Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dollar Tree Haul (LISA FRANK & HAIR DYE!) // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
I will confess something--I LOVE the dollar tree, 99 cent store and the like!
I like to go there sometimes just for the sake of seeing what new, crazy and downright crazy items I can find.
This time I found something so amazing! 

I found some Lisa Frank related items!
I have and always will be obsessed with that glittery and pink-puked unicorn infested glamour that is Lisa Frank! I don't care if I am 80 years old, I will always love LF!
I collect anything and everything that is Lisa Frank, have always collected since I was little.
The sad issue with that is that I lost a good portion of my stuffs from my childhood, I have a few from my past but most of my stuff got stolen from me.
I guess it's a goal to obtain it all back again as an adult with my adult money and mindless purchasing! lol

I nabbed a few good stuff.
Most of which I plan to do something with, either with my photos or arts or whatever.
Just really loved seeing LF back in the stores!
This is a glitter art project, which seems really fun.
You basically pull back stickers and pour glitter on the open stickiness.
I plan to do this and frame it up.
I really love LF, I'm sorry. lol
All the contents, it seems like it all came with everything included.
The next thing I grabbed was this LF puzzle.
I actually plan to glue the pieces together and frame this as well.
It's so cute and really awesome!
Then I found these cute little hair clips and hair tie combos.
I also grabbed the Strawberry Shortcake, because well...why not? lol
I plan to do a makeup look using these--so stay tuned.
I also bought this hair dye.
It might work, it might not.
Who knows?! lol
But if it does, I'll be excited beyond belief.
If not, well...it was only a dollar? lol
 That is pretty much it.
Not a lot, but still worth mentioning.
Mostly because I wanted to show that I found some Lisa Frank at my local Dollar Tree.
I'm so excitedddd!

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