Tuesday, June 20, 2017

My "Rotten Decay Accessories" Haul // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
A while back I won some amazing little goodies just for being apart of a facebook group called 'The Den"--a group dedicated towards the Gothic Subculture.

I honestly didn't even know I won until a friend of mine tagged me in the post and told me so--it was such a nice feeling to win something without expecting anything at all. hahaa

I basically won a giftcard to purchase whatever I wanted on their website that was under a $50 dollar limit. I choose some amazing things, lemme just tell ya! lol
I absolutely adore my winnings--they are totally me in every way, shape and form.

So, here they are...in their wondrous glory! 

They were shipped in these cute little crossbones baggies.
Some cards and a "congrats" note.
I was so giddy to be able to choose my favorite pieces!
I choose a "theme" to all my picks.
I seen the necklace and instantly fell in love!
So, I decided to stick within the whole "skeleton" theme.
But on her website, she has a lot of cute things from cute witchy items to skeletons!
This was the necklace I fell in love with.
the pink color and the hanging bits really caught my eye.
I thought it looked like the childish game of "hang man", so I instantly needed to have it.
It's actually designed very well.
A black ribbon ties it in the back, which is a very nice touch.
The chains are actually nice quality hardware.
The hanging skeleton charm is wonderfully made, as well.
A truly nice necklace, something I am glad to own!
The next item I choose were these beautiful earrings.
They shipped in this cute little black mesh bag.
The stars really looked cute, alongside the spike details.
I love love love dangling earrings, and these are very beautiful.
They lightly graze my shoulders just a bit, which is perfect!
I like my jewelry big, babyyy~ <3
The next item I chose was this cute little skull coin purse.
The dangling skeleton matches my necklace, so it's perfect!
The back of this coin purse is a fuzzy fur material.
The clasp is thick and it closes perfect!
The image on the front is very nice, as well.
the material is actually decent quality, too.
And lastly, I decided to get something for my hair.
I seen these cute little retro hair bows.
They are fuzzy and just adorable.
(Please excuse my nails, horrible horrible nails. I know.)
The skull is such a cute little accent.
They close nicely and securely in my hair--so I am quite pleased!
This was an added surprise gift.
Which is crazy, because I wanted this exact one but had to put it back because I really fell in love with the coin purse
But I ended up getting both, so I am very happy!
That is pretty much everything I received!
I am one happy camper considering the fact I never even expected to get anything. lol
I love them all so much--I will definitely be updating with makeup looks and outfits wearing these items! I can hardly wait! So, stay tuned for me wearing these babies~ <3

If you want to check out their stuff, follow the link to their facebook HERE!


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