Friday, June 20, 2014

Cicero, The Fool Of Hearts by Hannabal Marie!


Hello, Hello...Please come in, sweet reader, Come right in.
It's so nice of you to drop by and pop a peek at my post. It's been so silent without a friendly face around, the silence was almost....maddening. *laughs* but that was then, this is now...mother told me not to worry, she did, and she was right. Not that she ever talks to poor can't talk..she's quite dead! *laughs* It's just that I could sense her presence around me, letting sweet me know that everything will be fine. Cicero always worries himself to death, you see, it's quite a problem with strangers. I tend to assert myself a bit too much and it makes dealing with people so hhhard. At one moment I'm giving someone a friendly hug and then POP...there goes their head...I think I need to work on loosening up the grip a bit. Maaaaybe.

Anyways, allow Cicero to tell you what exactly is going on here. I'm looking for a line, sorry. SORRY...I am here to discuss ME!
Yes, of course, me. Who else would this be but me? Interesting that you ask, really. I could talk about me all day if I had too, but the fool of hearts is busy as it is...Thank. You. Very. Much.
As I was saying: I was alone, tending mother as usual, when an idea came to mind. Why haven't I posted my picture? After all I'm a stickler for photographs....get it? STICK HER....AHAHAHHAAAAHAHHAAAA.....Ah, I just slay me.....

Why does poor Cicero need to post his photos? Well...Why shouldn't I? It just doesn't seem fair to keep in the shadows when that dreadful SHEEP DOG owned two twitter accounts and the undead child, a facebook page. The least of the burden could be a few, harmless photographs of sweeeeet ciiiiicero!
So I will stop talking and let you gawk, at the FOOL OF HEARTS!

(HAHA! Anywho, I attempted this look before and like I mentioned...I didn't like it. Not one bit because I didn't feel I captured him as the sadistic arsehole he is....but I am happy to say I am pleased now! Yes...This is in FACT a character Transformation!)

the products I used was:
>ELF eyeshadows in Brown/Black/White/Yellow/Red/Grey
>Liquid Black Eyeliner from Wet N Wild
>Red Lipstick by Jordana
>black and brown pencil liners
>Clown White for highlights (just a tad)

Hazel contacts
Hat (by me)
Black Gloves (by me)
Copper Wig

 "Maddness is merry, Merriments might...when the jester comes calling with his knife in the night!"

 "Need to oil Mother soon. Get all the hard-to-reach places."
"...when I next meet that fair maid Nelly, I'll plunge my knife into her belly..."

"Is there singing in the Void? Dancing? Surely the Dread Lord will at least allow poor Cicero to caper..."

That is all...That jazz!

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  1. oh i LOVE this! I never expected this, you've done amazingly. Thankyou!
    ~ satisfied Cicero fangirl ^_^