Wednesday, June 21, 2017

An Oddity Haul: Spooky Photos, Naughty Coins & Dead Things // Hannabal Marie

Hello one and all,
I am posting another "Haul" related post for your viewing pleasures. 
I know I've been posting quite a few of these but I have hit the mother of all jack pots in these last couple of days when it comes to stuff I actually collect and wish to showcase.

Aside from many things I collect--like Clowns, Mannequin parts, Lisa Frank memorabilia, Witchy items and the like.
I also collect oddities of every way, shape and form. 

Some of my oddities in my room. Most found at thrift shops or picked up from the street. I also collect things people give me that they expect me to throw away, like letters or gum-wrappers. lol

Now, when it comes to defining what an "oddity" is--it really depends on the person and what they think is "odd".
It's usually trinkets and abnormal finds that differ from the common consumption.
Like broken items, items with malfunctions, items with multiple parts that weren't necessarily intended for the use. So on and so forth.

It really changes between people because what someone might claim is an oddity might be normal to someone else and visa versa.

To end this little rant (I tend to rant a lot about useless things--I'm sorry! lol)
I collect oddities, what I consider oddities and strange things.
Usually at thrift shops, dumpsters, tossed on the side of railroad tracks or found under some bridge out in some isolated village where fish people live and roam...errr...wait....what was I saying? lol
Anywho, here is my showcasing of stuff I have included in my collection!
I found this little naughty token in a cup that I also purchased in this post listing. lol
What really made me want it was the ungodly humor behind the coin.
Literally flip a coin to get "heads" or "tails"...sexual innuendoes, anyone?
I seen this little artsy plaque and fell in love.
A "Adam & Eve" concept, religious--something I am actually really drawn to despite my harlot ways-of-life. lol
I love love love brooches, I wear them all the time.
This was a purchase well deserved of it. I love the little gems and how heavy it actually is.
This photo was something that really got my attention! The "rag doll" mention is so me! Also, the back paints a beautiful picture of a lady rocking in a chair, sipping coffee and stitching this together! Also--the framework is made from old, broken pieces of a barn her father torn down.
I've been wanting one of these cups for a long time. I found one at my local thrift shop and grabbed it for a steal! I plan to collect more in my future, just gotta find 'em again! lol

I don't know but this little guy really interested me. He sits on a hunk of Driftwood. Just loved him!
Now, I didn't mention this but I like to collect creepy VTG photos. Be them real or altered, I love them. I fetched these from a huge bin of photos at my local thrift shop and I couldn't be more pleased.
First, of the photos, I got these two for the same price. A buck, nearly and I got them both! Kitties with weird deformed faces!
A better look at the kitties!

This thing was kinda creepy and I loved it. It's a leather postcard with the words "When Shall We Three Meet Again" and under that it clearly says "Doomsday" from a person named "Jacob". Okay, Jacob...I got youuu~
This thing creeped me the hell out but I had to have it. Might be something with photo alteration but it reminded me of a creepy alien creature. Scared me and still scares me. I love it!
I know many people will hate me but I also collect Taxidermy. I don't kill the animals, of course and I'd never ask for an animal to die just for the sake of my collecting them but I do love VTG taxidermy and preservation. I love my animals, in life AND in death!
But I digress, I found this little guy on a shelf. He was calling my name!
He's a VTG taxidermy frog with an accordion. He is sooooo cute! I loves him!
I loved this box as soon as I touched it. It also came with the little card inside of it. I put some dried roses I had handy inside of the box already (as the picture shows!) and it will be for my witchy rose needs.
This was a spur of the moment purchase. For 25 cents I grabbed this little birdcage ornament for my Christmas tree this year! lol It's so cute and so old and sooooo heavy!
I also found this set of 3 photos, tied together so I only paid one solid price for them all. Kinda haunting and I love them!
I bought this for my mommy, for her Birthday July 9th. She is going to love it because she is obsessed with Israel. It's a VTG coffee coaster and it has resin with real flowers from Israel inside.
 And that is all my purchases this time.
I hope you liked my wares--I know I do.
Thanks for reading and viewing. 

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