Wednesday, June 21, 2017

☞ HUGE Collective Clown Haul // Hannabal Marie

Clowns are one thing I collect like it's going out of style.
I have a lot of different goals in life, some small and some relatively huge.
But the biggest goal for me in life is obtaining every clown known to man--so that when I die, I can be placed alongside all my various clowns and we can be buried together. 

Can you imagine opening up my coffin one day to find me on top of all those colorful clowns? 
It would be quite the sight, I'll admit. lol
The following haul I will be showing you has been obtained from June 1st to now.
Just checking back and forth at various different thrifting shops to take a peek at their wares.
So, one day I'll find a single item--the next, two.
So on and so forth until I have too much to post, like right now. hahaaa

I'm sorry, I suck at updating pages and profiles--so, you'll have to take it with a smile. lol

That's what I love about thrifting--you'll never know what you'll find the next day.
Who knows, tomorrow I might be posting ANOTHER huge clown-related haul because my biggest weakness is walking away from a clown item when I have the money and means to make the purchase. lol 
Anywho, enough with my rants and rambles--I'll keep you reading until your eyes get sore, so let us get into the showcasing.
I am going to be sectioning out this haul in categories.
I have Music Boxes, Dolls and "Other". 
First, we will start with the Music Boxes:

Just four little Music Boxes...and/or musical related items.

I found this Pierrot de Pierre ( Koji Murai ) 1977 Circus Music Box, still in great working condition.
The wind-up works and the dancing clown...dances.
The only thing wrong was that it was missing a part--the little pull drawer.
This cute little VTG rotating clown is holding an accordion.
It spins to a cute little tune.
This was one amazing find--the little wind-up music box rotates her head and torso a bit to "send in the clowns".
So haunting and quite strange--I love it!

I found this bust in the back behind a bunch of baskets.
Maybe someone was hiding it but I seen her and had to have her.
Sorry person, but I couldn't resist.
I have included a mini video clip of the music boxes in action--for those who are curious!

Next, we go to Porcelain Dolls

 I actually got quite a few different dolls, some damaged to extremes and others still in great shape.
When it comes to collecting clowns--I am not picky nor will I turn down a clown merely out of something as silly as "damage".
I actually like it, to be completely frank.
I like the history it shows when an item is ruined, not going to lie.

This little lady is made out of a very fine porcelain.
Amazing quality and no chips, cuts or damage at all.

And what a coinky-dink to find this little fella alongside the little lady on top.
The issue with him is that he gots no pants. lol
I found this little lady with her head in her lap.
The clerk told me that I could have her for half the initial price because of that--so it's a big win-win!
I also found this porcelain doll with his stand.
He is a Hobo looking clown, without the clownish makeup or nose.
Something entirely different in my possession considering most of my clownish items are so obviously "clown-like" in appearance.
It's nice to have a character that changes it up a bit--like him.
He still has some "clownish" stuff about him--like the checkered pattern shirt and the big o' yellow buttons.
 ☞ Next, It's time for figurines & the sort:
This is a 1980s Fontanini Clown with tags still attached.
He stands on a piece of Genuine Carrara Marble and he's made in Italy.
This is a paper-mache clown I seen on the tippity-top of a shelf.
handmade, it looks to be.
I loves him!
I found this little guy as well.
Not to entirely sure who the creator of this guy is--but he looked too cute to pass up!
This is one of my personal favorites--It's a VTG Seashell Clown!
He has a plastic head and a shell torso.
This guy was a strange find--I'll admit.
Looks to be something from Marti Gras? I am not entirely certain.
I know that these clowns reside in France, so that is all I pretty much know about this guy.
He has a little bottle and he's fairly old.
This is a cutie--A little clown rock buddy.
Don't know the date of his creation but I love him!
I also found some Stuffed Animals:
I love love love stuffed animals but I didn't really intend to find any because I don't really have room to place them BUT I couldn't pass these babies up!
I simply couldn't!!  

This little guy was waving at me, so I couldn't possibly leave him in that bin all alone.
This is a VTG Russ Circus Mungo Monkey Plushie!
I am in love with the fact he's a Circus Monkey!
He looks so cute and so sad--I had to have him!

And Lastly, A Mask & A Mag:
This is a clay mask, very beautiful!
There was also a beautiful Geisha mask next to it but I could only afford this clownish one.
If it's still there when I go back, I'll pick her up but if not--it wasn't meant to be!
I don't really know why I bought this, maybe the fact it's an old VTG crochet circus-themed magazine called out to me but I have included it into my clownish collection.
 And ladies and gents, that is the whole haul.
I told ya it was a big one--again, I have been collecting and stacking away and almost forgot to even post about my thrifting finds!
I just thought some people out here would be thrilled to see the loot, so here I am. lol

 Thanks for reading and viewing, if you made it this far.
I don't know if you did but if you did--thanks!

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