Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cat Scratch Fever by Hannabal Marie!

Hello ladies and gents
This isn't much of a makeup look....but I wanted to showcase my new bundle of things I got over the past few days. 
I got a new hat, a few new makeups and a new shirt. I just couldn't keep it to myself, so I created a look based on everything and BAM. We got...CAT...SCRATCH...FEVAH!

//Top-Hat-Makeup: Kmart//

to those who either wish to know or are just curious as to the colors and specifics of the it is:
>Metalliac Silver Eyeliner by Wet N Wild
>Elf professionals Skin Tinted Moisterizer
>Elf Palette with Yellow/Brown/Cream Colors

>Leopard Contacts from DemonSFX

That is all...that jazz!


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