Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Random Photos From The Past Week Or So!

Well, Hello Everyone. . .It Is Me, Hannabal Marie And I Got A Treat For You! (well something to tide ya over until I can make more for ya'll) These are mostly from FB but I thought, "Oh what the hell...I'll Share These With You Here As Well" Here Ya Go! :D

     This One Was From A While Ago, I Filmed The "Girly Tag" and A Bunch Others. . .I was Going For A Cutesy Little Girly Girl With A Weird and Odd Twist! My Main Inspiration Was That Of Japanese School Girls ;D haha

     I Tried My Best To Look As "Normal" As I Could Possibly Get. . .I Really Did. . .But My Weirdness Got The Best Of Me And Took Over My Senses And Made Me Do The Nose Bleeding Thingy You See In The Photo! Haha!! Yeaaah...

     This Next One I Am Sure Some Of You Guys Are Aware Of. . .I Did This Look In A Couple Videos, One In Particular Was Of Me Acting Weird and Singing (hehe when Am I NOT Doing Those Things, Actually?!!) But Ya Get The Picture! X'D I Was Trying To Go For A Dramatic Yet Sexy Bling Mag Look! It Turned Out Fairly Well. . .It's Just I Lacked The Contact Lenses. . .And Beautiful Opera Singing Voice! D: *cries*

      I Am Certain You Guys Have Seen This Weird One Around. . .I Have Been Using This As My Main Profile Pix For Almost Every Website I Have. . .So Odds Are You Have Seen This One MORE Than Once Before! x'D haha Its Nothing Special, Just Black Lipstick From Wet N Wild and Black and Purple Eyeshadow With Overly Drawn On Eyebrows! X'D haha I Was Going For A Tim Burton Sort Of Look! :3 FYI: I Am OBSESSED With False Lashes. . .They Are Like A Drug To Me Now! I Have To Always Incorporate Them Into My Attire One Way Or The Other! :3 Teehee

    Well, That Is It. . .For Now! :D Mwahhahaha Eh, Well Until I Am Not So Busy Any More, Xmas Is Coming So Darn Quickly. . .And That Is Why I Haven't Been Posting Any Videos Or Anything Lately! :3 But Once Its Over I Assure You That Miss Hannabal Marie Shall Be A Frequent Post-er Person From Then On. . .That is If My Little Brother Allows Me Access Seeing How We Got Him Skyrim On PC. . .GAHHHH!!! WHY ME???? D:< Oh Well. . .If Ya'll Dont Hear From Me In A While. . .Send A Rescue Team Out To Get Me! ;D hahaa

Tati Bye Lovelies!!!
xoxo Hannabal Marie