Friday, October 26, 2018

👿"Vampyr, The Blood Drinker" Vampire Inspired Aquarium Nails👿 | Hannabal Marie

The nails I created for a makeup look I plan to do soon.

Hello ladies and gents
Since Halloween is fast approaching, 
I thought it was necessary to get into the spirits by doing my nails. 

The designing of the Aquarium Nail was very different from anything I've ever tried before. 

I have been seeing the Aquarium nail going around a lot lately 
and I wanted to try it out for myself.
But unlike the typical Aquarium nail, I wanted to do something a little more my speed. 

Just a little gif of the liquid flooding the nail.

So, I decided to create a sort of "blood" effect
by adding some red colored water inside baby oil.

They turned out beautifully.
I am actually really happy and amazed with how these look.
Being my first attempt at the Aquarium nail, I am very pleased with it. 

I am so in love with these nails. I want to try to do more Aquarium nails in the future. 

There are a few things I wish I could change--
like using too much acrylic, sanding down the sides a bit more,
smoothing out the rough edges and such.
but pretty good, for my first time, if I do say so myself. 

As someone who loved the Lava Lamp as a kid, these really made me happy to wear.

As you can plainly see, I only made the "Aquarium" on the middle finger.
It is quite heavy, considering the liquid inside the nail.
So, I kept it in the middle, to keep things balanced. 

I busted out my Vampire Halloween Costume and a few accessories, I couldn't help myself.
I thought since the blood effect was cool, I would do a sort of "vampire" themed set with it. 
So, I kept the other nails pointy and beautifully faded out to black.
Much like claws, if you think about it. 

Undead. Undead. Undead.
I have awoken! I really love the nails so so much.

I also created a mini video to show the liquid in action! 
The clips used was before I did any finishing touches.
Hence the "square" tip on the Aqua nail and rough outline on all the nails.
I didn't like them like that, so after I filmed--I went back in and fixed them.

These were different from any acrylic-type nails I have done before. 
A bit more tricky and a lot more to do in hopes that the liquid doesn't leak.
But all in all, I am in LOVE with the end results.

I created these nails specially for a makeup look I plan to do soon.
So, stay tuned. 

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