Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Geeky Haul // Hannabal Marie

today I bring you a ton of geeky toys and trinkets I found while window-shopping online.
I got me some good items, folks.
Stuff I have wanted for a very long time....
So, here. we. go~ 

 You have no idea how badly I wanted this Clown action figure from the comic Spawn!
I have been in LOVE with The Violator ever since I first seen the movie on the big screen in theaters with my older brother in the 90s!
John Leguizamo is such an amazing actor and this has got to be, by far, one of his best roles! At least to me! 

I found him for relatively cheap on eBay--the reason being because he didn't come with the box.
But he came with everything else!
Some collectors would frown on that but I personally want him for ME...not for most reasons behind box collecting--creating a "mint look" for future sales plans. I don't intend to sell him anytime soon, I just really wanted him and now I gots him!
The Violator in his truest form!
Gawd, he is sooooo cute! :'3
This next bunch of toys, I doubt anyone actually knows.
The actual "purchase" was Pandora.
I included the rest merely for the sake of showcasing.
I already had Death Jr & The Seep.
Had them for YEARS! I bought them at a dollar store when I was a teen in High School but didn't get to purchase the girl only because I didn't have the right amount of moneys for her. When I did find the money, she was gone. The whole section of these toys left and I never got my hands on her--until now.
I found her online and for a damn steal!
Now I have her and now I have completed the first series of this set!
I'm so happy!
I'm so excited to show these to ya'll.
I actually initially purchased Voodoo & Void but due to a mixup and all sorts of hassles--the seller sent me the set of Zeelot.
I brought this to his attention and he felt so bad, so he let me keep the Zeelots and sent me my first purchase as well.
He mentioned that due to this issue, he'd let me have the full set of 4 for the price of two.
I am sooooo happy, because I wanted them all and now I got them.
I still got to collect the remaining figures but right now I got all the ladies of Wildcats and I'm quite happy.
Voodoo is my personal favorite, while Void is my brothers.
I wanted to get them both for us but ended up getting all four lovely ladies.
It was like Christmas Morning! :'3

I am so thrilled to own these, I didn't expect to receive them but I'm thankful I get to include them in this listing!
 And to end this post, I also got some posters.
Now, this isn't comic related or anything
It's just because I am a damn nerd for this show and I love it and wanted to include it.
I got some Seinfeld Posters for my bedroom because I wanted them! lol

Kramer & The Timeless Art Of Seduction with a sexy George on it. lol
 And that, now, is the end of this post.
Thanks for reading and all that jazz!

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