Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Lovemail From Mz.Doom of Doom Dollz // Hannabal Marie

Hiya folks
Back at it again with another post.
A lovely friend of mine sent me a bunch...I do mean BUNCH...of stuff just because she loves me. lol 
Actually, she told me it was a "Thank you" for helping her out with a few artsy pictures I did for her but she loves me, too. 
So...yeah~ hehee

 I can't thank her enough for all the effort and time she went into to create this pack of goodies--so, Thanks dollface~ <3

Anywho, let us get into this:

My big o' package.
(giggle giggle)
Kind words are kind.
She gave me this beautiful bloody necklace.
It has a lovely skeleton lady on the inside of it, isn't she lovely?
She also gave me two cute hair bows.
I am totally going to be rocking these in my hair soon!
(new makeup look concepts coming up, ya'll)
A better look at them!
Ain't they tah DIE for? hehee
She also included two cute pins.
I actually put these babies on a jacket I wear all the time.
So, in a way, she is always with me. lol
(Also: I am modeling one of her art pieces! hehe)
She also gave me some amazing glossy prints.
As you can clearly see, I did a few of her arts for her in human-form.
She has such a beautiful mind for gory things! hehee
Here are a few more, some of me as her creations...and some of her own arts.
Gawd, I love these so much!
And lastly, which is why I saved this one for last, she sent me one of her very own DOOM DOLLS!
She is known to create such cute and rather GORE-gous dolls and she sent me one of my very own to have and hold and love and cherish and adore...gahhhh~
She is a cute little bloody baby girl, with PJs and a bloody teddy bear.
I am sooooo in love!
I put her in a special spot in my room, full of trinkets and cute stuff people have sent me over the years like notes and letters--So, I included all these goodies alongside that. I feel so loved right now, you have no idea! :'3

 And there you have it.
Lovemail from one of my best friends in the entire world.
I truly feel blessed to have such a wonderful friend like Jess aka Mz. Doom.
I still remember the day we first met--strangers who just admired each other's work.
And now, here we are--besties who still do the same thing. lol

I can't wait to share many more amazing memories with my bestie.
We got a lot to grow on, dollface!!
I love you and Thank you so much for all these goodies.
I will cherish them until my dying breath~ <3

Check out her awesome work HERE

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