Tuesday, June 20, 2017

(ミⓛᆽⓛミ)✧ Postcards From A Cat // Hannabal Marie

Every once in a while--I will stumble on something absolutely amazing on eBay.
There will be moments of pure weakness on my end that will gratify my decisions in making that money-exchange.
I have here something of which I found while window-shopping on eBay and let me tell you...
It is the absolute best thing I have ever seen, thus far.

Photo via 'The Postcard From A Cat' eBay listing.
All rights reserved to the owner.
I do not own this image, just wanted to include it.
The kitty is a cutie!

You read that right--an actual postcard delivered from the paws of purrfection.

It wasn't too expensive, rather a few coins if anything but the money wasn't the reason I wanted to own this.
It was because the lister claimed she was going to allow her felines to choose the postcard from a stack spread out on a table to send to me and have it addressed and written by her cats.
The seller also said that these postcards were old, vintage postcards they have collected throughout their life--from various places they have went and seen.
Some wear and tear will be expected. (which is perfection to me)

Well, I was told she sent two--why she sent two? I have no idea but I am forever thankful because the personality these kitties have are life to me.

So, no more delay...let us get into the showcasing of these items:

Kitty Picks~
Just stop and think for a second.
The seller placed all these different cards on a table and the kitty picked these out of the bunch, for me.
I know, I know...it's so silly but I love it.
I don't care, I love that a kitty pawed at these cards to send me, okay?
Yep, the kitty wrote all this.
Can you believe it?
It's so adorable! hehee
Can we just appericate the dedication and cuteness this kitty-parent shows in their pets.
I really really love this idea, I love it so much that I had to restrain myself from buying her own of house and home. lol
 That is pretty much it, just postcards.
But not just ANY postcards...
A postcard from a cat~ 

The listing is sadly down, so if you wanted to get your paws on them--I'm so sorry.
I'm just so glad I got my hands on this when I did because my life has changed for the better with these in my household. 
I kid you not, just the happiness and giddiness of owning these really brightened up my life. hehee  
I will definitely be framing my postcards alongside a small photo of the kitty who sent them.

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