Friday, June 20, 2014

My Grandpa Johnny!

I don't know much about my Grandpa Johnny...
but every time I hear "Gun Street Girl" by Tom Waits, I always think of him!
(Johnny is on the left, his friend "Frank" is on the right. From my mom and a few other people, Johnny saw his friend Frank get blown up during the war. )


"John John, he's long gone...he's gone to Indiana...he ain't never coming home!"

Well a few days back my mom was rummaging around his own iron box of things he left her, along with some doodles and candy wrappers and notes, she found a diary he had during the war.
He was a Medic turned Sergeant, so I assume he had things to write about.

I took some pictures of the diary for you all to see. 
I can hardly read the handwriting but I am so fascinated by this little black have NO idea. 

The little black book!

the whole book was mostly writings, like he didn't want to forget a few tips and such. but all the doodles that I could find in the book are posted here. He also had lots of ladies names written down, one that kept reoccurring was a woman named "rose".

I really loved the man on this picture. I might recreate him soon and make a tribute drawing of him.
Anywho that is all...that jazz!
He also has lots of other things like metals, pins, ect ect..I will have to gather all the bits but I will return with another post soon in regards to my amazing Grandpa John! 

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