Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Book Review: "Misfit Faith" (Confessions Of A Drunk Ex-Pastor) // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents,
Another book review for those inclined.
I don't normally like to talk or address religious materials--mostly for personal reasons and to stay away from verbal fights that will surely break open if I voiced an opinion but I couldn't possibly read this book and not review it.

This is a terrific book, hands down!
Ideally for the person who is balancing between faiths and not really knowing where or why they don't fit in with a world so dedicated and rather--concrete.

"Misfit Faith" is a fairly quick read--full of dark humor and quick wit. 
Grasping at the most common questions of man to a God that just seems to be "away on business". 
Is God real, really? What does it all mean? Is God all loving or all hating?
These questions and more can and will be found in this book, mostly as commentary but still rather thought-provoking.

Jason answers in a way that was self-taught to him through humiliation of belief systems he thought were the "right way" at one point in his life. 
In and out of religions, a vagabond to his own beliefs. 
He struggles to find a place to fit in a world so determined (and quick!) to cast a judgemental finger in his "rebellious" direction.

The biggest message I see in this book, which is one that everyone should be living, is that heaven should be on earth. 
It shouldn't be an awaited journey to the skies--on the backs of angels--while in the meantime, we cast judgements on those different than us. 
No, Jason is trying to make a solid point in this book that despite all beliefs or none at all--the biggest and most beautiful concept should be to love and accept and respect one another NOW before it's too late. 

It's that heaven is earth, love coexists with suffering, being divine is also being human.
It's that we should want not only a place in "heaven" but a place on earth--to want it ALL now and  later
The spirit, flesh, blood, bone, head, heart and points of the cross. 
We are everything and nothing, all at the same time.

"Misfit Faith" is a book about a man's story, a little rough and a little torn at the edges.
It's experience turned wisdom, an unwavering love of whatever god despite the odds.
It's giving up only to keep holding on. 
It's still loving a god that, at times, feels like he doesn't love you back.

When reading this book, I couldn't help but compare the man to Tom Waits.
His humor is justly so--soaked in bourbon but still hoping for a miracle or at the very least, a generous tip...that he is loved and cared for by God. 

All in all, a definite fun read.
You must be a little open minded to his ideas and concepts--but I have no issue with seeing other people's points of view, personally.
Just keep that in mind if you plan to take a gander at this book--It's raw, it's real and it's the confessions of a drunk ex-pastor! 

If you'd like to check out this book, follow the link HERE

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