like the cute vampire one.

They put out a bunch more vintage cat kitchen stuff. 

The skulls were adorable. 

Candy, candy, candy. 

More candy. 

Bloody bites. 

I really love how the 99 cent store has a ton of very nice candy for very very cheap.

More candy. 

Cute candy that I would most definitely obsess over and store for years and never ever eat. lol

This wasn't Halloween but these were cute. I like the fluffy white one the best. 

Oh and I found this. Made me chuckle. idk why but it did. lol
Now, some face shots because my makeup was nice and I felt compelled to share it with you. lol
Looking nice, feeling good. 

Oh and Frida was feeling a certain way, too. lol

Now, Onto The Haul:
Mostly random stuff for the sake of obtaining it before they sold out again. 

I'm pretty excited about this last trip. We got a little bit of a lotta things. lol

Starting with this whole set--they had a ton to choose from but these were the cutest, imo. 

We put them inside a basket to keep safe, along with our skeleton-hand salad tossers. lol

Before they sold out again, we grabbed ourselves one of these cute hologram/iridescent skulls.
We couldn't get one the first few trips because they sold out pretty fast.  

I can understand why, though. It was made out of a heavy ceramic.
Very very beautiful. 

Just look at the color change, it's so gore-gous. 

Look how big it is to my hand. I love pieces like this, because being a lover of all things dark--
I can do all kinds of stuff with it.
It can be displayed on my mantel or used as a prop for future looks. Lovely. 

I look damn good with it, wouldn't you agree? lol

I put it next to the demon baby doll. They are best friends. :) 

Next Item--The Vintage Cat Glove.
We already bought one, so we decided to get another one. You need two, we got two hands. Makes sense. 

It's pretty good quality. We bought something similar last year and we still use it.
So, I am sure this guy will last a long time.

hahaa Just me messing around with the glove. 

Our kitchen is looking pretty spooky. lol

But yeah, we bought two--so here are both of them. Alongside the kitchen towel we got in the first trip. 

No house can be spooky without the traditional fake spider web.
So, we grabbed ourselves a bag. It's a MUST! 

I also got a few more items--just because. 

I needed a black pencil liner, so I got one.

I wanted to do a look for my mom. I was trying to find a gold stick creme makeup but they only had gold lipstick.
Still pretty nice and it's from a company I personally love. 

We also needed some mascara, so I got some mascara. lol

Oh and these looked good, so I got some to munch on. lol

You get a lot of lipstick for a buck. It's a very beautiful gold tone, too. 

This is a HUGE bottle. Something you'd probably pay 8 dollars for at Walmart. Only a buck! 

And this awesome pencil liner. Like I said, I love love love Smoke n Mirrors. 

And pumpkin seeds are always good. Good for you, too. 

Makeup! Makeup! Makeup! 

 Now, Onto The Walmart Haul:
Since we also went to Walmart--we got some stuff, too. 

We had a sample of the Lantern Glow from 1850 and LOVED it--so we wanted to try out the full guy.
They didn't have Lantern Glow but they did have Pioneer Blend. Not as great but still pretty good.
It's a nutty blend with a strong taste. Lantern Glow is a light roast but it goes down so smooth.  
I also decided to get the whole family some light necklaces.
We are gonna be out and about for Halloween, maybe--so if we do happen to go out, you gotta be protected.
Also, they were cute and on sale. lol

They are adorable. 

I had to get one of each--now the issue is giving who which one! GAHHH! lol

The eyeball belongs to my brother but he told me I can use it for looks because I love love eyeballs. lol

I got both of my parents the skeleton heads. Matching necklaces! Awwww! 

And I got the black cat because I loves the black cat.
Reminds me of Salem from Sabrina, The Teenage Witch! 

I also got some makeups. 

I couldn't pass out these good deals, I really couldn't.

I have been looking for a good black and THIS ONE GLOWS UNDER BLACK LIGHT. Awesome!
It's not a strong black color, mind you--it comes off as more of a black creme, due to the hue it has to have in order to glow.
But it's still beautiful. 

And It's kinda always a tradition to purchase one of these liners every year--I still have mine from last year. lol
I love the black pigmentation. It's black black and stays on all day.
It was only .99 cents last year but now it's close to $2 dollars. I think they are catching on with how great their product is. >.> Noooooooo. hahaaa

And, like the eyeliner, it's kinda a tradition to always buy some sweatpants.
We were hoping to find some Halloween themed PJ bottoms but they didn't have any like they did last year.
They did have some cute ones, as I showed you in the beginning during the walkthrough, but they were expensive.
The ones we got last year were from this specific set but they don't make them anymore or anything associated with Halloween. :'( But we settled on these instead. 

I got my brother these NASA pants. He is in love with the symbol and has always wanted it on a t-shirt.
But I am hoping he'll love the pants just as well
I like the words down the pant leg; "I need space" lol

The print is actually nicely done. I like it.

The letters were like bubble letters. Raised and soft to the touch. Very nice.

And I got myself these ones. Of course, I would. I love love love Nick.
Also, it has AHH Real Monsters on them. So, if I couldn't get the fuzzy pants from the walkthrough--I can settle with these.
Just as great and maybe a bit more comfy. 

I love love love the print design. So so much.

They fit nicely. Thin enough to not be too hot and roomy enough to breathe. I love 'em!
Please excuse the mess, we are taking out the Halloween stuff and putting boxes back up. lol

And Lastly--we got a cute basic looking Skeleton.
He was in the discount bin at Walmart. So, he belongs to us now! 

He has orange glitter eyes. So cute! 

You can pose him any way you'd want, as well.
Which is very nice. I am gonna make him pose in so many ways every single day. lol

He is pretty big, for the amount we paid for him. I was shocked.
Almost as big as the closet door. Nice! 

That is all, my friends. 
I couldn't be happier to end the 99 cent store hauls on this note. 
A light note--that is. This year has been amazing, with the ability I had to be able to purchase the stuff I did. The extra spending money I saved up months prior was all worth it. hahaa 
I only save for this Halloween season, because I only want Halloween items anyways. lmfao 
I am so so proud to own these things. I can't wait to see what next year brings our way but right now--it's time to DECORATE! 
Happy Halloween 2018! 

Thanks for reading!

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