Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Dark Brotherhood Inspired Look by Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
I, as those of you have noticed, am obsessed with Skyrim and anything regarding that game. (well, let's just say I love Elder Scrolls as a whole lot!) So look out for future stuff involving loads more Elder Scroll inspired things and what have you.
So to start off my ES Collections, let us feast out eyes on one guild I am always so eager to be apart of when I first start the damned game!


I created a sort of "inspired" look for the DB as a whole. Everything and anything that reminded me of that guild, I attempted to add into the look. 

Noticed the main things I had in mind: Black hand, red/black color scheme, Dark atmosphere, and I had to add a sort of "face mask" thing. 

 "Sweet Mother, Sweet Mother send your child unto me...for the sins of the unworthy shall be baptized in blood and fear!"

"Sanguine, My brother!"

This was loads of fun
Like I said, look out for future DB inspired/recreations and character transformations. 

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